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today all videos were shot withzenfone zoom hi guys, good afternoon! good afternoon everyone it's a pleasure and an honor to behere talking to you for the first time to many of you for those who don't know me,i'm yuri i just wanted to tell you we're very honored by having youhere at this launching

at this presentation and event, ok? our story has begun a while ago and we're very proud of beingthe zenfone team thank you i think i know most of you from previousasus' events maybe last year and the previous one there are many people here i know, we'vealready talked a lot my name is daniel, as it's written there erik presented me, i'm asus' design director

i work at asus for eight years now six of these eight years were in singapore it's been two years now i'm at the mothership in taiwan it's a really fun job and very challenging too it's always interesting, we travel allaround the world talking to customers, trying to understandwhat's going on what trends we must use to makebetter products

well, photography... photographies are interesting because they capturethose special moments they stop in time and they are things we can keep with us so we can share those moments with other people photos are great because they help ustelling stories there's this interesting story i've heard15 or 20 years ago amyr klink, i think you know him when i tell this story outside brazil peoplesometimes don't know him

when amyr klink went to antarctica the plan was travelling for 13 months i don't know if you remember, one of his boats,paratii during 7 of these 13 months antarcticawould be frozen the boat would be stuck in the icefor 7 months in one of his lectures he said that in thefirst day his boat was stuck in the ice he woke up and looked at the window andthere was a shard of ice there and he saw the sun passing through it,creating a mini rainbow inside his room and he looked at it, it was the first day,he was tired

he looked at it and said "well, i'll be herefor 7 months... ...tomorrow when i wake up i'll getthe camera... the lens and camera were in boxes... tomorrow i'll get it and take the picture, 7months, it will happen again..." and it never happened again he was there for 7 months and never againthe shard of ice appeared at his window the phenomenon has never happened again so let's think what we can learn from this how can we build a camera with portability andpracticality

how can we make everything fit intothe smartphone and have the quality we have ina camera? well, it was the most difficult part todesign everything was built around the lens the lens has a 3x optical zoom, it worksas a periscope later we'll talk more about it but not only the lens mechanics are important,but also the aesthetics that tells you what that smartfone does there was an american architect calledlouis sullivan

i guess he said this in 1896 that phrase there, "form follows function" that is something we used to conceivethe zenfone zoom design what does that means for us? it means that everything we've donein zenfone zoom design and in the other zenfones too we say that everything the device does must be well comunicated by the design not only the visual, but also the physicaland tactile aspects

this phrase, "form follows function" almost everything that was made in the 20th and21th century follows this design philosophy and here for us, obviously, the lens is what better communicatesabout the zenfone zoom function but the lens, that ring, we can seeit right there the ring doesn't only communicate aboutthe lens, about taking pictures but it has other functions as well the first one is that it creates an elevation,if you look here it has an elevation between the outter ringand the lens itself

and this elevation is enough to protectthe lens from the surface besides that, there's a professional thatworks at dit digital image technology he always tells me "daniel, the bestfilter from the best camera is cleaning the lens with yourt-shirt before taking the picture" he says most of the pictures are ruinedbecause of the oil from your fingers and it makes your image blurry so he says that the best lens are thetip of your t-shirt so that's what we've done to thezenfone zoom lens

first of all, it's protected from thesurface and it won't let the fingerstouch the lens the protection is way better also the lens is located outof reach out of reach of the handsand fingers if you take a look at most of thecellphones the lens is located in the middle sometimes in the corner when you turn the deviceto take the picture

if you take a picturelike this for example probably your hand will blockthe camera so that's what we've done, the lens is locatedmore to the right actually, when we turn the device, it'slocated at the top so the main idea behind that is to avoidyour fingers from blocking the lens but there is another function that the focal alignment of the camerais higher when you turn the device like this it's higher, it's closer to the eye line

