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serba serbi katalog promo terbaru 2017

tahun 2016 telah berlalu dan kita telah memasuki tahun 2017 di awal bulan. banyak sekali perubahaan yang akan kita alami di tahun baru ini. semoga kita akan mendapatkan yang lebih baik dari tahun tahun sebelumnya. promo dan diskon selalu akan menghiasi hidup kita. beberapa jenis kebutuhan yang sering di cari orang adalah informasi katalog promo terbaru 2017  yang pasti akan di cari orang. untuk mendapatkan update terbaru dari semua jenis barang dan promo yang selalu update setiap hari maka anda dapat berkunjung ke salah satu web yang selalu update katalog yang anda butuhkan yaitu katalogdiscount.com

apa yang anda butuhkan itulah yang anda beli dan cari lah harga yang murah dari semua katalog promo minggu ini yang selalu di sajikan dari beberapa situs. itu akan menjadi rekomendasi buat anda buat memilih produk yang anda butuhkan dan murah serta berkwalitas.jangan sampai ketinggalan yah untuk informasi dari kami untuk Harga Promo Akhir Pekan yang pasti anda butuhkan

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

star wars blu ray

(excitng, adventurous music) (spaceship whirring) (gentle, expectant music) (imitating lasers firing) - i have you now. (laughs) (imitates lasers firing) - dad, again? this isn't healthy. - there's no harm inreminiscing a little, sweetie.

- why don't you join a gym or something? - luke, leia, go to your rooms. - aren't they a littleold for that, hunnie? - oh, mellody. - playing with toys again, are we? - it's nothing. - you know, they wouldn't put me in charge of dreamworks studios ifi couldn't solve problems. tell me the truth, sweetie.

what's wrong? - abrams. - [j.j. voiceover] director'slog, production day 2013-7.15 i've just embarked on my new mission, star wars, episode vii. our first production meeting is scheduled to take place--(alarm going off) (phone clicks) hello, who is it?

- hey, j.j., it's george, george lucas. - george. it's so great to hear from you. what's up? - well, i just wantedto say congratulations. how are things going-- - thanks george. now don't you worry yourself,

i got everything under control. - did you get the box of notes i sent you? - i certainly did. and i'll definitely take allof it into consideration. - great, so, i was thinking (knocking) (villainous music)- j.j., where have you been? - busy, kathleen, busy. - the meeting is starting.

now. - really sorry, george, i gotta jet. may the force be with you. (dial tone humming) (clears throat) - hello everyone. welcome to our first meetingfor our star wars vii. i'm so glad to have some of youback from my star trek team. as well as our veterans from star wars.

now, may i present, head producer and new president of lucasfilm, ms. kathleen kennedy. (applauding) our goal is to reinvent star wars, like it has never been seen before. i want to hear yourthoughts, please anyone. - well, there is noquestion that the people are gonna want to seeluke, leia, and han again. - true, but, how aboutsome new characters?

like, a storm trooper, i've always wanted to seewho's under those helmets. - no way, kid. george was always very adamantabout not putting a face to the dark side. - actually, i kinda like that idea. but what about some brand new droids, like one that rolls around or something. - no.

- hey everyone, all ideas are valid, so, let's just-- - you know, i really thinkwe need to call george. he would know what to do. - i don't know, george sort of lost it when he made the prequels. - hey, george is thecreator of this whole thing, so how about a littlerespect for the franchise. - maybe so, but peoplewant something new now.

something fresh, like whatwe did with star trek. (chattering) - now, hold on for a sec. - let us show some respect. - wait, are you with us? - play anymore because--- think i have a big mouth? - i'm a director, not a therapist. - quiet, everyone. now i know some of youhave worked with george,

and others haven't. but he's retired now, and like it or not wehave to make this work. so, are we all clear on that? (resume chattering) i have a bad feeling about this. (melancholy music) - dad, did you hear what i said? - yes, leia, so when do you start?

- don't worry leia, there are plenty of other jobs out there. - that's okay, i'll find something. - by the way dad, you should go see j.j.'snew star trek movie, into darkness. it's so epic. - oh, really? good for him.

- you should be really happyhe's redoing star wars. - stop it, luke. mellody, how are things overat dreamworks these days? - really busy. our new film is coming out this week and everyone's workingovertime, i'm just-- - hello kathleen? it's george. listen, i know you're busy,but i just want to see

how things are coming along over there. give me a call back when you get a chance. - george, can i see you for a minute? (heels clattering) what are we gonna do about this? - nothing dear. i'm fine. - that's not good enough. i have a lot of responsibilities

and i am basically planningour wedding by myself. and your kids, theyneed you to be present. - i love you - i know, but what about star wars? (exciting, anticipatory music) - and with preproductionfor star wars vii under way, i now present the man of the hour, j.j. abrams. (cheering and applauding)

(crowd chanting) - hey, san diego.(crowd cheers) so great to be here. thank you everybody for coming, you truly are the best fans. - now we'll take some of your questions. - so, j.j., are theregonna be any lens flares? - (forces laugh) very funny. but you know, lens flaresactually give the environment

a much more realistic-- - boo, lens flares! (crowd booing) - next question, please. - so, j.j., do you like star wars better, or star trek? - well, they're both great franchises, that i am honored to be apart of. - but which one j.j., which is better?

