Friday, May 20, 2016

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your attention, please. train arriving from jammu,jammu tavi express.. delayed by scheduled time. what time will the train come?- sorry for the inconvenience. it's time for it to's expected any time now. go and find out exactly whattime the train will come? what will i ask?weã­ll know when the train arrives. call jagdish and ask himwhere the train is at this point. hello! who is it?- yes. i am jagdish's sister.

yes! tell me. thereã­s some problem in the engine,so it got delayed. is brother there?- jagdish? yes, heã­s playing. come on. - wonderful! wonderful, jagish. - wonderful! come on, my friend. hey, give me my money.- that was wonderful. wonderful, jagish.

wonderful. - come on! it will be fun now. wonderful, pal.. jagdish, come on. wonderful, friend. very good.wonderful, friend. very good. your kind attention please... the army officers special trainfrom jammu to mumbai central,...

..train number 12472,jammu tavi express.. arriving on platform number 5. railway is your property. please help us keeping it clean. your attention please,jammu tavi express, number 12472.. ..from jammu to mumbai centralhas arrived on platform number 5. mom, brother! - where? - there! hi, brother! hi! - hi!

hi brother.- hey, deepti! how are you? hi brother. - why did you growa beard? - how are you, mom? iã­m just trying to do some style.nothing else. it is nice. - how are you jagdish? talk to them later. give me the bag. what are you doing? leave him.- i have to do an important work. come on, hurry up.donã­t delay. letã­s go. you hold this bag. - yes.come on, son. how are you, dad?- i am good. you come.

what are you doing? leave me. leave me. what are you doing? you didnã­t put on weight?- where are you going? come here. this way. - yes, dad. letã­s go. - keep the bag behind.- get inside. get inside. - come on, hurry up. change to the third gear. dad, where are wegoing in such a hurry? don't you know? did you forget?

iã­m going to look fora daughter-in-law for me. the inauspicious monthstarts with tomorrow. no one will let you seetheir daughter during that time. and the auspicious timewill end in half an hour. we have to see the girl before that,.. ..else you will remaina bachelor for one more year. mom, what is the fussabout auspicious time? will anyone go to seea girl wearing a uniform? let me go home and have a bath.

let me rest for awhile and freshen up. whatã­s wrong in going now? mom, i wonã­t become old till evening. why are you laughing? change to the fourth gear. the bullock cartgoes faster than this. stop.. stop it here. here they are..- there.. park it aside. apply the break.

will you crush them? stop it. - greetings. please come. - greetings. - welcome. greetings. hasn't the groom come? this is the groom! is he the groom? he looks like he is comingstraight from the battlefield! please, come.come inside. please, come.

letã­s go. - first you. please, come. hey, where are you running away?come inside! letã­s go. please, come in.- why are you doing like this? the groom is handsome. please, come in. come in. please come, have a seat. brother, please call the girl soon. we have to see the girl beforethe auspicious time gets over.

only 7 minutes and 20 seconds left. nisha! - call nisha. nisha! oh. dad.. - not me, offer them first. thanks. sit down, dear. she sings nicely. should i ask her to sing? - yes, fine.

seeing the groom it looks like heã­llmake her sing the national anthem. vande mataram will also do. friends, youã­ll hearyour favorite song now. it is requested by..- son, are you happy? girl was beautiful, isnã­t it? dad, give me their number. i'll give it to you. 022.. 261.. 864476.. tell me, son. - children, go inside.

don't make noise,the groom is on the phone. stay quiet. - tell me, son. sir, your daughterlooks beautiful. - nice. but.. - wonderful.. wow. my taste is different. i don't think iã­llbe able to stay with her. what? - but, you will surelyfind a better groom for your daughter. please, don't get me wrong. fool! what have you done?

he is not going to getmarried in this lifetime! give me one reasonfor not liking this girl! i have three reasons! - what is it? that girl has hair thatis going down her waist. is this a reason? girls with long hairtake time to get ready. they keep brushing their hair.- let it be. if we have to go out, she willtake 5 hours just to set her hair. did i ask for this hair? did i say?

whatã­s the hurry to get me married? seeing her it looks like, sheã­llfly like a dry leaf in the wind. sheã­s slapping her own father. did you see? you always used to tell her ã«slapã­. she slapped you now. mother, i want a stylish girl. she looks like a small town girl. where are you goingwith so much money?

i'd told my friends i'll host a partyif the groom doesn't like me! police entered theapartment by force.. ..breaking down the doorand found the victim dead inside. the police say that accordingto post mortem report.. once i heard you are coming here.. ..i wanted to say i'vefallen ill with chikungunya... ..and wanted to go home. unfortunately, i wasn't granted leave. are you indirectly sayingthat i am disturbing you?

i donã­t fear you.i can tell you this more directly. like i said think this is indirect? you are a demon. - okay. what did i even do?- what did you do? you come on a vacation here. hang out with me day and night. you will interfere in everything i do. just when i am about to get promotedfrom sub inspector to an inspector.. stops because of you.

why don't you spend timewith your family once in a year? it is not like that. my parents have givenme strict warning. theyã­ve asked me to go outof the house and return only at night. they say i'll getspoilt if i stay at home. didnã­t you find anyoneelse to fool around with? come on, now. i promise you,i wonã­t interfere in your job. okay? - sir is here.

good morning, sir. what is going on here?- it's a tournament. weã­re giving security for that. are the security arrangements perfect! don't send them in if theydon't have an identity card. buddy, this is a ladies college. you can see them if you want. if somebody trashes you,i wonã­t help you. yes, sir! - this is a bit too much.

well! you went to see agirl yesterday. what happened? under 55, boxing tournament is aboutto begin. - what do i tell you? first we have from st.xavierã­s college.. nisha! that girl seems very shy. i thought she was very scared too. nisha! nisha! nisha! nisha! and second is from maharashtracollege, itã­s anjali! fight! - nisha! nisha! nisha! nisha!

nisha, what are you doing? ã«i don't like this girl!ã­ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.. 9, 10! out! isn't she the kind of girl you expect? this was the girl i rejected. that is just not possible! he will defame us. if he had to agree,why did he reject her in first place?

he wants me to go andtalk about the alliance. i canã­t do this. it is about marriage and not a play. mother, brother wonã­t do anything. please, please.- i wonã­t go their house. send your father. mother! mother, listen to me. what did you say? am i a toy? he said he didn't like me then.but, now he likes me!