what makes the photo angle better the difference is small but perceptible on this corner, down here, we havethe phones' grip why this grip was made? it follows the same ergonomy principlesof professional digital cameras when we hold the phone to take the photo,the grip helps a lot so when we're holding the phone, it'sless probable it falls because we're holding it like that andthe fingers fits right here in the grip despite of being subtle and thin, so itwoudn't affect the device thickness

it's perfect to improve the grip and there's another function when we put the phone on a smoothsurface it helps balancing the phone so it won't be dancing it aligns with the ring well, the second thing about the grip you can se in this closer image and you already had the oportunityto play with the phone it has this seam, so it isn'tonly a ergonomy function

it has an aesthetic function as well we used leather in the phone's back we thought it would be nice to use the seamto involve the grip the outcome is interesting, itfollows the fashion design the bag design and clothing design,where the seams are more visible so the grip's second function isn't onlyto help you take the picture it has an aesthetic function as well the phone's edge is ultra thin erick just told us that it's the thinnestphone with optical zoom

it's 5mm, so it's an ultra thin metal edge in spite of this edge being ultra thin you can notice it has a round border so we have a more comfortable grip when we hold the device it's much more comfortable with thatround border the round border contributes toa better touching sensation but we did something else, we amplifiedthis touching sensation using the hyper-fine sand blasting,what's that?

it's called sand blast but there are actuallyceramics spheres with 0.125mm in diameter so, when the edge is ready we use this hyper-fine sand blasting and it makes the surface really soft so, besides being resistant, it's really softand feels good to touch well, the phone's position, that wascreated around the lens we also spent a lot of time designingthe buttons it's interesting because most people thatdon't work with design

or that don't participate on the process say "but daniel, the buttons have 2mm,they are so little" from where you are you probablycan't see the buttons but, we spent a lot of time workingon the buttons and why? first, the obvious one, is the mostergonomic position to take the picture so, when the hands hold the grip the natural position of the fingers istouching the top of the phone where there are both buttons

the button of shooting videos andthe button of taking pictures not only the buttons are close enough so wecan recognize where they are but they are distant enough and their sizes are different enough so you can notice, only touching,without having to look you can notice which button is the photo oneand which is the video one you don't even have to look to the top of the phone you can be at this position, if you pressthe button it will work i just took a picture of you

it's a good one the second thing is related to theposition of the buttons because when you use the phone totake a picture normally you tap the phone screen andit takes a picture the problem when you tap is that mosttimes you move the screen it moves the lens and, sometimes, theimage gets blurry the advantage on using the buttons is,that when you press it the hand works like a clip so while the top part of the handis pressing the phone

the bottom part is holding the phone so the possibility of moving itis much lower so, once more, we get back tothe idea of function the function of the buttons and of thephone screen well, the zoom buttons follow the sameergonomy principle it gives a more precise control again, instead of using the screen to zoom,and many people like it what isn't a problem, it's possible to usethe screen to zoom but it's preferable to use the zoom buttonsfor a more precise control

sometimes you don't want a 3x zoom,you want 1.5x, 2x so using the top buttons, the controlis much better besides that, you can see theselow relief marks w and t, so you can zoom outor zoom in actually we combined three materials,but here i'm talking about two two materials that we combined to make this unique experiencewith zenfone the leather, that you've seen, andthe metal part this has a double function, the firstis the tactile function

we spend a lot of time with the phonein our hands it's important that the phone hasa good grip but we also must have a good sensationthe phone the second obvious part is the aesthetics when we combine the reflexes so there are the reflexes on the edge,called diamond cut and there's the leather, the part that ismore opaque on the phone it was the first time that we usedleather on phones and everything we did was to highlight thenatural beauty of the leather

this guy working on the leather is simon,he works at our design office and leather is an extreme challenging material if you look at a company that usually workswith metal, plastic, electronics leather is a much more complicatedmaterial to work with for you to have an idea, every leather that isused to make every zenfone zoom is manually selected so there isn't a machine looking at theleather cylinder and selecting there are people looking and choosingthe better part for each phone so, every zenfone zoom that is made