- uh, you can't really compare the two-- - [kathleen] star wars. j.j. and i both love star wars. (crowd cheering and jeering) next question. - mr. abrams, how much of an influence was gene roddenberry onyour star trek films? - gene roddenberry'soriginal star trek series certainly laid the foundation,

but we had to make certainchanges in order to move forward. - what are you gonnachange about star wars? - i'm glad you brought that up, because we've got somethingthat you're all gonna love. we now present to you, thenew star wars vii lightsaber. - [woman] what is that? (confused chattering) - that is not my lightsaber. - well, i know it mightcome as a surprise,

but, overtime you'll see-- (gasps) that is not my lightsaber! - george, this is not the time for this. - this man has no considerationfor what i've created. he doesn't know the firstthing about my vision. - you're a fraud, j.j.! - go back to star trek. - it's a trap!

- oh yeah, well at leastmy vision won't require me to go back and changeeverything in 20 years. (angry chattering) - you haven't seen the last of me! - i'm not afraid of you, george. - you will be. you will be. (ominous music) (tense, anxious music)(jeering)

(tense, anxious music) (booing) (thumps) (yelling and jeering) (whirring) (groans) (villainous laughing) (tense, foreboding music) - fascinating.

the force is not strong with you. (cat purring) - j.j., we need to talk. - mellody, you don't understand. star wars is my life. i mean, was. - well, i have a life, too. it's been five years, george,

and i can't wait for you anymore. you need to decide, what's it gonna be? - i had a meeting withdisney this morning. and they've asked me to startlooking for a new director. - what? how could they do this to me? - i can't do this anymore. (sniffles) i just can't. (emotional, dramatic music)

- mellody. come back, please. - george, it's all george's fault. he's turned everyone against me! help me, kathleen, you're my only hope. - i am so sorry j.j., but it's out of my hands now. i'm sorry. (door clicks)

(thuds) (despairing music) (villainous music) - abrams! - lucas! (tense music) (shoes clattering) - [j.j.] i've been expecting you. - i know.

- i find your effortsto be highly illogical. - you're destroying my life's work. - you have done that yourself! and now you're destroying mine! - the time has come to end this. (light saber hissing) (laughs) - you're no match for me, old man. - you underestimate the power of the fans.

(light sabers hissing) - is that all you got? feel the wrath of my trekkies. energize! (high pitched humming) (foreboding music) and our phasers, george, they're not set to stun. engage!

- attack! (yelling)(phasers firing) (light saber hissing)(phaser firing) (frantic, anxious music) - when i left you, i was but the student. now i am the director. - only, a director of evil, jeffrey. (grunts) (light saber hissing)(phasers firing)

(yells) (groaning and yelling) - it's all your faultmy team is falling apart and the fans hate me! - and i've lost everything because of you. the force is strong with me. (force humming) you failed your mission, jeffrey. - i find your lack of faith disturbing.

- this ends, now! (light sabers hissing)(grunting) - you.. will be.. assimilated. resistance.. is.. futile! - [man] stop! fear's the path to the dark side. fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering.

- gene? gene roddenberry? how are you here? - the universe is quitefascinating, my old friend. let's just say i managedto beam down for a visit. you know, when i created star trek, i didn't expect it to last for 50 years, and yet, here we are. - it is an honor, sir.

- it's good to meet you, too, son. after i left this realm,you gave my dreams new life. but, just as george couldnot have made star wars without my creation, youcould not have made star trek without his. you need each other forboth our dreams to live on. george, you've been given achance to live your own life. i was not always the bestfather because of star trek, but you can be.

trust your feelings, george. star trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity when we begin to appreciateour differences and ideas. and in life, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few because the force bindsall of us together. only together can we ever hopeto bring peace to the galaxy. (light sabers extinguishing)

good. - gene, come back! we need you here. - don't worry, i will be. live long and prosper. (uplifting music) (hopeful music) - thank you george, for everything. - there's been an awakening,

and it's you. - but i'm not the director anymore. they've already been looking-- - don't worry about disney,i'll take care of them. you just take care of star wars for me. - i will. - and j.j., the forcewill be with you always. (gentle, hopeful music) (faint applauding)