after the wedding, he mightnot like me again. is that okay? listen, if a boy proposes,you must say, "i love you too".. ..and pass time with him. if you don't like him,you can break up with him. but, you must think 50times before rejecting him. it's only when you arebeautiful and curvaceous... ...boys will come after us. no one will see us when we grow old. forget all this, listen to me.

donã­t think much and say,ã¬i love youã®. i don't need to do all that. i'm absolutely fit going to the gym. the thing is you are notunderstanding what the thing is.. i have to talk more.. he looks handsome. letã­s pass time with him. if you donã­t understand what i say..- he is the guy i said "no" to. youã­ll understandwhat i said.. - hey..

what happened?you agree with what i said, right? i forgot to tell you that.. what were we actually talking about? if i remember that.. if you donã­t want to listen,itã­s okay. at least donã­t do this. why are you playing kabaddi? get down!come on, get down! - what happened? hey! - he'll be dead today! how dare you kiss me?

me? when did i...oh me, yeah! i only kissed the mirror. this is my mirror. i will do whatever i like with it. the mirror is yours,but the reflection in it was mine. madam, that mirror belongsto the government. - shut up! hello, this is my mirror. i will kissmy mirror, cajole it, or break it. why are you bothered?- you are doing drama? i'll break it myself!

the money for the mirrorwill be deducted from my salary. how dare you kiss me on the road!- madam? what kind of a policeman are you?- iã­m a good policeman. hey, come on, letã­s go. i will complaint ofeve teasing against you. if i see you again, i will kill you! how will you spend your life with her? you donã­t know about "boxer nisha"! had you said you likedher at the first instant,..

..we wouldnã­t betraveling in bus today. isn't this super? she flicked the bike keysand we couldnã­t even know! she looks like a thief to me. if you marry her,where will you go for the honeymoon? thief! thief!somebody robbed my wallet! i had 5,000 rupees in my wallet!who stole it? - donã­t worry. donã­t worry. - okay. the thief must be in the bus.- i had 5,000 rupees in my wallet!

i am a policeman. - i want it back. the two of us are policemen.- my rs. 5,000. we'll check everyone. - my rs.5,000. - we'll find out your wallet. i want my money.- driver! stop the bus. no one will get down.we'll check everybody! balaji, check people here. - okay. i'll check people on the other side. get down! come on, show me. come on!get down one by one. - get down.

come on, everyone. come. - you donã­t havea pocket in your pant? okay. stop. stop. one my one.- open your bag. sir, that's my purse! - nothing. hey there! is this yours? - no, sir. what nonsense is this? - okay, you go. go, go. hey, wait. hurry up. - you donã­t have it. go. okay.. - this is yours?

show it to me.- you go inside and check. check it under the seats.- okay, get down. check the bags as well. - not this? please open the bag. is it inside? hey! you stole the purse. - my wallet! this is my wallet! this is my wallet! we found the thief! - thanks.- this is my wallet. - he's the thief! listen, jagga!

why are you running? why? why are you running? 37 people have lost theirlives in this incident. 37 people have lost their lives inthe blast that took place in mumbai. we will leave no stoneunturned to solve the case. i am sure that weã­llsurely find an evidence. i would like to tellthe terrorist group that.. ..they need not think thisbomb blast as their victory. they are treating him at the hospital.

they should torturehim and question him. police will surely nab the criminals. no matter if i lose my life, buti will protect my country at any cost. look at him making speecheswith bated breath.. though he caught him. you caught him,but heã­s taking the credit. i was present there. i shouldã­ve given the interview on tv. we will answer them.. - mymother-in-law wouldã­ve become my fan.

she wouldã­ve got hersecond daughter married to me. understood.he is bragging about it. i can sacrifice my lifefor the people of my country. there were about 18 peoplekilled and 26 people injured. the terrorist attackin mumbai has shaken everyone. it is said that thebomb was in a bag.. ..and when it was unzipped,it blasted. 37 people lost their lives. donã­t know how many terroristsare roaming freely and..

..what could be theirmotive behind doing this. home minister expressed hisconcerns while talking to the media. we shall meet after a small break. gulmarg,north western border of india. the motive of terroristshas not been known. when the terrorists were takingthe bomb from one place to another.. ..this incident took place. according to the police source,.. ..thereã­s a big terrorist groupbehind this.

it is in the news that theremay be many more such incidents. cbi is investigating this case. they are sure that very soontheyã­ll arrest these terrorists. i've been waiting for you. - why? get inside, i'll tell you. this is jagdishã­s as i say. - okay. you all go upstairs and be alert.okay? okay? this is your unofficial duty. so talk on the other channelson walkie-talkie, okay? - yes, sir.

what is it at such late hour? they work for mumbai police. they'll stay here now. they will stay onguard outside your house. one more thing, leave to your villagewith your family tomorrow morning. i didnã­t understand?- he has escaped from the hospital. what are you saying? he has killed a doctorand many police officers. how? - i don't know.

weã­ll know it soon. it was you who caught him, ithought he might come looking for you but now the arrangementsfor the security have been made. shindey, be alert. - okay, sir. okay, i shall leave. bye. be alert, okay?inform me if anyone comes here. thereã­s no valueof goodness these days. everything is futile. hey! what happened?

hurry up! hurry! upstairs! yes, that side!upstairs! upstairs! look there! the shooter is running that way.hurry up! scoundrel! hey patil! - what is it, sir? check in the back lane!- okay, sir. iã­ll check it now. he came this way. hello, control room? control room,put barricades on mg road. what did those innocentkids in the bus do to you?

do you know why i chopped off yourfinger without asking you anything? i am going to ask you a question now. if you don't answer it, youshould know what could happen to you. one question. just one second to give me an answer.. ..else, the otherfinger will go as well. someone helped you at the hospital. who was that? security chief, inbashekaran.

that's all. so simple! who is it? - it's me! who are you? what are you doing here at this time? who is it, son? - iã­m checking,mother. you go to sleep. who are you? what do you want? i need to talk to you. can you come up to the terrace? it is too late now.we can talk in the morning.

the guy you helpedescape is now at my house. sorry, i didn't tell you who i am. my name is jagdish. iã­m from indian army. i have one more introduction. dia. iã­m one of the specialistsat the defense intelligence agency. think it as secret agent. people who work with me.

my friends. even my family doesn't know this. are you wondering whyi am telling you this? because, you are notgoing to be alive any more. while we are at the camp,the other country firing at us... ...and us firing in return. we have to do it. one day, at our camp, a boycalled sairaj, suddenly went missing. we couldnã­t know where he went.

we looked for him for7 days but didn't find him. we found him on the eighth day. poor thing,guess he got caught in the enemy camp. they tortured him for 7 days. they dug out his eyes,.. ..and beer bottle.. beer bottle.. shoved a beer bottlethrough his body... ...and broke it..