there was a person that chose that leathermanually, to that phone the metal part, the whole metal structureof the phone and later you'll be able to see some of demostructures back here, and there you'll see, the whole structure of the phonewas anodized the whole structure, and not justpart of it, and there's a reason there are two reasons actually the first reason is that the metalgets harder so the metal gets much more resistant and this is very important to protect thecamera lens components

and the second function is to have amore beautiful finishing so we have two finishings for the metal one of them is the golden one and the other is gun metal gray,a darker gray so, this time, the anodization was madein the whole structure of the phone these anodized colors, both goldenand gray ones were combined with the twocolors of leather the leather is painted, it receivesa color treatment one is the obsidian black andthe other is glacier white

this is interesting because it createsa certain contrast the white leather, with a golden finished metal and the black with the dark gray metal we also created a complete lineof accessories to zenfone zoom the one we are showing here isthe strap when someone buys a zenfone it comeswith a leather strap matching the color of the case but there's something i find interesting,and you might try as zenfone has this part, on the back,so we can fasten the strap

i think what can be done is, and we've donethis a lot at the design department, to create your own straps there are small ribbons, chains,that can fit there and create a more customizedexperience so it comes with the straps but i also find interesting creatingnew straps, personal ones the experience wouldn't be complete ifwe hadn't thought about packaging every package that asus does is thinkingthe ecological aspect not only the material that is being used,in terms of recycling

the size of the box, to be shipped tothe whole world we have a program at asus calledgreen asus if you look on the website, you can checksome informations on the program about being eco-friendly and beinggood to the enviroment it shows that we thought about every detail with zenfone zoom we won thegood design award that's a very important design award there are other companies you know thatwon this award too bmw, audi, that company dyson,they make vacuum cleaners

so, it's a very interesting award and we gotvery happy with our work results we got very happy with the design not only because of the award but because of the opinions we've heardon launchings too i hope you enjoy these three days here we'll enjoy a lot these three days too we'll have the opportunity totalk a lot we'll have to time to talk about anyquestions you might have now, before leaving, i'll show you a video

thank you very much hello guys, how are you? some people were in the other bus and i couldn't introduce myself,my name is marcel campos i'm responsible for asus marketingin south america i want to talk about some things beforewe start the slide presentation first of all, yes, everyone here willget a zenfone zoom some of them white, others black no discrimination

it's what we got ok? when is this happening? in the end we'll open the demonstrationroom, and you will get it when you leave please, don't miss the demonstration it's very nice, it has a different set up,it was difficult to bring it to the ship i'll do what i have to do very quicklybecause time is short here in the ship we have to prepare the showwe'll have here later we can't be here very long

i apologise if i say something too fast i'll talk first about performance i think it's an important aspectof this product why is this aspect important? because zenfone zoom inherits oneof the best peformances in the market that comes from zenfone 2 and what comes from zenfone 2? talking about cpu, gpu, memory andlte it has the latest intel archtecture

we keep the intel archtecture, which hasa great cost benefit and a great performance, thinkingabout dual channel memory thinking about a 2.3ghz or 2.5ghzprocessor, 64 bits... we can see the result, not allcores are equal, right? the intel quad-core are way better thana lot of octa-core in the market you can see the results we have other results where wetalk about video powervr is the video card we choseto use in zenfone zoom it's the best video card wehave today

besides that, let's talk aboutthe battery it keeps the 3000mah of zenfone 2 with the boost charger, with 18w you can charge your phone from 0% to60% in 39 minutes you become addict to it, myselffor example something we improved was the audiotechnology the audio quality in zenfone zoomwas improved because of the kind of speaker weput inside of it we used a really expensive speaker, ithas five magnets

to balance different kinds of audio it also has a gorilla glass 4 it's one of the latest technologies inthe market today way better than gorilla glass 3 andothers we know one of the aspects are the buttons,as daniel already said when you want to zoom it or shoota video everything in zenfone zoom washandpick like daniel told us mainly the camera parts

