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asus laptop

your watching notebookcheck tech reviewof the hp spectre x2 to hear that interesting devised this is m7 powerdevice at a very fairly high end levels are you got a quorum seven-year a priceof around 1,400 euros eight gigs of ram 250 gigs ssd so it's gonna beinteresting to have a look at this is obviously a service 40404 competitorwith an m seven rather than the m3 the iphone i seventy you get with a core sorry the surface pro for what we gonnado in this video were going to take a look around the device i'm gonna giveyou some details from our notebook check test process so we'll talk about theprocess of performance will talk about

the screen details on the screen batterylife a few other things as well keyboard andmouse important things on here and we also talked about connectivity is thisis a kind of a weird devices actually no display output on this this just to usbseaports and only usb pc with usb 3.1 rev one behind as you don't get thethreat to the displayport sort of native display port connectivity on it so we'realso use an alternative way of connecting an external screen it using atraditional method that able user companies on other usb 3 enabled devicehad nothing to do with your pc at all anyway let's take a look around thedivisive so obviously we've got

a two-in-one here just bring that camerafirst thing to notice is the bottom so this click that up there the stand up and i think is all the wayback to tablet level so you have got digitizer leon here so that'sinteresting to have this holding back all the way quite nice to get itcompletely out the way as well it looks pretty good in fact it looks very goodthat helped build quality here is extremely nice and i'll talk aboutkeyword a little more in a minute but the keyboard itself is mechanical andthere's a really really big mouse pad their we've got a full eighty screen onthis and other separate the core m seven

inside so it's fanless and core m7 ispaired with eight gigs of ram and we've got a two hundred and fifty six kids ssdinsides are fairly high end aspects maybe in a couple years time that won'tbe higher but there should be good enough for you to do basic eighty videoediting an entry level pc gaming the question is what happens to theperformance of this when it heats up the family's device may be liable teachingshave a look at that in a minute so that's how i look at the keyboard thenit's back lit there's a good millimeter thrown at this not much flex in themiddle of the device you can make it for xmas of fairly sturdy metal frameddevice you got speakers integrated into

the keyboard as well the fact that hewould itself does way affair but it's a little bit heavier than the service proor type cover three or type of four sorry keyboard but it's a nice unit clock backso its protection there and connectivity on pogo pins their magnetic foul-upkeyboard as well so very very close to the mix 700 very close to the surfacepro three very close to the surface pro for designer there's been some exchangeof licensing going on here terms of that design let's have a quicklook at the device around have a look at the ports there's a usb seaport they areand nothing else except headset poor and

there's a usb seaport on the other sideas well so that's it usbc and it's not usbc with usb 3.0 12 behind it it's gotusb 3.1 rev one which is based usb 3.0 0 renamed and it means it doesn't havethat native display connectivity that you'll see on for example the lumia 950x ella has that dog that is a standard usb see 3.1 ref to display dog where youcan do on this you can use widi to connect an external display where thisplace foot wide i or you can add an external adapter as well or you can usesimilar displaylink adapt and i've got one of those here to show you his veryhigh-end displaylink adapter in the camera there and what you'll see is youget a standard usb 3 connection and then

on the back we've got the ports fordisplaylink display port and dvi let's just one variant of a displaylink usb 3docking station you can get very small one starting around 50 euros this is ahundred and fifty euros and includes an audio device gigabit ethernet device aswell so it's very much and sort of one plug + power and then you're away withan external screen so that's quite nice motion but it is the solution has beenaround for a few years nothing special there is something you'll have to thinkabout in terms of cost you have to buy an additional display adapter for usb you want to use an externalscreens on the front and back of this

device we have real sense cameras youare able to use windows hello login and you are able to find some software ordeveloping for real sense do some work with the 3d cameras there so they'lltake a depth information along with the camera formation as well we did somework with the camera and results were pretty good take a look at the section on a webcamera will see a real sense on the full review notebook check dot net net formore information on that now 22 screens up to a hundred percent level there andwe'll go to display performance results from our test lab done with commonmeasurement tools and you'll see