(bells tolling) - make it so. action! (robotic beeping) (trumpets blaring) (exciting, adventurous music) (robotic whirring) (upbeat, triumphant music) - [gene] space, the final frontier.

these are the adventures ofgeorge lucas and j.j. abrams. their new mission, toexplore strange new galaxies, far, far away, and to become the heroesthey've always imagined. to boldly go, where nofilmmakers have gone before. (joyful, uplifting music)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

sony blu ray player

christian trozinski: hello and welcomedear viewers of digitalfernsehen.de to a new video special. today, i want to show you three very special tvs, namely we have on the left sidethe 75-inch sony kd75x9405c, in the middle the samsung 65js9590 and on the right side thepanasonic 55cxw804. why we show just these verydisplays here in combination has a simple reason, because all these tvsare direct led lcds

with local dimming, that means, all three tvs featurea full-screen led backlight and individual sectors can be controlled independently in the brightness,in order to increase the contrast. the second characteristic is that allthree tvs are compatible to the new hdr standard. hdr means high dynamic range and will be available, for example, via the streaming servicesamazon instant video, netflix,

but also on the uhd blu-ray from the end of the year on, that means, it is no longer just a matter of having as many pixels as possible, but it is a matter of coveringa brightness range as large as possible. a much, much larger brightness range, as it is the case with the current video signals. now, some might ask:why have you omitted lgs oled tvs here? the reason is simple:

the information comes directly from lgand is therefore not our presumption: the current generation of lg's oleds is not fully compatible to hdr.this involves the newly introduced eg9609 models. these will get an hdr-update, however, this only applies to the online streaming andrepresentation via the usb media player, lg itself has informed us,that via hdmi input hdr is not supported by the tvs.

the second problem with the oled tvsis the image brightness, that means, we have here abrightness range of approximately 130 nits for full-screen image display, up to 400 nits in the luminosity of small details. this is insufficient for the new hdr standard, there will be delivered up to 1000 nits, or the material will be mastered in up to 1000 nits brightness. this provides in principle that thetv you got at home

should be able to manage approximately these 1000 nits. subjectively, we believe,that oled has no problem to process the hdr signal, but that's not really the intention, because we could already examine many, many hdr prototypes in the laboratories of the tv manufacturers that run up to 4000 (!) nits, and the image impression is justcompletely different from an oled, converting the signal and outputs it in 400 nits. the performance of the three tvs we have here

differ, of course, substantially, because they have also different price points. we now just start with the screen on the right, the cxw804 of panasonic, which from 55 inches on provides a direct led backlight. the 50-inch model gets along with an edge-led lighting yet. here are brightnesses achieved up to 580/600 nits. the direct led local dimming

operates in estimated 16 zones. this was not quite easy to analyze this really one hundred percent, but the backlight control just gives the impression thata distinction is made between left-right, practically two columns plus eight lines. so, it is relatively easy for the tvto darken black bars, but the left-right subdivisionis very, very rough. if you, for example, display a small object in the middle thecomplete screen width is illuminated.

the tv in the center is thesuhd flagship of samsung. here, top brightnesses up to1,000 nits are achieved, so far more than with the panasonic. in the color-calibrated mode about 900 nits. for this display it is relatively easyalso to increase the detail contrast, because here we got 150 differentdimming zones. the dimming runs comparatively filigree. the 78-inch version of this tvhas 240 dimming zones. the test model is unfortunately no longer here,but we were able to test it already

and could detect 240 dimming zones. even converted to the screen size you then just have to say that the 78-inch version of the js9590 has therewith the currently best local dimming control. but the drawback is that the '78 by no meanshas the luminosity of the '65. left we have the already mentionedx9405c of sony in 75 inch. here gigantic peak brightness are achieved even in the color-calibrated mode. here we manage around 1,300 nits and the local dimming workshere in about 84 zones,

that means, we have detected here 14 columns and 6 lines where it is dimmed. at the beginning let's look at the black level performance of the tvs. the special thing about this test image is, that we here have a very extensive image display and that the signal electronics can interfere with. at the moment you see the correctrepresentation of this image area, that means, we have here a gray boxsurrounded by a black picture frame. to bring the black level performanceacross to you properly, i now switch off the ambient lightand set the camera

into overexposure, that means, the box in the middle will appear very, very bright to you. i think now it is relatively difficult for you to see which display, in this particular case, provides the better black level performance. in any case, the panasonic on the right shows a low lightening, due to the dimming in only two columns. that means, this rectangle in the middle causes even at such an image forslight brightening in deep black. to the eye it is still obvious,â that the samsung in this case

shows a slight brighteningin deep black, too, while sony comparatively wellreduces this brightening and shows for the mere perception the best black level performance. so if we use here a very extensive image display, this signal processing and this led control seems subjectively to be the best with the sony. in this picture here i can show you well how bright the displays are compared to our room lighting.