everything is handpick because we madea partnership with a japanese company you know japanese people are reallymeticulous so they like being meticulous hoya, our partner, devoloped agroundbreaking camera module to fit in zenfone zoom this camera module has 10 lensestotal 4x aspherical lens, 4x glass lensand 2x prism lens i have the module here with me, it hasa motherboard and it's this thick

this is what it's inside thezenfone zoom this is the zenfone zoom camera it needs a dedicated motherboardto work this is what we developed with hoya,you can't find this anywhere else like the aspherical lenses, who understand aboutphotography knows that it has a better quality better light, better color, better image how does that work? so, inside thislittle box i showed you we have this system that works with rotors and these rotors move the lenses backand forth

or up and down when zooming they're one above the other on this space they move inside this i'll show you better how it works,with a video how taking pictures with zenfonezoom works you saw how many things happen whenwe take a photo using zoom we use the laser focus, to let itmore precise the lenses must be at the right position,the light must be measured and the cmos is inverted, at the other side

so we have to use the prism to correctthe image distortions the way they come it's a device with a 3x optical zoom there's no other in the market withthis feature besides that, there's the 10 element lens and the 4 stops, that are the axes it's a physical anti-shaking device it isn't done by software and this makes a brutal difference tothe image

comparing some features with ourcompetitors like that little apple there it starts getting little if compared tozenfone zoom and starts losing badly and starts losing badly in many aspects starts losing badly when you thinkabout performance so they lose in performance, lose in camera,and starts losing more and more that's why we say that zenfone zoom is themost premium zenfone on asus' history in every way

design, the materials chosen, themetal body the camera itself, the kind of sensorwe chose we chose a panasonic sensor, the smartfsi,the same used on lumix and this is a great partnership to continue i'd like to show some picturesthat the team took not our team, but asus' hq team with the great zenfone quality this is one of the pictures, taken in india you can see the image and lighting quality

the birds, the small details... there's this other images, taken at night if i'm not mistaken this one was in japan this is that festival with those white treesthat they like i forgot its name this is a picture with a long exposure,of 32 seconds actually this picture is taken almost at completedarkness, to make this effect this is something you can test here,on the ship you can at least try using 32 seconds

while we're in high sea, you can turnyour phone upside down activate the 32 seconds exposure andtry to capture the sky when you finish you probably will see lots of stars,that can't be seen by the naked eye because of the long exposure of 32 seconds but i've decided to go further the zenfone zoom isn't good only to bringdistant images closer or to give a better quality to distant images it's good for macro too, or tele macro macro shots are easier to take, you don'thave to put the device too close

even though it can take 5cm distance macro,one of the shortest in the market besides that you can zoom to takethe macro photo and keep the macro quality and shot macros like this one but i'd also like to talk about pictures i took and show you how a guy like me, that's nota professional photographer can take nice pictures with zenfone zoom because, after all, most people that will buy the zenfonezoom aren't professional photographers and how a guy like me can photographusing the zenfone zoom?

well, i have the zenfone zoom since october so let's see this is a picture i took in barcelona in this one i'm not using zoom can you see that gargoyle up there? that's an unicorn this one is using a 3x optical zoom and this is 12x zoom, using 3x opticalplus the digital zoom you can see the texture of the gargoyleand the holes

from that distance, to this one and i took these pictures, with no tripod,nothing just using my hands, i took one pictureafter the other let's see another cool example? this one was on the plane, this isone of those you can't lie about you can't put the phone beyond theplane window to tell that the zoom was good becausei approached the phone so that was on the plane you can see many details, for beingjust a picture

there are written things can you read what's written here? no, right? and up there? can you see that red dot? so inside the plane i used the 3x zoom i still can't read but i can see really wellthat there's something there and there the 12x zoom, we can read that and this kind of result is very cool and not just because it's curious to take thiskind of picture not that being able to see what's writtenwill be of any use

but there will be moments in your life,as daniel said, that will pass and that's the moment you wanna capture, andzoom will help you doing it the best possible way and i have moments like this in my life this is one of them i was in a cruise at the beginning of the year and i took this picture at the topof the ship can you see that little blue boat there? let's see it closer with a 3x zoom? and even closer with 12x zoom?

