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star wars blu ray

(excitng, adventurous music) (spaceship whirring) (gentle, expectant music) (imitating lasers firing) - i have you now. (laughs) (imitates lasers firing) - dad, again? this isn't healthy. - there's no harm inreminiscing a little, sweetie.

- why don't you join a gym or something? - luke, leia, go to your rooms. - aren't they a littleold for that, hunnie? - oh, mellody. - playing with toys again, are we? - it's nothing. - you know, they wouldn't put me in charge of dreamworks studios ifi couldn't solve problems. tell me the truth, sweetie.

what's wrong? - abrams. - [j.j. voiceover] director'slog, production day 2013-7.15 i've just embarked on my new mission, star wars, episode vii. our first production meeting is scheduled to take place--(alarm going off) (phone clicks) hello, who is it?

- hey, j.j., it's george, george lucas. - george. it's so great to hear from you. what's up? - well, i just wantedto say congratulations. how are things going-- - thanks george. now don't you worry yourself,

i got everything under control. - did you get the box of notes i sent you? - i certainly did. and i'll definitely take allof it into consideration. - great, so, i was thinking (knocking) (villainous music)- j.j., where have you been? - busy, kathleen, busy. - the meeting is starting.

now. - really sorry, george, i gotta jet. may the force be with you. (dial tone humming) (clears throat) - hello everyone. welcome to our first meetingfor our star wars vii. i'm so glad to have some of youback from my star trek team. as well as our veterans from star wars.

now, may i present, head producer and new president of lucasfilm, ms. kathleen kennedy. (applauding) our goal is to reinvent star wars, like it has never been seen before. i want to hear yourthoughts, please anyone. - well, there is noquestion that the people are gonna want to seeluke, leia, and han again. - true, but, how aboutsome new characters?

like, a storm trooper, i've always wanted to seewho's under those helmets. - no way, kid. george was always very adamantabout not putting a face to the dark side. - actually, i kinda like that idea. but what about some brand new droids, like one that rolls around or something. - no.

- hey everyone, all ideas are valid, so, let's just-- - you know, i really thinkwe need to call george. he would know what to do. - i don't know, george sort of lost it when he made the prequels. - hey, george is thecreator of this whole thing, so how about a littlerespect for the franchise. - maybe so, but peoplewant something new now.

something fresh, like whatwe did with star trek. (chattering) - now, hold on for a sec. - let us show some respect. - wait, are you with us? - play anymore because--- think i have a big mouth? - i'm a director, not a therapist. - quiet, everyone. now i know some of youhave worked with george,

and others haven't. but he's retired now, and like it or not wehave to make this work. so, are we all clear on that? (resume chattering) i have a bad feeling about this. (melancholy music) - dad, did you hear what i said? - yes, leia, so when do you start?

- don't worry leia, there are plenty of other jobs out there. - that's okay, i'll find something. - by the way dad, you should go see j.j.'snew star trek movie, into darkness. it's so epic. - oh, really? good for him.

- you should be really happyhe's redoing star wars. - stop it, luke. mellody, how are things overat dreamworks these days? - really busy. our new film is coming out this week and everyone's workingovertime, i'm just-- - hello kathleen? it's george. listen, i know you're busy,but i just want to see

how things are coming along over there. give me a call back when you get a chance. - george, can i see you for a minute? (heels clattering) what are we gonna do about this? - nothing dear. i'm fine. - that's not good enough. i have a lot of responsibilities

and i am basically planningour wedding by myself. and your kids, theyneed you to be present. - i love you - i know, but what about star wars? (exciting, anticipatory music) - and with preproductionfor star wars vii under way, i now present the man of the hour, j.j. abrams. (cheering and applauding)

(crowd chanting) - hey, san diego.(crowd cheers) so great to be here. thank you everybody for coming, you truly are the best fans. - now we'll take some of your questions. - so, j.j., are theregonna be any lens flares? - (forces laugh) very funny. but you know, lens flaresactually give the environment

a much more realistic-- - boo, lens flares! (crowd booing) - next question, please. - so, j.j., do you like star wars better, or star trek? - well, they're both great franchises, that i am honored to be apart of. - but which one j.j., which is better?