..inside him. we delivered his deadbody to his family members. his mom is still crying. his dad was beatinghis chest in grief. his sister is stillwaiting for her brother. thirteen days after his death.. ..his younger brother joined the army. we die there every day,so that you guys here can live. this is a locally made gun.

this is my gun. if i shoot you,.. ..i will have to explainwhy i did kill you in the enquiry. your family will slander you. your children willhave to beg on the signals. your wife will have to beckonmen on the roads to make ends meet. but, if you shoot yourself,.. it would be calleda suicide while on duty.. ..and someone from yourfamily will be given a job.

they'll get yourprovident fund money.. ..the monthly pensionon the first of every month. you take a call. if you try to act smart,.. i will shoot you. youã­ll die a brutal death! what happened? - patil,you look there! - come on! i will kill all theterrorists one by one. one more thing..

..i know the two of youare not aware of everything. juhu, bandra, matunga, dharavi. they are going to plantbombs in twelve places in mumbai. when? 27th. among us, rita is the firstone to be getting married. - yes. sheã­s very lucky.first engagement and marriage quickly. she got settled in life. thank you, thank you very much.- look, sheã­s looking so beautiful.

thank you. thank you.- she is blushing. thank you. - hi! congratulations, uncle. - thank you. hey, wow! thank you. hi. - congrats! youã­re looking so cute. hold this. i need to talk to you urgently.

uncle, how are you?- iã­m good. - what is it? what do i tell you?- tell it to me here. - please, rita! i wanted to marry from a long time,but didnã­t find any time. today finally, i got a chance. i canã­t come. you tell are her college friend, right? else, my head might just burst! fine! - once it happenedthat we both were going.. excuse me, one minute.

come. congrats. what is it? in our group you are the nextmost beautiful girl after me. right? fine! we are equally beautiful! your hostel roomis filled with posters of.. ..ranbir kapoor, shahid kapoor.. ..and john abraham. and now,why are you marrying a bald guy?

i mean, didnã­t you find any smart guy? look here,you need to think practically. he earns handsomely. what more does a girl need? a handsome guy willnot be an achiever. an achiever will not be handsome. hey, stop! - what happened? my husband is standingalone at our reception. okay, listen.

what if a guy is handsomeand also earns well? forget everythingand get married to him. stand up. why are you sitting? thereã­s a question in my mind,which is boxing in my head. tell me what it is. i might help you. i being a policemancan't do anything.. ..then how can you? do you know the difference betweena policeman and a military man? you men don't use your brain.

you just have to put yourfeet together for "attention"... ...and split them for "stand at ease". and if you are told to shoot,you just have to rapidly. but, we policemen have touse our brains. do you know that? when we are goingto nab a pick pocket.. ..we have to think like him. when we are goingto catch a murderer.. ..we have to get into his character. and when we are goingto catch a terrorist..

..we have to turn in to a terrorist. when a smart policemanlike me is unable to do this.. ..then what can you do? tell me what your problem is,i'll see if i can help. okay, you listen to me. you know that the nightthat the terrorist escaped.. ..a police officer shot himself andcommitted suicide in the same night. he was the same officerwho was on duty at the hospital. my doubt right now is if these twoincidents could have any connection.

firstly, that is not a's a murder. how do you say that?- i was the one who killed him. you? why did you kill him? why did he let the terrorist escape? he let the terrorist escape?how do you know that? the terrorist told me that. the terrorist escaped fromthe hospital. where did you see him? well! the hospital.. the hospital?

what in the hospital? what in the hospital? - hi. why are you pushing me down? who are you talking to? wait, wait. jaggu, my brother.. you know i can't handle suspense. tell me what it is.- give me a minute. tell me.

actually, i.. you.. you.. i.. are you coming froma class in spoken english? no. will you marry me? when did you get this idea? this morning, at 8.40 am. what happened at 8.40 am? i had been to my friend's wedding.

she's the most beautifulgirl in my college. the guy she is marryingdoesn't look one bit good. i asked her the reason,.. ..and her answer changed my decision. and then, friends encouraged me. but, we didn't make a goodmatch right from the start. i said "no" at first and then you did. now you are saying you want this. i am agreeing, right?

yes, but our tastes donã­t match. do you smoke? - huh? a cigarette. - no way! how can girl fromrespected family, smoke? that is not allowed in boxing. see that! i only like girls who smoke. well, i can't say i've never smoked. i have smoked at girls parties,new year and occasions like that.

okay. what about liquor? - what? do you drink? drinks. yes, red wine. that's good for the heart and skin. sometimes, i drink vodka too. see there,i can't stand girls who drink liquor. hey, nisha. - i know! you are sayingdifferent things on purpose. you are in love with me.

iã­ve come from so far.. i came here straightfrom my friendã­s wedding. okay.. - i didn't even have breakfast. please, please. if you want,i can get married to you right away. i was just kidding. there is a small hitch. again? what is it? tell me. i agreed to marry anotherguy who had come to see me.

i was angry with you. you said "yes" to him? that is not a problem. saying "yes" at first and rejectinghim after that doesn't take time. you know this. what i said to you isdifferent from what i told him. he is from the military too. - oh. we can convince him bytelling about our relationship. he has asked me to cometo the coffee shop at 12.

okay! i'll come along too! i'll take care of it.- will you come along? yes. - letã­s go. he called me here. you just wait here. he's a military guy,he's here sharp on time. i'll go can come later. okay? nisha, i'll talk to him first,you stay here. excuse me.

yes? ic58464,captain jagdish reporting, sir! battalion, salute! sorry.. i said, sorry. hey jagga, what are you doing here? how are you? - i am fine, sir. when i heard the loudvoice when you saluted.. ..i thought we werein the parade ground. okay, come on. - no, sir. no sir.

jagga, listen. the girl i am going to marry has saidshe would meet me here today. - sir! so, i wore this in my ear. - sir! i am nervous because thisis the first time iã­m meeting a girl. can i get something for you, sir?- no, no. nothing. i will sit here. hey, listen. - greetings. hello.. - jagdish. how are you?

oh no. hello. - hello. so, you are here? - yes. please, have a seat. your mom gave me information.. she called to saythat you like me a lot. sorry, nisha! meet mr. jagdish. we are in the same battalion. but, he is much junior to me. - oh.