from that picture, to this one you'll be able to test it here, with your zoom another great picture, taken at thesame cruise is what i call "the best pictures of the world" there's a captain in there, can you see? but he's not in a very good position and, obviously, there are moments whereyou find things that you can't be seen by the naked eye,or you're not paying attention for example, that was another cruise,alongside the one i was in

a coast cruise 3x optical zoom, and when you zoom 12xyou can read the cruise's name that i couldn't read with the naked eye now my family, this is my daughter, juju juju is beautiful, special, awesome besides being my daughter i'm adoting dad but juju was born with two colorsin each eye so she has blue and brown blendedin each eye it's very different

so everytime i take a picture of her i tryto take the picture of her eyes but children won't stop, specially juju and this is the picture i took, at thesame distance, with 3x zoom and then i decided to use 12x, you can seeme taking the picture at her eye and when we talk about quality the same way not all core are the same,when we talk about quad and octacore the pixels aren't the same when we talkabout cameras and megapixels there are different cmos, differente filters,different lenses as there are software and algorithms behindevery taken picture

that make a huge difference at thefinal result and one of these, that i wanna show you,is this one here, at the same place, i took my daughter'spicture without zooming but when you zoom you have another perspectiveit becomes another picture just pay attention to the effect thatwe call in-depth field how it changes when i zoom on her the kind of picture i have how the colors remain true another example, this is my son, pedro

he loves sitting in front of the computer,he stays like this "pedro, let's eat" and he "uhm" the kid is just like that but look, from the same position i zoomed 3x look at the color quality, the lighting this is another important matter, light with these algorithms, and the lenses the light looks like light, not a blur there's definition on the light,that's cool

well, for who knows everyday mario this is mario, i take pictures, i alsohave a little instagram this one was in barcelona, with it on my hands,most of the pictures are like this and i always had to crop but now with zoom i don't crop anymore because i zoom in for everyday mario pictures and you see the colors, how theykeep true and the quality on mario's eyes details

at the corners, his mustache the image had a quality loss when i cropped it now it doesn't seeing this photo here we can talk about light and photo details i have here the same distance, i just couldn'ttake it in the same moment because she looked at me and smiled i took one after the other i can show it in my phone to you afterwards

i have these pictures in my phone i can see the color nuances, like the pinksand reds in her nose, and a little acne you can see a lot of the details i was in a cruiser and i took this picture,now i want to talk about light you can see that the lights actually lookslike light, not just a blur the purple doesn't looks like red orblue, it looks like purple zenfone zoom's purple looks remarkable that's something difficult to cellphone'scameras do, actually cameras in general capture the color purple with this quality

and you can distinguish the lights this picture i took in india in a mumbai beach you can see the water and the sandreflecting the sun it looks like a strong gold i didn't use any filters to edit it, ok? i can show it to you, it's on my phonethe way i took it something great about this phoneis the super resolution i think most of the instagramers knows aboutthe softwares you can merge many photos

it cleans the photo and empowers thephoto's quality and resolution this is already on zenfone, since the zenfone 2 since the first zenfone, but zenfone 2it was improved it becames even better with the3x optical zoom i'll show a good exemple of it, i hadmany but we chose just one this is a picture i took in times square with no zoom and normal resolution look at the red arrow i put there there's something there, can you see it?