at the moment i set the exposure so, that you can understandour room lighting very well, how bright it is now actually in the test room. you notice already that the image brightnessin all three tvs is now too much for our camera, not for our eyes. we can recognize here in the test lab all details without any problems, but not our camera. i have to stop down here now. now you can see all the details in thepictures, you also note,

that our camera sensor reacts completely differently to the light generation of the samsung tv compared to sony and panasonic, that means, we have here always this typical blue violet staining, which is never visible to the naked eye. what is secondly visible is

that samsung, although the tv is very very bright,reduces this optical contrast or this surface brightness more than, for example, panasonic and sony. the sony is in the surface brightnessby far the brightest tv, but then comes alreadythe cxw804 by panasonic, while samsung prefers to automatically dim down the imagewhen extensive images are shown. by comparison samsung still reaches

about 400 nits at this image,panasonic nearly 500 nits, sony 600 nits. i want to demonstrate here, how the number of led zones affects the dimming effect.we have a full black background and now some information displayed on the screen. i will now again turn the light off. here you can see two things well: the text on the samsung and on the sony

appears overexposed at the moment,suggesting that the image brightness of both tvs is better. but to the naked eye here the advantage of this suhd-local dimming solution is obvious, because there is just a relativelyslight halo effect around the text, but a very, very brilliant display. that means, the brightness is now onthe suhd clearly much better than on the sony, so you just have to say thatvery, very small details

are more brilliant and have a higher contrast on the suhd, while on the sony also areas around the text are brightened considerably. here you can clearly see, that this little square, too is most brilliant on the suhd. even with this size is the suhd stillthe most brilliant

and from this point on, now thesony solution scores points, that means, now the sony tv is more brilliantand the samsung tv already dims down. what's quite interesting is the way,the local dimming is modulated via the signal level.i just show you here a very, very dark illuminated area and you can see here, i think,very nice on the samsung, how around those areas of the symbols such fields are generated.

these fields you can see, if for example in a movie a subtitle appears. then you realize that kind ofbrightness overdrive. this is also recognizable with the sony tv, however, significantly reduced, that means, a question to ask would be, how often or how clearly can theintervention of the local dimming be seen? then we'll have to say, it is a bit more discreet

on the sony tv, that means, you more rarely notice how this dimming works, whereas with the suhd of samsung, precisely because these small details are revealed so tremendously brilliant, such effects can occur more often, where you realize where thislocal dimming takes place. you have always to keep in mind: it really is here acontrast enhancement via local dimming zones.so you don't have, so to say,

a pixel perfect brightness generation, as is the case with oled, but no matter how many zones there are, in the end it is always a certain area, in which the brightness is adjusted differently and finally is as it were a compromise. here we can once again look at the overallbrilliance, that meansthe color brilliance and the brightness. here you could already tell,that the sony with its enormous peak brightness is so bright now,that we even at

completely dimmed recording can no longer represent these details without overexposure. the difference in brightness is just extreme, even compared to asamsung suhd tv. here we have a scene fromthe movie "interstellar". i'm going to try again,to turn off the light, to give an impression,how the black level performance acts in the movie mode.when we here use the complete

exposure, our camera provides, then you can very well see, that the panasonic on the right shows a comparativelybrightened black level performance. now it gets quite interestingin this constellation with the stars and outer spaceit's just even for the 150 zones of the suhd simply no longer possible, to make a clear distinction. the brightness information are now so filigreeand so close to each other, that even these 150 zones are not sufficient,to draw the universe pitch black now. it is recognizable now

that the image display converge highly compared to the sony tv. only in this bubble,which is there, this black hole, you can recognizes differences in brightness.as i said, we are here in overexposure.if i dim down now, you notice that in the picturenothing will burn out, but it is really difficult, in practice always to say,"the samsung has the better black level performance"

because it depends on the image. since the sony of course has a much, much higher peak brightness, the eye can also be fooled more easily. from a purely subjective view,it is really very, very difficult, to declare a winner,that means, which display offers unambiguously the higher image contrastin tv or movie mode. here in this setting it can be seen very nice, how limited the number of columnsof the panasonic is. i'm going back in the underexposure thatâ you get an impression that here

in the details nothing burns out. our camera sensor is just limited here. when i go back here in overexposure, then you realize that in principleover the entire width of the image of the panasonic a uniform brightness extends. it is really a priority line dimming here, while with sony and samsung indeed sectors around thewoman are recognizable.