he makes mistakes andgets punished very often. he is a little more scaredof me because of that. what is it? jagdish, she is nisha. hello madam. - madam? nisha, what will you eat? - nothing! oh, you are dieting. oh, thatã­s great. what about you? - no, sir!oh wow! nisha, i have a get togetherthis evening. small party. - okay. you must come. okay? - okay.

jagdish, you must come too.- yes, sir! now! it's 12.30. you said you would meet at 12 o'clock.12 oã­ clock. iã­m so punctual. becauseiã­m a military man. - of course. so, we'll meet in the evening. - yes. shall i make a move? - bye.- bye. okay, jagdish. - yes, sir. ic584.. is he mad? please come if you get time.- okay, sir.

okay, bye. i shall leave. see you. see you. i got saved. is this how youplanned to talk to him? that's not it, madam. you are marrying my senior officer. hey! even after he left,you are calling me "madam". aren't we already in love? we can break up with each other.

we've not been inlove even for an hour.. ..and a break up before that? look here, madam. he is better than me in every way. it takes me 51 secondsto run 100 meters.. ..but he can do that in 48 seconds. in high jump i can get acrossa height of 6 feet and 1 inch.. ..but he can cover6 feet and 4 inches. in the long jump,i can leap across only 7 meters,..

..but he is 7.4 meters. in weight lifting.. - hey! i am recruiting peoplefor the military here? i don't like him. but, you didn't likeme at first either,.. ..but you like me now. it is possible thatyou could like him tomorrow. no, that is not possible. by the way, i can find a match easily.

think, who will marry him at this age. so what? why shouldi become the scapegoat? your phone is ringing.- it's your phone. oh, sorry. tell me, where did yousee the terrorist.. ..who escaped from the hospital? you don't like suspense.. ..but i don't liketo unravel the suspense. the two of us have an importantjob to do tomorrow. - wait!

what? why did you come here all of a sudden? like you don't know why i've come! it's not that, you shouldã­vecalled before coming here. wait downstairs and iã­ll come.okay. where did you see that terrorist? he is the same did he come here? after you left, i stayedback at the hospital all night. you canã­t keep him here.hand him over to the police.

for him to escape again? only then will we knowabout his associates. i know everything. - what do you know? when did you become a doctor? are you a part-time doctor? what injection is it? why are you untying him? where are you going? how many questions will you ask?

i've injected him with chloroform. he will remainunconscious for two hours. let's go.- where are we going? donã­t question me so much. my batch mate is gettingmarried today. let's go. this is a bit too much. you want to leave the terroristhere and go out to attend a wedding? you've even untied him. we'll return soon.

jaggi, how are you? look, thereã­s our gang. hey, hi! please come. - hi, how are you? thank you. - so, youã­ve come. hello aunt, iã­m fine. - hi. how is your hand now? stop exercising. how many times i called you,but you donã­t answer.

that day, i.. have patience, brother. i don't know.- it's getting late, let's leave. who is this? - who is he?- come. let me introduce you to my friends. he is my friend, balaji. - hi. sub-inspector of police. - oh! salute, sir! joel, will you take sarahto be your wedded wife?

yes, with godã­s help. sarah, will you take joelto be your wedded husband? now, you may kiss the bride. hey, jagga. let's leave. we'll leave.what's the hurry? - liquor. excuse me. the bride andthe groom is calling you. come on, letã­s go.we are coming. - youã­ll get me killed. it's getting late. - come on. iã­ve been confined forever.- congrats, bro.

hey, embrace me too. - thank you. meet your sister-in-law, sarah.- thank you. hello, sister-in-law.- thank you. it is very tasty. - weã­re having fun.- our wedding will be.. you are busy eating here. i donã­t know how many i ate. guys! itã­s been a long time.shall we play a game? - game? you come up with new games every time.

you win and we all lose. - yes. it is a real game. - real game? - yes. okay. we six in one teamand you six in the other team. what do you say?- no, we all in the same team. one team? what kind of a game is this? what are the rules? iã­ll tell you later. - okay. you should give us a party if we win.- definitely. sure.- we are ready.

guys, this is a serious game. now, weã­ll know whoã­sin the other team. in two minutes from now.. ..a man will comeout of the house running. we have to follow him. when he meets a man after that.. ..our group will split into two. one group of 6 will follow one man.. ..the next 6 will follow the other.

as they keep meetingmore people after that.. ..we will divide further. we need to follow them. keep your cell phones on. don't attend any other call, but mine. we will stay connectedthrough a conference call. okay? - okay. he is coming. is he the guy?- is he the one?

yes.he is the guy. he didnã­t see us. jagga, hope you knowwhat you are doing. i know, thatã­s thereason iã­m doing it. start the vehicleand slowly follow him. hey, drive slowly. heã­s running. - oh no, we missed him. keep an eye on him.i think he escaped. - come on! drive. - no, no. wait for the signal.

go, go, fast. fast! look, there he is. fast, fast! hope he didnã­t see us.- no, he didnã­t. he sat in an auto.- he went inside an auto. siddhart, note down the number. go fast. - 8306.. mh02ra8306. should we get down?

he went into a crowd. thereã­s one more guy.- who is the other guy? jagga. what if theyare two instead of 12? no, they have to workat 12 different places. they will split to 12 from 2. stop the vehicle. they are going different ways. get down. hey, hurry up. move.

you six! jagdish, we are on. - yes. stay on the line.- copy that. we are close to him. should we nab him? no, follow him. good afternoon, you are listeningto ã«madhur sangeetã­ with vandana. he is meeting another guy. wait.

follow the new guy.- come on, hurry up. come, come. okay, letã­s move. how many till now?- we are following the other guy. we are behind the first guy.he has a bag in his hand. we are in dharavi. he is going inside a market. donã­t get into his eyes. first guy is talkingto the mobile dealer. even, heã­s talking to someone.

you follow him. jagdish, what do we do now? one of you split.split. - okay, i will move. we will follow him. we are splitting. - vishal here. iã­m going behind the second man. you go there, iã­ll go this way. okay? be on the line.- copy that. - copy that. - copy that. jabbar and i are followingthe mobile dealer.

he is 10 steps ahead of me,iã­m following him. he is leaving. follow the new guy. they have one more companion. split and follow the new guy.- go, go. follow him. go. iã­m following the first man. stay alert. stay alert. wait for the right time.