actually the colors do with the extraweight measurement tool you'll see a black level of point for four and abrightness of 353 not that high giving a contrast of a hundred and to comment good devices are scoring a contrast ofover a thousand that really helps in outdoor viewing such situations even ifyou do have brother brian who have low contrast to be difficult to read thescreen so contrast 12,000 is good a hundred is acceptable and thebrightest 353 there in the middle also fairly acceptable delta's on thecolors that the variation from the true color measured with the kalmanmeasurement all 60 96.2 44 color and

grayscale respectively so again notruling out the box levels of 5 dozens of five and below aregood tending towards 2011 very good so if youhave a look at the comparison table there like that to surface pro for wavedeltas of 3.6 13.8% fact think that's the one we pro for we did post calibration got even better schoolsin that surface book their 2.06 into point to to see that they are and that'sexcellent score so the screen fullhd reasonable contrast reasonablebrightness reasonable color accuracy is good strain but it's not a high-endscreen onto performance them well as the

start of the pure cpu schools cinebench11.5 their two-point 15 points now that's about the same as an ultrabookfrom a couple of generations ago as well generation service pro 3 comes in alittle bit higher than that around 2.2 2.3 you'll see though compared to thesesurface pro for a little bit lower than the core am3+ to thats interest in thecore m seven would come in below the core mp3 there will have a so have alook at the surface profile with core i7 3.8 points as well said that is veryinteresting score there on the surface pro forcompared to the score and seven device that try to look like it's going towardsthe high end is not really tired in

terms of cpu performance there have aquick look at the graphics and the ssd and work out a little summary ofperformance for you might take a look at the crystal mar school freshman threepoint zero the read speed sequential four hundred and 10.1 mega bus orsickness really go to this is a fast ssd and checking the right for k which isthe other important one 53.3 3252 sorry so you won't get anybottlenecks there with the sst that's a reasonable speed anything over to thetwo or three hundred megabytes per second on a sequential read is is goodand we've got devices now using pci express marches were coming in africa bya second that's that's almost too much

but of course if you're throwing aroundbig files and certainly over things like athunderbolt connection to an external hard drive it takes those other speedand it's important to have the internal assist onto graphics earns so that thingthat the cpu gpu and the ssd coming together as the three most importantaspects of the performance here hp spectre x-two gets 45 45 46 points 13march 2013 microsoft surface pro with the chorus 72 that's a really truly ahigh-end ultrabook star devised 7822 there's a lot more performance there wehave actually only got the 520 i believe in hindi 8505 15 it's a lower clockversion of the 8520 we haven't even got

the high-end 528 here so that would havehelped things so the 515 it's really pulling it down a little bit in thosegraphics cores and inflict for their to couple of gaming schools for you entry level entry level pc gaming soyour world warcraft will be fine your minecraft will be fine but you get toanything a little bit higher than that 15 for example on low settings manage toget it working at 48 frames a second successive acceptable anything higherthe lowest settings you in trouble don't expect to use this fall and the loadtest we did see some struggling and you'll see information about that asimportant aspect you you're doing any

sort of gaming which you probably won'tbe on this video rendering is one thing you might be doing on this ruling doesoccur after a while it does get warm and that's that's one of the negative pointof having a family's device is that things do warm up pretty quickly i willshow you the max temperatures there under load 43.5% around this area herein the middle and the same in the back 42 those figures not too bad sorry ishouldn't be looking at the keyboard should i should be looking at the actualscreen it's here on the screen and the back in the middle there we've got a 42what our battery inside a correr am so we were expecting some nice

perforce or battery life figurescertainly idle actually not that impressive 15 hours 54 minutes i don'tknow that might be because the background processes of going on ofcourse we load some of our testing apps on here and i noticed that mimic a feewas installed in the background as well idle testing on new devices is notprobably not the best thing to do you need to level device update rest fourdays before you really can get a nice i'll figure out and often cleaning upbackground tasks start-up tasks help there so you know that i'll figure let'sgo to wifi serving six hours 11 minutes of a forced to wear a battery again notthat brilliant this is a full eighty