here, in the lateral areas of the image, where now just black is displayed, in fact, the brightness is heavily reduced, while it is not possible with panasonic. here can be seen,as with the samsung tv is attempted to increase this peak brightness in the area of these fireworks. but this in principle provokesthat halo effect, while funnily enough the scene is nowmore comfortable with the sony tv,

because the signal processingchooses to prefer the black level, that means, the fireworks arereduced in the brightness compared to the samsung tv, but this halo effect istherefore suppressed. that makes it justso incredibly difficult, to declare always a clear winner, although on paper it should be aclear-cut matter, that means, the samsung suhd with 150 dimming zones should actually be clearly better. but in practice it is not,

because the sony in return provides a much higher peak brightness and the signal drive followsa different logic. we have of course now just aseen a fraction of what we could be testing for hours or even days. but we can draw a for usvery surprising conclusion: normally, it is assumed,that the development in the area of lcd technology will progressthrough this new hdr format the way more and morelocal dimming zones will be installed. we had already in the past

for example, 512 dimming zones with full-hd televisions, sometimes even more atselected special prototypes. but there is no indication that it will actually come to this development. there are two reasons that contradict. if we compare the samsung tv in the middle with the sony tv on the left,then we have to note objectively, that the greater number of local dimmingzones ensures that

details, that is small luminous dots, can be displayed more brilliant and thatunder certain circumstances, the halo effects may be reduced, but the sony tv offersa significantly higher peak brightness and it also offers the much larger picture. to be fair, we should now place the samsung js9590 in 80 inches next to it. we would then find that ithas even more dimming zones, but it has only half theimage brightness of the sony.

the manufacturers are actually switching over to limit the light output. now it is a relatively simple calculation,that the more led zones are controllable, the more leds are actually installed,and the more leds are installed, the higher is the energy consuption, if really all leds have to operate; what is very, very often the case with full-screen display. in the end you have to ask yourself whether to opt for an extremely highbrightness

and then probably automaticallyruns the risk that the number of zones is not that high, or you can choosejust a very, very high number of zones and are a bit patronized by the manufacturer,who then restrains the brightness. the only reason is namely that the energy efficiency or the energy efficiency logodoesn't score too low. that is, if the manufacturer hadn't install this limiter, then such a display wouldeasily consume 600, 700 watts and would be unsallable so to speak. the difficulty for manufacturersnow seems to be really,

to build an hdr display, that on the one hand providesthis enormous peak brightness. here we have to say that the sony display actually complys 100 percent with the hdr specifications, while even the 65-inch samsung not 100 percent manages this,that means, it is very, very close, but also this display falls short of the targetdefault brightness and the 78-inch samsungeven fails to get close.

on the other hand the samsung suhd tvsmanage the display of small luminous dots much more brilliant and also manage to increase the maximum contrast. therefore, we see basically two developments,which will be there even in the future: there will be manufacturers who install less dimming zones and will probably thereby achieve a higher maximum brightness, while other manufacturers aspire to the highest possible number of dimming zones, to reduce any halo effects orjust to display the details brilliant.

even after days of comparisonswe are not able to say what we like better in the end. many, many pictures just live from avery extensively displayed, high brightness control and there even the panasoniccxw804 series partially outclass the suhds, because there the brightness is relativelymarkedly decreased. i hope we didn't make you too much uncertain by this video. in conclusion, we can say: whether large or small number of dimming zones or oled or led lcd,

in future the display qualitywill dramatically improve, because we have content that on the one hand already requires this high peak brightness, on the other hand all displays are, of course, able to convert this content compatibly, so that you have the subjective feeling that you by now can use this contrast plus. i hope you enjoyed this video. i would be delighted if wemeet again next time. take care.

Monday, June 13, 2016


well i only found one video of disassembling of the huawei ggggg three hundred and it was from a spanish guy well the camera was really a tad it wasworse than mine i know as i broke my screen i ordered a new one on ebay for something like 20€ now

ill try to disassemble the huawei g300 and then try to replace it with the new screen no used work school leveled he's here there to give it scream you scream the repeal so let's start well at the diz uh... what's dues for screws these one newsroomnewsroom and is one

will takeoff doings i think would start tha obscuring world war institute let's take care love placed oclc here world is one was the warranty one soldyou know wouldn't want to you it doesn't want

it does one more and the less one itself aloof or screws out and i think thewings made boq about maybe bible here as you can see it doings

their previous to that well thereof you can see wall lots of text you're now the top wing excuse did ki and have some is sure u and

maybe we'd be is yet attempt you have to bully at and then back as you saw socially when his work etc had and well pretty stick to

well north of two point and uh... directional top yes put something that will go out mero one more out to himself we have to take form our screws they are this one

days running these one and is not astonished well lately and i want to you to remember that these and uh... regular screws it kind of special making sure you and camera i think