you can't, right? i zoomed in 3x with super resolution now you can see it better, right? let's compare these photos that one has normal resolution and no zoom and this one we zoomed 3x with super resolution it's better, and when you zoom it evenfarther you can read what's written in the first one you can't read anything the same phone, you just have to usesuper resolution and zoom

the amount of information you can capture plus the and the clean the algorithm does delivers the real image of something very small did you see the videos in the beginning of thepresentation? most of them i captured myself this one i made in barcelona in this one jackson was with me 30 minutes waiting, seated doing this this time-lapse you can see the quality and the details likethe curtains closing in the windows

the way lights appears there's other nice video i made at the cruiser it's passing... there, this one let me see if i can play it this one is to show its optical stabilization it's optical, it's not made by softwares can you hear the noise? you're going toexperience this wind in high seas the wind takes your hand and doesthis, sometimes your whole body

this is happening to me, you can tellby the wind and you can't see it shake, you caneven hear my daughter call me i shot it with my hand, in the ship on the way here we put in the bus themovie "kung fury", by david sandberg erik closed a very cool deal with him, it washim that made the zenfone zoom campaign i'll show one of many videos here, it's veryinteresting you've got to see the other ones, i thinkthere are five of them they are very nice, very different,this one is the cutest now the question everyone does: how much zenfone zoom will cost?

all these things we said about photoquality, the difference between them... all right, you'll get it! the product iscool, is good... you'll test it and have your ownopinion how much does a premium smartphonecost in brazil today? zenfone zoom is our premium smartphone how much does it cost? let's compare with galaxy s6 edge, butactually it could be s7 too 4gb ram, 12mp camera, 5.5''screen, 32gbcosts r$4.299 this one is the galaxy s7, it's written wrong

it's s7, ok? my mistake r$4.299 for a product with a 12mp camera, 4gb ram and 5.5'' screen i'm using the 5.5'' screen as reference how much iphone 6s plus is costing? 2gb ram, 12mp camera, 5.5'' screen with 64gb... sansung didn't release the 64gbor the 128gb galaxy s7 version 64gb costs r$4.599 and 128gb costs r$4.899 it's a really expensive product, right?

you can't say that it can be purchasedby everyone you'll have to sell your kidney... ifthat don't get stolen first how much zenfone zoom will cost... with 4gb ram, 13mp camera, 3x optical zoom,5.5'' screen, 64gb or 128gb? we brought two zenfone zoom "specs"to brazil the first one is with the 2.5ghz processor, special edition, intel top processor for smartphone and storage of 128gb how much do you think this productwill cost? there was a leak, right?

do you think it costs r$9,999? do you really think that? you don't, right? let's talk about areasonable price how much galaxy s7 costs? r$4.299, right? if something with 32gb costs r$4.299, if i sell 128gb for r$4.000... it's a good price, it's competitive, right? 128gb vs. 32gb, with all the otherbenefits and premium looks optical zoom...

but this is not its price we'll sell it in brazil, with 128gb and 2.5ghz processor for... r$ 3,299 this is the price of zenfone zoom with 2.5ghzand 128gb and it can have a plus 128gb expansion that's something that apple can not do apple doesn't like it and we have our other product with 2.3ghz and 64gb... how much does it cost? the other one was r$3.299, with 128gband 2.5ghz processor

can someone guess? maybe r$ 2,899? it's a good price but we didn't come here to jokeabout it so we'll sell the product with 64gb,this camera and premium looks with a boost charger and all thethings we've show here for r$ 2.699 this is zenfone zoom 64gb price so everyone who wants the premium experience, with high storage capacity

to take pictures like no other smartphone,this is the product i think this price, for a product with metalframe and leather craftsmanship is very competitive the selling starts tomorow, 09:00am onasus store and monday on retail stores all over brazil you're taking it first hand the press realease is out monday morning you have today, tomorrow and after tomorrowto realease first hand all these informations that's our goal in this kind of event, to give to who honor us

the honor of these informationsfirst hand now i'll have erik and daniel here to takethe picture of the product launch, ok? we'll open here to show the "demo", afterwardsyou can take your zenfone zoom, ok?

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