screen is not required i d screen andit's not huge in terms of screen size so six hours 1 minute not fantastic thereif you look at the comparisons here the wifi test three and 61 minutes servicepro ok you got a bigger battery on their own 488 minutes atashi visit 2005 see a lot more the 72hour battery as well so i surface pro forward to 38 what our battery secondcolumn there four hundred eight min 18 minutes or 35% more wi-fi browsing powerso if i feel there's something going on in the background in romania needscleaning up and maybe get more out of that load 2 hours 46 minutes again ifyour rendering or gaming on doing some

crazy stuff like that that's a sort ofmaximum battery life you get under those conditions so as you may have seen atthe top of the review 84 similar overall figure so good score and a here are thepros and cons power supply of a usb cd me show you the the standard middle psuunit so you've got cable all over the place separate cattle plug and usb see plugthat can't be removed you do get an adapter that you do get the adapter fora standard usb 3 connectivity will be using that emits demo the usb3 justblaming connectivity its robust case there's a nice keyboard here nice wellnice working facial together is not

super high-end screen but a reasonablescreen keyboard and mouse pad touchpad quality there an advantage for somemight be the rear facing real real sense camera and a front-facing camera as wellbut that really depends on how using a device windows hello is obviously one ofthe advantages their photo quality from that real sense camera also pretty goodso it's fanless and you getting reasonable performance overall thisisn't something you can compare to the high end surface pro for it is somethingyou can compare to the low end surface pro for his fourteen hundred euros worthwith the eight gigs of ram with 200 gigs of user vaults ssd storage in here

negative points were there was a littlebit of flex in the casing see that on the screen now little bit of flex in thecasing and the cpu cpu performance isn't the highest this is an m7 i seven so badthat in my view thinking of performance especially for gaming this is not agaming pc this is an entry-level device so a good quality office experience avery good mobile experience if you're typing on the go this is a perfect kind of bloggingdevice you're gonna need usb see to sdcard a dash of course but really nicefor on-the-go work for typing gonna do now is show you two ways toconnect displays of the back of this the

first is going to be one is using widerwhen i've got over in the corner there let's just move that service book foodservice book coming up on the roof you after this by the way an actiontecyou'll see that they're screaming mean perot all i need to do and i need toturn this that way it's just use the kinect function under windows 10 andthat will connect to the the screen they are now this is a compressed link soanything going over this is compressed and i can be some delays as well delays depend on the amount of stuff ismoving on the screen at any one time when you using the mouse is almostinstantaneous very useful for office

scenarios videos are going to be delayeda little bit that doesn't really matter if you using any real time type of work like gaming this is goingto give you up two hundred milliseconds of july so it's not perfect but it'sgood for office work and so very tidy way to connect your screen now thesecond way just disconnect that one is the displaying port so easily display ailingconnectivity over usb so we'll do that now so this is the displaylink solutionthis is available over usb to as well although recommended usb3 is is the bestway to do this and this is a belkin dog

has displaying display over usbtechnology built-in so-so software has been installed to pc and module thatruns inside this you know you can get a little ones as well fifty years this is a hundred and fiftythis is a nice solid dr been using this for a couple of years this is not newtechnology and all you do is you just connect the usb story they are a new wayto wait for a few minutes until the drivers installed and then what willhappen is that screen round two on two dvi we should see that screen come up ina few minutes or just fast forward to that in this video just finishing thedisplay ailing software configuration

now looks like it's working should pop up on the screen any secondnow going ok we've now got a second screen there in terms of response timesthis is near instantaneous and good for video and even a little bit of gamingthere is a little bit of video compression of him and not as heavy ason the wide i solution so is obviously not perfect for things i photographywork or even high-end video work butcertainly ok for any job offers work and i use this for video editing as well andsee any major issues they're the only issue there is with displaying is thatit does take some cpu i'm just looking

here to see what sort of levels of cpuwere using very little is just move something around and it really doesaffect a low-end pc some of the smaller tablet was gonna be there around theresee what we see in terms of usage we might be getting 124 123 percent cpu touse his utilization that but not much to worry about so at this point you can actually takethe keyboard off that stick that onto your dog and then you can put your trustand the keyboard and mouse that so that you can come here and of course i cantake that out and i can drop the surface pro 32 is pro forum as i need that's anice flexible solution and if you really