he is right in front of me. heã­s boarding a bus.iã­m behind him. iã­m in a shopping mall. we are 12 of us for 12 of them. iã­m at santacruz station.- iã­m at matunga theater. iã­m at dharavi. - iã­m at juhu. iã­m at kurla. - iã­m in chembur. iã­m at jetti. boys, they are equal to us now, 12.

the game is equal.the game is going to end now. look at the front case in your bag. gun? - there is a gun inside.- there is a gun. gun? iã­m at a cinema hall. donã­t panic. i was the one who kept it inside. the guys in front ofyou are no ordinary thieves. they are dangerous terrorists. we are only going todo what we do at the border.

we'll show them thatwe also know their.. ..techniques of serial bombblasts and simultaneous blasts. we are two steps ahead of them. we should shoot them at the same time. get set boys. - iã­m ready. - me too. 3! 2! 1! shoot! you!

what is the order now? move! move! move! the game is over. when is the party?- thereã­ll be a party. but at our camp.- is the game over? and you are watching ndtv 24x7. it is said that the bodiesfound here and 12 other places.. ..were of sleeper cells. 12 men who have been shot,they all were sleeper cells.

neither the police nor the defencehave announced their roles in this. each of the victims, howeverhave been identified as terrorists. and there are bombsin each of their bags. the bombs that have beenfound from sleeper cells.. ..we are unable to locatethem through the satellite too. police is investigatingthe case of identifying them. sir, looks like thereã­s dangernamed ã«sleeper cellsã­.. .. hovering on our country. can you tell us,who are these sleeper cells?

please, explain sir. sleeper cells are present at placeswhere terrorism is a challenge. we can't identify them. even these 12 men have leda normal life with the public. they are people who have druid againstthe country and the government. they are cultivatedfor years by the terrorists. they use them for their illegal jobs. after 9/11, there has beenno terrorist attack in america. it is the only country,sleeper cells...

...have been identifiedand destroyed completely. it is said that all the 12terrorists were of sleeper cells. hereã­s the report about 12 terrorists. age 32 years. age 29 years. age 33 years. age 34 years. age 31 years. - mom, it is dad! mom, it is dad!

the case has been handed overto cbi for further investigation. who did all this?- it is still unknown. even the policemen are clueless. did you get any clue? the police has seized theequipment of all 12 sleeper cells. but the non tracker phonethat belonged to one of them... ...has been taken bythe person who killed him. whose phone is it? afsar ali,the one who was killed at dhobi ghat.

i donã­t know who you are.. ..where you are. you killed my 12 brother was one amongst them. iã­m coming for you. if i get my hands on you,i will kill you. iã­m waiting. hello? - come to lakeview caf㈠immediately. if sir gets to know,thereã­ll be a problem. it is your "sir" whohas asked to come, hurry up.

why are you standing here alone?where is sir? look there. - you are so funny. wow, superb. i think sir found another girl.- shut up! he has found that girl for you! really? as it is,he is posing a problem for me. and now he is solicitingwomen for you! what are you saying?don't say such things about sir.

have some respect for him,you are going to marry him. come on! - where? come, come. - good morning, sir. heã­s jagdish. - hello. this is shweta. - hello. jagdish needs a good girl to marry. what to do? he is very unlucky. game of destiny. we are in the same battalion,he is my junior.

but in our relationship,he's more like family. he is my younger brother.. i mean, not my real brother. like a brother. i was just saying that. - is it? wow! sorry! i forgot to introduce you. sheã­s nisha, my fiancãˆe. boxer nisha. - oh. hi.

i've seen you somewhere.- correct. - me? i had the same doubtwhen i saw her the first time. i donã­t recall where i saw her. forget it. then i thought jagdish. i call him as my brother,so i have to do something for him. the two of you exchange numbers. mobile numbers. - okay, sir. what did you think? check to see if you havesome biology going between you.

it's not biology, it is chemistry. so what? they're both sciences. i want to speak tohim in private. - nisha! they should talk toeach other in private. if you want to talk,that should be with me. that is logic. am i right? i want to encouragejagdish about that girl. okay! okay. carry on! take him to the corner now.

shall we? sir, she is calling mein private right in front of you. there's nothing wrong with that,jagdish. she's calling you when i am around. it's wrong only if shecalls you when i am not there. am i right? what you are doing is wrong! we are just tryingto start a conversation,.. ..but you are trying tomeddle with this right away.

do you know who she is? i don't know who she is. why? this is the matter. matter? what do you mean? didnã­t you understand? - no. do you have an internetconnection on your phone? i do. then, log on to what are you going to do now?

i can't go againstmy senior's command. he will feel dejected. are you fine with that girl? yes. okay! well, jagdish, another thing. another? - yes. i mean, the earlier youdiscuss this with your family.. ..and arrive at a decision,the better. i want the four of us toget married at the same time..

..and at the same wedding hall. then weã­ll go tothe honeymoon together. what is the height of the wall?- 6 feet. they are good jumpers. what was the speed of the bus?- maybe 70kms an hour. they are good runners. and good swimmers too. all the 12 have beenshot in the forehead. running bus.

dark theatre. fully crowed market. even at a distance of 200 meters,they have been shot in the forehead. they are trained shooters. but they are not the police. any other similarities? yes, there is one more thing. but it is not that important. when they shot our men,they were wearing suits.

what were they wearing? all twelve were wearing suits. this you should have told me first. i felt it was not so important. wearing coats inamerica is quite common. but wearing suit inindia is quite uncommon. it is a clue. so, they were wearing suit. they could be waitersfrom a big hotel.

or maybe in a bigpost in some company. software engineers from a seminar. advocate.. or maybe wedding guests. i want the list of all the marriagesand seminars held in mumbai.. ..on the 27th where thedress code was suit immediately. you think yourself to be smart? had you arrested those 12 guys,we couldã­ve got plenty of information. we wouldn't have got any information..

..because they themselvesdidnã­t know anything. not just that. they also didnã­t know thatthere were 11 more like them. really? - yes. they are sleeper cells. maybe their leader is just one personor maybe many who made the plan. those who execute the plandonã­t fear for their life.. ..and they are called sleeper cells. even if one of them was caught..

..we still wouldnã­t have gotany information. does that mean sleeper cellscarry on life.. normal people untilthey get orders? - yes. they wait for years at times. is there no way we can kill them? maybe not, but we can stop them for sure. if we kill the leader whogives orders to the sleeper cells.. ..they will keep waitingfor orders all their lives..

..and fall silent.- that's a good idea. but, how will we find the leader? i don't have to go in search of him. he himself will search for me. we have killed 12 of his men. hence he will plan to killme and i know it very well. it will surely happen.- oh, my god! what are you saying? but, how will he findyou in a big city like mumbai? while killing the 12..