their interests are pronouncing is a recent thing weird thatwhat we did sold just use the the tool that indiscreet india i don't don't i don't know thename of pistol mainly seizing really really good need to break this wrote

for screws the n_r_a_ finger gamble diese it will get that's right and you have uh... kind who was security here dues sink so you can't take disbarred wealth pulled decides

news site their too well this is an that easy three cards loops almost two his work params something news bulletin no i don't know wat was something will they

like its still being altman it's that's it it is not made it na here unglued back wanted by them of two full you have to do

something to take these of bullet to the bottom and would quit would be true though his party is done what they have to do we already have ouror record over here residency

you're offended its artists and there are no have to see work to do here so collected first that split is assigned will risk wasgrim continuing the i will

well bed into memory card of of course i had to go years basic standards the two sides well nobody had to do they xd sitting on a

the smile saying there simply is which let me see here she you have to book dizon display x based somewhere it's a small words still is beautiful dudes flex

what we're hearing conceived you have to put will come out usually i think well you text you cannot easily and you have to take also there's one to stare at that's to the front

so let's take it up thereof a little press and they come out the these three guys our account i think the front a little bases of plastic well we're here polis u we're you we're here

that's stupid uh... the motherboard well it's to get off it the we want to into that your cable or email damage it isn't coming out

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there and well i know the review wasn't reallygroomed and filming with my webcam on my bookthe acts up the but i think it's uh... that it doesthat have revealed and to previous anew to theory was replacing screen too so my guys since world scene the remember to ratelike or dislike as you wish and come in to help me with the futurevideos

so i'll try to do my best bye guys stereo or wait

Friday, June 10, 2016

huawei phones

hi, i am nina. today i will be showing you how to make an ipod case with the rainbow loom. this case is suitable for the ipod 5 and the iphone 5. if you have a ipod 4 or the iphone 4 or 3, it doesn't really matter. you have to make instead of 15 rows here you make 13 rows. and here you actually use 11 pegs you will only use 9 pegs. you can also see that i've made a small charger hole and you will need a bigger one. i will show you how to do that later, when i get to that point. and i really like putting a charm on it as well.

you also have a hole for the camera. so let's get started! we first have to make sure our loom is in the right position. to do that we take out our middle row of pegs because we won't be using it. we will also be taking out our big blue piece in the middle but we will first be taking out our right row of pegs, and when that's done then we take out our big blue piece. we will not be using this piece. but we will be using the right row. but we will turn this row around. and then press it down.

now turn your loom upside-down and take out the small blue piece closest to you. and place that all the way to the end. and press it down. so that it looks like this. we begin by placing our loom vertically down. then start by grabbing a single blue rubber band and placing it from the bottom 2nd peg to the top 3rd peg. placing it in a figure eight or in a cross. and press that down. do the same but from the 2nd top peg to the 3rd bottom peg.

do the same with the following pegs. and one more time. do it one more time which is also the last time. so that you have four crosses in total. or four figure eights. then skip one row of pegs. and if you have an ipod 4 you will only do three crosses and skip three rows of pegs. and you will only do nine pegs instead of eleven. so skip on row of pegs and start again with the following pegs.

make four crosses in total again. one more time. like this. now grab a single rubber band and go from the 2nd bottom peg to the 2nd top peg. in a figure eight or a cross. do the same with the 3rd bottom peg to the 3rd top peg. and also with the 4th pegs do this till you reached these pegs. but don't do it with the pegs without rubber bands.

now press everything down. turn your loom the right way again. then grab a singe blue rubber band and place it from the 2nd left peg to the 2nd right peg. without making a figure eight. now go up one in the right row. do this till you reached this point. now go from this peg to that peg. now go al the way down and also do it over the pegs without any rubber bands on it. as you can see i reached the end.

and now i can start hooking. you are going to go in the 2nd peg on the left hand side and grab the bottom two rubber bands. and take these rubber bands over the peg and release. do the same with the next pegs. and this time there are three rubber bands. hook these over as well. grab the next three as well. three again. on this peg there are only two.

on this peg you can't hook the rubber bands over because there aren't any. so do it with the next pegs again. two here and three there. three here. and two here. it is really hard to grab this one because it sticks to the other rubber bands finally, now turn your loom around and start hooking in this row. bottom two and after that there are three rubber bands. and now grab the two again.

and skip this peg and continue. now turn your loom around. and now place white rubber bands. your going to go from the 2nd left peg to the 2nd right peg. and go all the way to the end. first do the right side. and to make this case you will need sixty-five rubber bands office colour if you use three colours. and in total you will need about two hundred rubber bands. and go back again.

like that, now hook up all the blue rubber bands. so grab the bottom two. if you did every thing right you should have two blue rubber bands on every single peg. you will also hook these rubber bands. now turn your loom around and start again. then turn your loom around. then do the same but with red. now we are going to hook all of the white rubber bands over. turn your loom around again.