- uh, you can't really compare the two-- - [kathleen] star wars. j.j. and i both love star wars. (crowd cheering and jeering) next question. - mr. abrams, how much of an influence was gene roddenberry onyour star trek films? - gene roddenberry'soriginal star trek series certainly laid the foundation,

but we had to make certainchanges in order to move forward. - what are you gonnachange about star wars? - i'm glad you brought that up, because we've got somethingthat you're all gonna love. we now present to you, thenew star wars vii lightsaber. - [woman] what is that? (confused chattering) - that is not my lightsaber. - well, i know it mightcome as a surprise,

but, overtime you'll see-- (gasps) that is not my lightsaber! - george, this is not the time for this. - this man has no considerationfor what i've created. he doesn't know the firstthing about my vision. - you're a fraud, j.j.! - go back to star trek. - it's a trap!

- oh yeah, well at leastmy vision won't require me to go back and changeeverything in 20 years. (angry chattering) - you haven't seen the last of me! - i'm not afraid of you, george. - you will be. you will be. (ominous music) (tense, anxious music)(jeering)

(tense, anxious music) (booing) (thumps) (yelling and jeering) (whirring) (groans) (villainous laughing) (tense, foreboding music) - fascinating.

the force is not strong with you. (cat purring) - j.j., we need to talk. - mellody, you don't understand. star wars is my life. i mean, was. - well, i have a life, too. it's been five years, george,

and i can't wait for you anymore. you need to decide, what's it gonna be? - i had a meeting withdisney this morning. and they've asked me to startlooking for a new director. - what? how could they do this to me? - i can't do this anymore. (sniffles) i just can't. (emotional, dramatic music)

- mellody. come back, please. - george, it's all george's fault. he's turned everyone against me! help me, kathleen, you're my only hope. - i am so sorry j.j., but it's out of my hands now. i'm sorry. (door clicks)

(thuds) (despairing music) (villainous music) - abrams! - lucas! (tense music) (shoes clattering) - [j.j.] i've been expecting you. - i know.

- i find your effortsto be highly illogical. - you're destroying my life's work. - you have done that yourself! and now you're destroying mine! - the time has come to end this. (light saber hissing) (laughs) - you're no match for me, old man. - you underestimate the power of the fans.

(light sabers hissing) - is that all you got? feel the wrath of my trekkies. energize! (high pitched humming) (foreboding music) and our phasers, george, they're not set to stun. engage!

- attack! (yelling)(phasers firing) (light saber hissing)(phaser firing) (frantic, anxious music) - when i left you, i was but the student. now i am the director. - only, a director of evil, jeffrey. (grunts) (light saber hissing)(phasers firing)

(yells) (groaning and yelling) - it's all your faultmy team is falling apart and the fans hate me! - and i've lost everything because of you. the force is strong with me. (force humming) you failed your mission, jeffrey. - i find your lack of faith disturbing.

- this ends, now! (light sabers hissing)(grunting) - you.. will be.. assimilated. resistance.. is.. futile! - [man] stop! fear's the path to the dark side. fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. hate leads to suffering.

- gene? gene roddenberry? how are you here? - the universe is quitefascinating, my old friend. let's just say i managedto beam down for a visit. you know, when i created star trek, i didn't expect it to last for 50 years, and yet, here we are. - it is an honor, sir.

- it's good to meet you, too, son. after i left this realm,you gave my dreams new life. but, just as george couldnot have made star wars without my creation, youcould not have made star trek without his. you need each other forboth our dreams to live on. george, you've been given achance to live your own life. i was not always the bestfather because of star trek, but you can be.

trust your feelings, george. star trek was an attempt to say that humanity will reach maturity when we begin to appreciateour differences and ideas. and in life, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few because the force bindsall of us together. only together can we ever hopeto bring peace to the galaxy. (light sabers extinguishing)

good. - gene, come back! we need you here. - don't worry, i will be. live long and prosper. (uplifting music) (hopeful music) - thank you george, for everything. - there's been an awakening,

and it's you. - but i'm not the director anymore. they've already been looking-- - don't worry about disney,i'll take care of them. you just take care of star wars for me. - i will. - and j.j., the forcewill be with you always. (gentle, hopeful music) (faint applauding)

(bells tolling) - make it so. action! (robotic beeping) (trumpets blaring) (exciting, adventurous music) (robotic whirring) (upbeat, triumphant music) - [gene] space, the final frontier.

these are the adventures ofgeorge lucas and j.j. abrams. their new mission, toexplore strange new galaxies, far, far away, and to become the heroesthey've always imagined. to boldly go, where nofilmmakers have gone before. (joyful, uplifting music)

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