..we would have surelyleft behind some kind of a clue. he will surely get to us though it. but if we find out whatthat clue before he could.. ..we can get to himknowing his next plan. it is necessary to get to him. jagga, you know something?you are very intelligent. because you have playedthe puzzle game several times. no, donã­t answer the must be that girl whoã­s calling. if you talk to her, i will..- hello.

i have shocking news.- you got started again? this time, itã­s not me. mr. rana has asked us tomeet him at this house urgently. i am coming right away. jagga, this is wrong. so many things are goingon here and you are after that girl? forget the girl,think about our country. and.. and listen.. jagga. i have two shockingnews for both of you.

the first one is for jagdish. swetha, she doesn't like you. she doesnã­t want to marry you. what happened? - of course,he is shocked. - oh, okay. nisha, before i giveyou the shocking news.. need to meet someone. please wait, i'll be back.donã­t go away, okay? - okay. why are you laughing?- what else you expect me to do? i got away from that girl,thatã­s why iã­m laughing.

but, why did you laugh? even that girl rejected you. chitra.. please come. on which website did he find her? she is my family friend. she has been in love withme since she was a little girl. but i learnt aboutit just two days ago. after she learntabout our engagement..

..she attempted suicide. sit down. she was then admitted into thehospital and it became a big problem. so i've taken a decision. iã­m so sorry. i've decided to marry chitra. i know how shockingthis will be to you. but what else could i do? what else could i do?

both.. things like this happen in life. okay. i am going to askthe two of you for something. you came on a holidaywith dreams of getting married. and you wish to marry a military man. yes. - thatã­s right. why don't the two of you get married? jagdish.. donã­t get me wrong.

we were in love.. but never once did i touch her. nisha, tell him.have i ever touched you? you heard that? i never touched her. i know you will findit difficult to forget me. because iã­m so handsome? - what? nothing. just kidding. you are right, sir.- he at it again. alright.

nisha, all the best. bye. - bye. take care. - letã­s go. nisha. - yes. since you couldnã­t marry me,like her, donã­t.. donã­t do anything as such. mind it. promise? - promise. - okay. bye. letã­s go. what happened? is your stomach upset? it's our first date.

as per the rules of the first date.. ..i can't refuse anythinga boyfriend asks of me.. ..that is why i am a little nervous. i wonder what you will ask for.- come on. you've already thrown a big party. you have already spent so much money. thatã­s all. i don't want anything. not that. what if you ask me for a kiss?

how can i refuse? i have to kiss you. great idea. i want a kiss. come on.- oh no! this is what i feared about.- kiss me. but i don't know how to kiss. close your eyes. i'll take care of it. hello. - i have found theclue on how he will get to us. how will he know we hadbeen to the church for wedding?

there was one commonthing in all of us.. ..and it was the dress code. if he is intelligent, he will gostraight to the church. you are right. on the 27th, all the problemstarted from this church.. ..because the shooterswere here for a wedding.. of an army man. the name of the bridegroomis william martin joel. can i have his address, please? - yes.

yes? - is this joelã­s house? yes, it is. we are from the army too,his batch mates. oh, yes, come inside. - thank you. joel is on honeymoon. you couldã­ve contactedhim on his mobile. but his phone was out of reach, uncle. oh, iã­m so sorry. please sit. please, come. - thank you.

she is joelã­s mother. she is dumb. oh, iã­m so sorry. - please sit. i have a gift for joel.- oh, very kind of you. thank you so much. thank you. what would you like to drink?- nothing, thank you. uncle, can i see joelã­s wedding album?- of course, i will just get it.excuse me. iã­ll bring it. come on, madam. some stranger asks foraddress and they give it away.

they never ask why. we have no time for this, balaji.let's go. she is joelã­s school teacher. and she is joelã­s cousin. they are joelã­s campmates. uncle, but you have five teams here. he has been to five camps,so there will be five teams. can you get me coffee? oh, yes. sure.

we got stuck in the end. how do we find outwhich team killed our men? i will find out. here is the coffee, my boys. how did you like the photos?- they are wonderful, uncle. how did you come back so soon?- i didnã­t find the medicines. they are joelã­s batch mates.they couldnã­t come for the wedding. welcome. iã­m noel, joelã­s brother. please entertain.- hi. - hi.

did you offer them coffee?- yes, i did. thank you so much for coming. which camp did you serve with joel? kashmir. - kashmir, which year? 2005. - he was at delhi in 2005. after that he has not been to kashmir. can i see your i.d. card? can you show me your i.d. card? show me. show me your i.d. card?

dad, will you let anyoneinside without checking about them? they don't to knowanything about joel. i hate smart people. show me! i have a message for him. oh no. - oh no. he is faster thani thought he would be. why has he circled the faces? he wants to kill one memberfrom every team.. find out which teamkilled his men. circle means target. hello. - hello.hi, iã­m captain jagdish speaking. intelligence reportssay you are in danger. are you safe? - yes, iã­m okay. are you sure.- yes, iã­m absolutely fine. just be careful, if there's a problem,call me, this is my number. - okay. are you okay? - iã­m just fine. iã­m very safe.

iã­m fine. - if i do have a problem,i'll definitely call you. what is this?everyone he has marked is safe. thatã­s something to worry. if things donã­t happen as expected.. only means heis making another plan. hello. - jagdish, this is amar singh. someone kidnappedmy brother's daughter. what? what are you saying? she had been for joggingearly in the morning..

..someone kidnapped hermaking her into a vehicle. file a complaint at yourpolice station right away. don't be afraid. nothing will happen. tell me, what happened? they know they can't getany information.. ..out of torturing an army man.. ..hence they are kidnappingthe girls from their families. what do they want? to want to find outwhich was that team.

they are threatening them. i'll send you the numbersof those whose faces were circled. call them and find out whichgirl from their family is out. take their numbers andgo to the control room.. ..track the sims and find out in whicharea they are travelling. - okay. yes, brother. where are you?- i am going to designing class. which area? - powai. why? here are the numbers. find out in which areathey are travelling. - okay, sir.

hello, jagdish. my sister had been toyoga class this morning. she hasn't returned yet. her friend said someonepicked her up in a car,.. ..but we had not sent any. jagga, i have been trying to call you. tell me. - one out of the 5numbers has already been deactivated. another number gotdeactivated just now. even i got a call. they've kidnapped anothergirl approximately at the same time.