do this three more times. i will be right back. i have done it three more times and i am going to do it one more time. so i am going to do it one more time. now i am going to hook up the bottom red rubber bands. now press everything down. like that. and go in te 4th peg on the left side. go in the 1st rubber band and then grab the other rubber band.

now hook that rubber band over the peg and on to the peg in front of it. do the same with the next one. one last time. now i have hooked six times. now i am going to go on the 5th peg and take of those rubber bands. do the same with the next rubber bands. also on the 7th peg. on the 8th as well. and on the 9th.

but don't take of the rubber bands on the 10th peg. so you have on five pegs no rubber bands. now grab your blue rubber bands and go from the 4th peg down to the 3rd. then go from the 3rd to the 2nd. now go from the 2nd to the 2nd on the right. and go down twice. now we are going to start hooking. so turn your loom around. and grab these rubber bands from the back and hook them over.

do the same with the next two. and these two to. then hook up these two. now hook up the rest of the row. now hook back again. and then the bottom one. now turn your loom around again. continue this fourteen more times. but if you have an ipod 4 or another smaller device you only do this eleven or twelve more times.

well, i am done. as you can see i have done my fifteen rows in total. and now i am ready to do this part. so i turn my loom around. so that the arrows on the left side are pointing towards me. and the arrows on the right side are pointing away from me. so you are going to count four pegs on the right side. and just start placing rubber bands all the way round. over all of the pegs.

wait, i have to change colours because i have just used red. i have to use blue instead. as you can see i only have one rubber band here but that is normal, so if you thought that's wrong its not. because there only comes one rubberband. so just go all the way round. now you can start hooking. you start hooking on the left side. just hook these to. but don't hook this single red one.

first we are going to grab this first blue one on the 4th peg and hook that up. hook up all of the blue rubber bands on those five pegs. until you reached the peg with the single red rubber band on it. don't hook any further. now go back and hook up that red rubber band. then hook up the rest. you can see on this case that we just made this white row which is this blue row on my loom. and then i have one row left before the camera hole so i am going to make that row now. which is going to be white.

but we have to turn our loom around. and just go over all of the pegs like that, now we can star hooking again. you will hook up all of the blue rubber bands, also the ones that we just hooked. on this peg there are three rubber bands. press everything down again. and now i am going to make the camera hole. to do that you count nine pegs up and go in the 9th peg, grab the bottom rubber band and hook that up. then go in the 10th peg and hook that rubber band up as well.

that's it. now take of the two rubber bands on the 10th peg. also take of the one rubber band on the 9th peg. then press everything down again. now i am going place red rubber bands again. you just do the same thing as we did before. so go from the 2nd left peg to te 2nd right peg. and go all the way up. now go down once.

as you can see these two pegs don't have any rubber bands on it and just keep it that way. so skip those two pegs, we will go over them in the next row. and now just start hooking. and on this peg there are three rubber bands to hook over. and press everything down. turn your loom around and start again. but then with blue rubber bands. now go over the empty pegs as well. as you can see the rubber bands are hooked here so we will hook them now.

so go in the 8th peg and hook the blue rubber band up. do the same with the 9th peg and with the 10th peg. like that, now you know that it's secure and you can start hooking. but there are no rubber bands on these pegs so don't get confused. and on these two pegs there is only one rubber band. do this one more time. turn your loom around and start hooking up all of the blue rubber bands. and do all of them also the ones we have just hooked up. that was this white row we just did so now we have to make the top part.

so just do the same as we did for the beginning. so turn your loom vertically. and just lay the crosses again. but don't skip any rows of pegs, so just do the entire loom. but don't do the entire loom just the pegs we have used. so you make ten crosses in total. so that means we will use twenty rubber bands. make sure the rubber bands aren't twisted and don't overlap each other. now go back to the beginning and start laying rubber bands over the two pegs across from each other.

like that, now turn your loom the right way again and hook up all of the white rubber bands. turn your loom around and continue on the other side. they aren't completely secured jet so to make sure they are we first have ti turn our loom around. and go in this peg and grab the bottom rubber band and hook that forwards. go in these rubber bands and grab the bottom rubber band and hook that over. continue this forward. all the way to the end. but make sure it is the bottom one otherwise your case may fall apart. now i have reached the end and i am going to grab the bottom rubber band and hook that to the peg next to it.

now turn your loom around and just continue. like that and now hook this last rubber band. now stick your hook in this last peg. grab a single rubber and pull that through. and place that rubber band over the other rubber on you hook. and pull on the first rubber band. now you can take your case of your loom. now that your case is of the loom it's not the form that you want it to be so pull on the edges. i have put a heart charm on this case and i would like putting one on this one two.

