Monday, May 16, 2016

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hey guys and welcome back to my art studio today as promised i'mbringing back another circus critter video i promised you guys that a few weeks ago andsome of you been asking where is the video i tell you what i have decided to put this into several videos becauseeach circus folder has taken me quite a bit of time in there is so much and there is so much footage that you would be here practically allday if i put out that kind of video and i don't think anyone has that kind of time and that is even with shortening it because i have been working on this for several monthsif this is the first time you've heard about it and you didn't see my other videothis is for an ongoing art swap in a group

and six of us are swapping circusfolders and on the outside we are putting our artist biography and decoratingthe outside as well as both sides of the inside of the folder so today i'mlooking at the circus critter princess i started inside of the folder you will see more of her that i did from start to finish in this video from start to finish i thinkthat would be less confusing to do it that way instead of combining themall in one so that's what i'm gonna do and and i know that you think well she's the princess she'sshe's not really circus related so how does she fit into a circus

but there's a reason for that because last september i was asked to be a part of an artist collaboration with cinnamon cooney who was hosting a disney princess artist collaboration and some of you might haveseen that and i had several months to work on it before it went live injanuary and then after that we went straight into a sequel which was thedisney villains art crawl and my mind in that space in between projects and dryingtime i had started on these so my head was kind of in a fairytale realm theprincess realm all that kind of stuff because of the other project that i wasworking on with cinnamon and a few other artists so that is how we got to thisplace this this little circus girl

princess turning into a more than a circus so that is theexplanation behind that and you'll see in these videos and you can probably count how many times l have sitdown to work on these based on the fingernail polish color. it is a dead giveaway. so let's just take a look at where we are now i printed out a castle from the cameo silhouette design store and i have gessoed with the gray gesso and i cut out some little cute ballerina girls also from the cameo silhouette store now i am applying black gesso on the tops of the littlesilhouettes i want them to remain in silhouette form and now i am adding black to make it look a little more lively. black adds something really special that you might have not been thinking about so sometimes i do try to add black to my art work

now i have a ranger acrylic paint dabber and i am dabbing on the pink paint on to the little tutu skirts i am going to be honest with you these little thingsare tedious to work with they are tiny and so you need special tools to move them around and you need to bevery patient. i think it's worth it in the end especially when you see how they turn outit's worth all the aggravation getting to that point i am using the stewart gill alchemy paint in whirlwind color i own stewart gill paints in every color. i like to sit down and paint tiny test strips and layer paint over them and see what they look like from certain colors and decide how to use that in a piece of artwork because they give an amazing effect when you paint them over things. as you can see i think it just made it look magical and whimsical

now you are seeing me do what i do alot i am adding tim holtz distress ink to the edges apply matte gel medium from liquitex. i am using some of my favorite washi tape that has flowers on it in the window i am applying some checkerboard washi tape. checkerboard washi tape is really one of my favorites, it's really hard to narrow down. i am a washi tape addict. lol i am using charcoal now and just wetting it with water. now i am applying the silouette cut outs with heavy gel medium its the liquitex brand i am using. i pefer the golden soft gel for lighter things. since this cardboard type material i'm using theheavy matte medium instead i'm curious how many projects do youguys usually have going at one time

do me a favor and put that in the comments below i know alot of artists that has several projects going at one time while ones drying they are always working on another one i just think it is fascinating to find out how other artist do things maybe you guys can teach me some things that i don't know it seems like as artists we are always searching and want to just learn and grow. we are always sharing things with each other and that's one of the reasons i reallyappreciate the artist community as a whole when i was sitting back looking at the castle . i thought was something needs to go next to it up in the sky so iooked over and saw that i had a stencil i had not used in a while that would get me closer to a vision of magical

i am applying stewart gill paint dark teal in the colourise line i also enjoy it as well as the alchemy line. i am just working it in where i think it needs it i think that i was talking to myself there like wow look at that.... i am taking a faber castell pitt pen and adding a little greenery around the castle i am still playing around trying to decide ok i am happy with it now i am going to add some different colors of greens since i already have the watercolors out i am going to add some golden flourescent paint to make some flowers first i wanted to put some shading under the girls legs like they are jumping up in the air

that golden paint has lasted me forever and it is still full. i have had it since 2013 when i took some classes from mindy lacefield i painted with her house back in the fall of 2014 and loves to use this golden flourescent color alot in her art so mindy is one i feel that was brought into my path to encourage me on my art journey she encouraged me to start selling my art so that is when my store was opened and my website made. i like distressed in my art work so i am bringing back the holes in the castle so you can see them. they got covered up by the paint now i am bringing back the same color i used in the firework stencil and moving around the dark teal color around the edges just to create some balance so here she is.... she is at a stage where i feel i am happy with how it looks. and i believe this was going to be mailed to andrea gommoll from crea8tive crea8tions in germany.

she is in this particular swap. so i believe this one i will be sendingto her. thanks for watching everyone please don't forget to thumbs up, like and subscribe. have a blessed week until i see you next time.

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