we might need a massive police force. their families havefiled police complaint. don't mess up things.- tell me your plan. i'll tell you. where did the secondphone get deactivated? it was deactivated in south mumbai,.. 4 kilometers awayfrom where she studies. the first girlã­snumber was deactivated.. soon as she was kidnapped.

they might have removedthe sim card immediately. do one thing,leave to bycula immediately. i'll join you on the way.- listen, jagga. the other three girls are still safe. letã­s warn them notto step out of the house. don't do anything and mess things up. the sleeper cell head isfar more important than the girls. you leave to bycula. hello.

jagdish, my sister went tocollege for a seminar this morning,.. ..she isn't back yet. the fourth girl has also gone missing. just one more is left. at what time? okay. donã­t be worried. if you get a call from them,let me know. the fifth girl hasgone missing too. yes! are you human? you are a sadist!

are you even feeling badthat the girls have gone missing? you are ready to pay any priceto nab the head of the sleeper cells. balaji, try and understand. if we kill the head.. ..there will be no terroristactivities in mumbai for many years. i see, and you are usinginnocent girls as bait? even if they die, it wonã­tmake any difference to you, right? donã­t get emotional. you will not say this if someone fromyour family was kidnapped. - stop it.

as of now, iã­m only concernedabout mumbaiã­s safety. my sister is one of thegirls whoã­ve been kidnapped. he will keep allthe girls in one place. we have to save themand get him as well. instead of ashraf's sister, i sent mysister sanjana there to get kidnapped. where are you?i am going to designing class. go to ibs college right away.. ..and bring my batch mateashraf's sisterã­s scooter from there. why should i bring elseã­s scooter?

just do what i say. - okay. there is 40 percent offsale on jeans and t-shirts. promise me you will buy me. are you mad? come on. you shouldã­vethought about sanjana for once. does anyone do likethis with younger sister? nothing will happen to her. why did you ask her to come here? here, sanjana's veil.

she is wearing maroon coloredtop with embroidery on the sleeves. okay? - okay, go. you search him with the dogand i will come with police force. iã­ll see you. untie them. show the photos one by one. who knows him? he is my brother. go that side.

who is he? is he your brother? yours? - no. show the other photograph. thatã­s my brother. was your brother not among the five? show the group photos one by one. is your brother there in this? him.

that one? - yes. who asked you to bring elseã­s scooter? my brother. tell me.- operation over. we have found the team. one of them has replacedand sent his sister on purpose. we have removed their sim cards. he will never be able to get here.- no, no, no. he is not a fool.

if he can send his sister,he can also get to you. he will get to you.- what are you saying? before he comes, kill that girl. and get out of that place. - okay. all of you get ready.tie up the 4 girls. tie this girl up and bring her here. hurry up! stop. fire!

turn around. he is here. he is killing everyone. there is no need to panic now. i will make you getinto a taxi safely. if the police inquires you.. ..tell them it was very dark.. you couldnã­t seemy face properly, okay. - okay. get in.

ã«operation over.ã­ ã«we have found the team.ã­ ã«one of them has replacedand sent his sister on purpose.ã­ you did it on knew everything. hey, it hurts!- he held a huge knife against me. if you were even a little late,i would be dead. yes, but only because of the risk,i was able to nab him. you should have riskedyour life for that. why me? only policemen and armymen have to take risk..

..and the rest watchnews and pass comments. it shouldã­ve been like this,.. shouldnã­t have been like this.thatã­s it. what would have happened ifhe had slit my throat with the knife? then you would have been dead. had it happened to you,you wouldã­ve realized. sanjana, when some donã­t fear tosacrifice their life to kill people.. ..can't we risk our lifeto save life of so many people? did you see? their leadergot caught because of you.

he is not the leader. someone called himand gave him orders.. ..only then they tried to kill me. mother! sorry. finger cutter. oh sorry, nail cutter. well, why did you come here? you left me half way inthe party thatã­s why i came here. look, donã­t come hereall of a sudden and scare me.

why? - there can be another personpresent with me in this room. sand bag, dumbbells. you also work out. not bad. you know what,i received a forwarded message. 40 calories get burntin one deep kiss. that is equal to 30minutes of speed walking,.. ..20 minutes of swimmingand 10 minutes of skipping.. ..and 5 minutes of..

if you want to be kissed,ask me directly. don't make excuses like forwardedmessage, astrology or feng-shui. you girls first provokeand then you say.. ã«these boys are so mean.they are so cheap.ã­ darn it. by this time, i wouldã­vealready worshipped god in temple. okay bye. - hey. okay, donã­t go. you have come from so far,come close to me. not just 40 calories,..

..let's burn 80 calories. this is not the right place.let's go there. what are you waiting for? close your eyes. eyes closed, lip open. what if you again run away? who is that?- i told you. iã­m sure itã­s mother. oh god! what do we do now? go and open the door first.

i am going to hide in the cupboard. that cupboard's engaged. you get in this one. what is it mom? - why did you..? it's you. did you watch news?- is this on news already? is there cctv camera in the room? stop overacting.i am coming from there. 16 people have died because of you.

all of them were sleeper cells. they lead normal lives. their families are weepingand you say they are not terrorists? this was expected. tell me something. did you find outabout the head of the sleeper cell? you will never see sense. he is not the main guy. the one who givesthe orders is still free. why is he coughing like a woman?

oh no. sorry. come. hi. jagga, don't you have the habit of.. ..keeping clothes orbooks in your cupboard? hi. - hi. are you going tomarry my friend? - yes. shall i give you an advice? sure.- you will be court marshaled. a body was found inandheri west this morning..

..with his fingers chopped,.. also had several injuries. the police believe that he was beatenup severally before being killed. according to police information,the personã­s name is asif ali.. ..who had links with twelve sleepercells who were killed last week. the early investigation confirmedthat he was a terrorist.. ..but who killed him,it is still unknown. he killed him because he couldnã­tacquire any information from him. ..what are his intentionsand why he is not revealing himself.

the news that we received.. he is one amongst the twelveyou are looking for, right? the other big news is,the stock market.. he is a cold blooded murderer. provoke him. think of a new plan. attack suddenly.. that he shows up. show the power of sleeper cells.

you go in, i'll join you.- fine, come soon. letã­s finish the game. i want you.. alive. call your teammate sujith. ask him if he is ininfinity mall, andheri. and tell him there will bea bomb blast in the next 10 seconds. eat soon. it will turn cold. we need to go home.- jagdish, how are you? sujith, where are you? - having foodwith my family. - yes, where?

in infinity mall. why? sujith, there is a bombin that building. get out now. what are you saying?- get out from there immediately. just 5 seconds left. but how?there are so many people here. listen to me, alert everyoneand get out of there immediately. come on, sujith, get out! come on, man, get out!sujith! hello!

so.. how did you like my gift? not just him, i know exactly whereeach one of the remaining eleven are. a sleeper cell isfollowing each one of them. just keep watching. siddarth shetty, leopold cafãˆ. neel mani, mahalakshmi temple. ashraf, crawford market. jigar singh, cinemax theatre. siddarth, juhu beach.

vishal, leelavati hospital. jabbar, fashion street. jagdish, bandra market. sumesh krishna, city mall. harpreet singh, sea link fast foods. surendra, churchgate station. i will take out the next guy now. your teammate jagdishis in bandra market now. in the next 3 seconds, there willbe a bomb blast where he is standing.