i have already made one in orange. here it is and if you want to make this heart charm to tie it on to i have a video for it. this is a good idea for the world cup because of the dutch colours. you tie it on like this... you have this loop, pull the loop on the heart through the loop attached to your case. but make sure the heart is still on the other side. pull that loop over the heart. and now pull on the heart. so that the heart is attached to your case.

thanks for watching an i hope you are going to make this beautiful ipod case, bye see you next time.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

huawei p7

let's do a review for cubot s208! first of all, it costed 120$ about 90€ from pandawill. let's check how it startups, cubot logo shows up, oh it makes noise too :p. this is the phone, it says that i don't have sim card, indeed i don't have. the phone use 2 sim cards, one micro sim and one normal sim card. 3g works in greece (wcdma 850/2100mhz). oops, the video doesn't show the letters on the phone. it says i don't have a sim card. menu is like that, it has notifications and switches, wifi bluetooth, etc.

it has a greek language so don't worry, the menu is custom from cubot i guess as it's a bit changed from a normal android phone. it's 4.2.2 version jelly bean let's see. greek, here they are. about phone, s208 4.2.2 as i said, custom version: cubot. let's see, jelly bean, let's play with the beans :d. this is it. wireless update, it has a new version, which released 1 august 2014 as you can see! very nice indeed, cubot updates and cares for their phones!

nice built in application for wireless update. it didn't come with the latest version as i bought it before august, it took almost a month to arrive. this is the menu, launcher is a bit different like miui, the applications are on the desktop. (edit: latest firmware update has a menu) here are the contacts, calls, sms. browser here, let's see. it loads fast. weather! internet is fast. it doesn't seem to lag anywhere.

it has capative buttons that lights up only when you press them, i guess for battery saving. it has an option to close the applications you previously opened. let's see how the music is playing. sound is good, it has a bit high volume. take a look at the phone. volume is nothing too much or less. let's see the pictures, the screen is very nice , very good colours, the video i am recording loses some of the colors that i currently see! nice resolution. it doesn't seem to lag anywhere, i have more than 150 hd pictures inside the phone, it has nice resolution and colors.

here is the menu of the pictures, you can change it like this. let's see how videos play, this is the trailer of expandables. it has very nice colors! you can easily watch a movie on it's 5 inches screen. i am very satisfied with it's screen, it's very nice, the colors etc. resolution is 960x540 pixels but it's hard to understand that it's that low. 5 inches ips screen. gpu mali-400 and cpu mtk6582 quad-core clocked on 1.3 ghz. phone memory is 16gb very nice! you can use a 32gb max sd card if you want, it has 1gb of ram.

dual cameras, front 5mp and back 8mp with flash. as i said before it has dual sim dual standby, it isn't active. so if someone calls you on the first one the second one will show as busy. nice videos. here on the menu it shows preview of the movies before you play them. nice feature. here's the camera. wtf this is a video xd. it has a lot of features, 8mp as i said.

flash! it has power but nothing too much. let's see what the phone has on default, caldendar nice and simple. gmail, google, local. it has a radio, cause many phones doesn't have. video playing program, e-mail program. outlook - gmail and manual settings to add your own or a different provider. it had google earth on default!let's check it! is that a video? lol. anyway, i haven't used google earth much, that's it. downloads,it has clock for alarm, timers.

it had chrome too and not the default browser only, nice. calculator, let's see, it has a scientific feature too, nice. backup program, but i don't have an sd card inside. sound recording program, not many phones have this. maps, navigation, news and weather, play books, play games, play magazines, play music, play store, it has play store! scan, let's see.i don't know wtf is that :d. oops i don't have a sim card. it has a shortcut for wifi! youtube application!

google settings! that's the default ones, i downloaded 2 games. let's check them, that's fast and the furius 6, it seems like a nice and heavy game, it takes time to load. recording the video loses quality, it is really better on my eyes.it has colors, but what can we do... :p nice graphics! nice legs! haha :). oh ! it can drift too! nice!:d it wasn't that hard. let's play one more round to check it. it plays fast, a nice phone indeed, i can't say it got hot much.

phone reacted fast quitting from the game. let's close the previous applications. the phone is really fast, it doesn't lag anywhere!! let's play this game, subway surf, oops i meant surfers sorry :p noooo! how could i screw up like this?! it doesn't lag anywhere :d it plays really nice! oops, missed that.it's ok, that was the game. phone is really fast! that's all. for anything else, just ask me.send a message or a comment and i will reply.

here we can delete the notifications. some of the parts here aren't yet translated, they may translate it on a different version update but i am not that sure.it's not much of the deal, you can get used to it, even if you don't know english. here you choose what switches you want, really handy! that's all!goodbye ! :)