are hot desking with a number ofdifferent devices probably one of the best docking solutions that you can canget so anyway that is how you get display working over the usb connectorswhen you don't have usbc rev so i usb 3.1 trip to the standard usb c300 have to adapt as it's more confusing than it is simplifying those connectorsso pull out there and we'll put that back onto the keyboard and that was thehp spectra ex two we've got a high-end m7 version here with eight gigs of ramand after i have said goodbye stage soon because we're gonna do as i gonna do alittle powerdirector 14 render test something i like to do on some of thesemore mobile devices to see what he can

do 80 video editing and renderingwithout any overheating and have a look at this rattling as well so stay tunedthanks for watching the video don't forget to give a thumbs up if it wasuseful for you don't forget to subscribe were regularly putting up videos intothe shower now you can get notifications in your mailbox of videos as we put them so thanks for watching will see on thenext check tech reviews stay here if you want to watch the pair directorrendering test so is that video rendering chest under way alreadypowerdirector 14 loaded with the same project files were out putting a sixtymegabit per second 50 frames per second

1080 p video and of course we got thecore i7 hit with a surface book which runs up to three gigs dual core andwe've got the a.m. 7:00 a.m. 7:00 which runs up around 21 points 7.8 gigs core and of course the book is going tobe this but by how much this is a very expensive device 2600 euros to get thisconfiguration there is an nvidia gpu in the base of course but that's not beingused for this rendering testimony they might just using intel quick sync hereto render out these files we're gonna have to suffice for this but now we getto the end of the differences are while that's running i'll take note of thenoise they hate sharing the back of

these devices and we'll talk about thatat the end the service book for the core i7finished in six minutes 17 seconds obviously the spektr x-two going on alittle bit longer here that could take another couple of minutes butinterestingly one point out some schools from core i-5 has regeneration cpu onthe surface pro 3 that ranges between 10 and 14 minutes for rhonda and it'sreally based on how warm it is in the ambient temperature the surface book fordoesn't seem to down clock when it gets warm the fan kicks in as a little bit ofnoise and is quite a bit of heat of the battle a device here but it doesn't downlots of this is really nice for

long-term work and at 6:54 is a reallynice one of the best figures for this test i've seen now this is actually quitegood because the surface pro 3 when cold will only do a minimum of 10 minutes andit looks like we'll come in around nine minutes on this i'm seeing some downclocking now it's has warmed up a fair bit on the back and is down clocked fromwhat we've seen one point seven starts 1.4 1.3 to 1.6 to again now but there'scertainly a little bit down clocking going on slowing that down this reallyinteresting school 048 silent device it doesn't seem to be down looking too muchand that intel quick sync really go

working well together video render out so what i will just letthat run through in another video following this i'm gonna put the surfacebooked up against the surface pro 3 up against villanova mix 710 against thespectra x-two that's four different cpus three of those are sky lake five of theseven hundred the m7 of the spektr x to the core i7 of the service book so we'llsee how we how we get to differences in the rendering speeds here so obviouslythis is just for video users if your rendering out on these devices certainlyno no problem doing a phd video editing onthe core m not doing too many effects

post-processing color and annotationsand too many layers of over like when you talk about maxim about three layersof overlap here to that sir fairly basic but youtube standard and the way i igenerally do videos here in the studio i don't do too much color correction toomuch optimization of filtering effects on video so that's a good comparisonthat is just come out to the end minutes 54 so just under nine minutes ihave done this test before we got about 30 that was from cold and this isobviously a little bit warmer remember also charging at the same time thatgeneration of more hate this unit charging he's probably occurring towardsthe base because the batteries in the in

the most you know the main battery andthis university charging occurring in the tablet unicef's this warming thedevice so there's a video render test core i7 sky lake against m7 sky see thedifference they're not much but certainly transformer book is thelong-term powerhouse depends tho 20% 30% faster for abouttwice the cost in this case ok there's an nvidia gpu in there as well it wasn'tbeing is for this test right away that switched off on the sideline reporting right don't get to watch that secondvideo put the link up there for you so you can just feel much the second videorender test thanks for watching definite

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