1! boom! what happened? did you get scared? nothing has happened to him. i donã­t want to kill him. i need you. okay. okay. donã­t do anything to anyone. i.. i will come.

good. good decision. now, iã­m waiting. who are these people? we only know the namesof those army officers.. ..who died in the borderwars and terror attacks. hi, jagdish.- these are the people.. ..who suffered injuriesfighting for the country. in similar kind of situations,people get promotion in other fields.. ..but in the army and policepeople are awarded with retirement.

jagdish. they are ready. hi, friends. - hi. i have already spokento each of you on the phone. this is the momenti have been waiting for. we are going to executean assignment together. tomorrow morning,.. ..i am going to meet the guywho controls the sleeper cells. i have to go aloneand unarmed to meet him. hence, even before i go to meet him,..

i will insert atracking chip inside me. balaji will track me from the controlroom with the help of the chip.. ..and will update raj of my movements. i have an army chemical with which youcan make any kind of bomb instantly. you will get it by this evening. you should make plasticexplosive using that. and hand it over to raj. balaji will let you know.. ..about my whereabouts and you willhave to bring the bomb there. - okay.

iã­m sure they will takeme to an isolated place. so bring explosivesto that place in a car.. ..and go away from there. - okay. as of now,i don't know why they want me alive. but after 15 minute of memeeting the sleeper cells head.. ..the bomb must explode. along with me, even the headof the sleeper cells should die. smash. after that,all sleeper cells will become..

..coma cells. they will not get anyorders all their lives. itã­s like a..itã­s like a suicide attack. are you out of your mind? you are talking about a suicideattack and they are applauding. he is a very dangerous guy. but, why do you want to die?at least think about your family. who doesn't have a family? when taj was attacked..

..were people able tosay goodbye to their families? hemant karkare and vijay salaskar.. ..died in 20 justminutes after the attack. didn't they have families? look. look at these ex-military officers.. ..who lost their hands and limbsfighting for their country. don't they have families? an army man has no betteropportunity than this.

but you.. even those who want to killthousands of people.. ..are ready to sacrifice their life. then should we back off fromsacrificing our life for the country? i know what i am doing. if you want to do something for me.. ..visit my family sometimesand inquire about their wellbeing. i have two younger sisters. if you are free,..

check on them every now and then. just four days leftfor the engagement. why are you callingit off all of a sudden? no, iã­m not calling it off. let's get engagedthe next time i come. the wedding is only next year. we are only getting engagement now.- yes. letã­s get engaged later. initially, you didnã­t like me.

you then started liking me. have you changed your mind again? i told you once,why donã­t you understand? but.. it wonã­t be easy forme to stay away from you. it will be very difficult. bye. my man is standing close to you. no, thereã­s nobody here.

look to the other side of the road. there is a silver color car, 3525.. drive the car and cometo grovel mall 101, kandivali. park the car there andget in the black car, 7087.. ..and go to bombay stock exchange. what is your name? tell me your name. did you forget?are you dumb? my name is jagdish. - oh, he can talk.

he is not dumb. i will kill you. you have no ideawhy i have summoned you. just wait and watch.. ..what breaking news i will give you. these are the car you have parked. do you know what they have in them? we wonã­t explode the bombs. we will inform the police.

they will get busy investigatingwho the culprit is. and when the policecome in search of you,.. i will kill you and your team. do you know who will getthe credit for defusing the bombs? look here, you will get the answer. joint secretary of defense. you had killed twelve sleeper cells.. ..even that credit will go to him. and then everyone will thinkthat you are a double agent.

he will then get promotedas the next defense secretary. so far, there has beenno sleeper cells in indian army. through him, we'll get a lot ofrecruits for the sleeper cells.. the indian army. and we will do whatever we want. i canã­t die. i have to be alive. sleeper cells in the armywill be like cancer for the country. think jagdish. think. you have to escape from here.

do you have any death wish? what do you say..? any last wish? i want you to killme with your bare hands. i want you to beat me to death. did you hear that? his last wish is thati beat him to death. now, remove the handcuff and hit me. remove the handcuff and hit me.

listen. your boss beat me upwhen my hands were tied. i am asking him to unlockme and he's hesitating. you broke my hand, you haveyour men around, yet you fear me! you coward. you broke my hand,you have so many men with you,.. ..yet you fear to remove the handcuff. this is called fear. jamal, what are you doing? shoot him.

shoot him. he is a tricky guy.listen to me. just shoot him. you can't beat him. remove the handcuff. boss, i'm telling you.they both will die fighting. if you say, i'll shoot him right away. no, don't. listen to me. i said shoot him. shoot him. there is no other way.

just shoot him. drop the weapons. you are such a fool. even if you kill me.. ..details that control thesleeper cells are in that ship.. ã–and their work will never stop. 3! 2! 1! you don't understand, do you? you die in suspense.

had he said he liked thisgirl at the first instance,.. ..we could have got him married. after leaving from here,we will have lunch first and.. it is difficult to make kidsunderstand. - ..and movie too. sir! you will be fine soon.- wonderful couple, sir. do you know something? if they are together today,i am responsible for it. sir, the day we came to mumbai,..

..jagdishã­s fathertook him to show this girl. initially,he refused and then she refused.. ..and when both agreed,an idiot intervened.., everything is just fine. well, how did you help them? you just said an idiothad intervened. - yes. itã­s me. - sorry, sir. hey! what happened to you? the army is truly great!

for another 11 months,.. will be posted in some smallbunker or a snow clad mountain.. ..or in a hot desert,it can be anywhere. you will be lost thinkingof these 40 days. you will look at familyphotos over and over again. salutations to the army.

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