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goku superman titans of power champions of unimaginable might endlessly requested to fight eachother again. he's wiz and i'm boomstick, and it's ourjob to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a death battle.

created by jerry siegel and joe shuster, superman entered the world on the cover ofaction comics number one in 1938. he was the first, and his success paved the way for thesuperhero genre. the man of steel is righteous, courageous, selfless; a perfect boy scout.very inspirational, but man, does it get boring sometimes. siegeland shuster were the sons of jewish-american immigrants and knew firsthand what it was likeliving in a world where they felt

alien. thus; this became the basis ofsuperman's story. you know how it goes: his scientist dad found out his homeworld krypton was getting a bit too explosive, and sent his son off to earth to save him. on earth, superman'skryptonian cells can absorb solar radiation from the yellow sun, giving him awesome strength, speed, durability, flight, and the power to shoot heat from his eyes.which can be large enough to vapourise a planet, or precise enough toperform lobotomies. superman was so powerful, he could carryentire solar systems on his back,

or obliterate them with a sneeze. butover 75 years, superman has changed quite a bitincluding going through two separate reboots which we'll be focusing on today these reboots lessened his insane powernot exactly by altering his abilities but by changing his outlook upondiscovering his alien powers the new superman rejected them unintentionally instilling mentalbarriers on his powers which he would work to unlock through the rest of hislife sorta like when you drink too much anddon't remember the night before

so you can spend a whole day figured outhow you got yourself a dozen kangaroos and married a lamp don't ask and then in 1996 the world changed dragon ball z came to america dragon dragon rock the dragon dragon ball z 12 years prior amangaka or author ofjapanese comics named akira toriyama introduced dragonball the story ofson goku and his quest to become the greatest martial artist in the world nay the universe like superman goku was also sent to earth from a doomed

planet and possessed incredible powers but that'spretty much where their similarities end goku was primarily inspired by themonkey king son wukong from the chinese novel journey to the west if you have any interest in asianculture i highly recommend reading it's inspired far more than justdragonball throw a stone at a shelf of anime and odds are it hitsomething inspired by journey to the west anyway toriyama was smart and knew thatfighting is awesome

so dragon ball took off like a rocket soonerthan you can say power levels are bullshit dragonball became a hit animeand then came to america literally making its own journey to thewest ha and forever changing the childhoods ofmany dragon ball z became the gateway anime to many westerners however since prior anime had verylittle success overseas due to the differences between japanese americancultures the companies responsible for importingdbz understandably feared goku's character might seem a bit selfish andheartless to a western audience

their solution turn goku into superman this decision resulted in some strangemistranslations such as labeling goku's father as a brilliantscientist yeah i don't see it as well as perhaps goku's most famousline which many argue actually conflicts withhis true character i am the hope of the universe i amprotector of the innocent i am the light in the darkness i amtruth ally to good nightmare to you and this is where it all began the nerddebates the internet wars

east versus west which hometown herowould triumph in a brutal fight to the end in 2002 wizards magazine delivered ananswer they deduced goku would win statingthat superman would die to a fall from the moon to the earth a decade later the website outskirtsbattledome launched a dedicated to answering versus matches this time supermanclaimed victory however the chaotic debate careened outof control and eventually became

banned forever the arguments only grew theinternet needed a solid answer that's where we came in however since january 2012 goku andsuperman have continued their adventures superman gained an all-new abilitycalled the super flare which jedersons all the solar energy stored in his bodyessentially turning him into a solar bomb however it leaves him completelydrained of his powers for the next 24 hours as such he will only use the super flare as an ultimate last resort goku obtained a new legendary forcalled super saiyan god

despite being a temporary boost goku'sbody absorbs the godly power essentially making it his new base formthen after mixing its power with his super saiyan ability he became a super saiyan god super saiyan oh come on there had to have been a bettername ultra saiyan master saiyan super ultra combo andfried saiyan anything but that mouthfull these newpowers have naturally rekindled the ultimate debate is thisgodly goku powerful enough to beat or will this just be a repeat of thepast well

let's end this debate once and for all it's time for the rematch of legends its time for a death battle hey superman son goku i've been expecting you ready for a rematch this stops here i'm impressed i actually felt that you haven't seen anything yet!

neither have you with every step an earthquake with every breath i could create a hurricane this is my burden be thankful it is not yours don't get ahead of yourself your not the only one with that kind of power blue hair?

i've seen worse out of my way take this you can take it can't you? your too strong for your own good get off my planet alright, have you had your fun? i would prefer we don't accidentally destroy the earth a second time! no... i will never back down from a fight!

kamehameha i will beat you stop it this is over i'm sorry i believe this is the part where i say i told you so but king kai i don't understand you can't beat him sure i can i'll just train harder than ever no goku

you can overcome any limit put in front of you buthis power has no limit even if you somehow found the power to surpass him you wouldn't haveanything left to aspire to do you truly want that nah sounds boring and path ahead king kai you have anything to eatoutcome i'm trying to make various here one my stomach has limits to you i'll i'd

kayo 10 george's and benchmarks down beforeyou start raided leave here is now known as well rightdoak who is incredibly powerful a steel warrior and a great characterbut superman is on a completely different level one which really doesn't belong inperson match like beets sure due to the writing style dragonballsuper saying god go cuz exact limits are difficult to pinpoint also go tolike me achieve a new form in the future it's just a dream works now it's howevernone of that is really a factor

go ku will always have limits wellsuperman's maximum potential is limitless don't believe us brownstrap and boys and girls let's look at how superman breaks reality i'm de superman was hanging out nearbega the brightest star in the letter constellation for the record that's 25 light yearsfrom earth or 147 trillion miles naturally a crisis occurred on earth sosuperman's for talk everybody jimmy activated signal large calling forsuperman aidid and superman arrived in a matterof minutes

being a comic book the times supermantook getting to earth is unspecified however the comic never mentioned orimplied any warranty time-lapse and he arrived as the battlewas ending even if we seriously low-ball the speed to taking 10 minutes superman would be travelingover $800 trillion miles per hour over a million times the speed of lightbut more impressively jimmy signal what operates by omitting ahigh frequency sound only superman can hear which meanssuperman hurt the signal in the back you must space 25 lightyears away

that is physically impossible except for superman 0 you are impossible how about the time heleft and specter of the ground got literally made up of eternity corner cutting data for you well thenhow about the dime superman lifted up book up invented pages that's right supermanlifted both eternity and infinity low he did have some helpfrom one woman inches annum farewells what happened minuti call infinity

for regardless they have limits on theirown strength so while they were lifting a specific set part for each load superman was lifting everything elsewhich literally means everything else early one-woman showthem to me to be there superman's held the black holes survivedan explosion equal to 50 supernovas lieutenant centeroperates on which is like taking millions noobsrapid-fire head once easily absorbed enough solar energy to vaporize half a galaxy and departed to the wizardsmagazine argument here he is getting

from orbiting the earth with enoughforce to devastate the planet and got nuclear winter ok it stood up moments later more pissedoff than her oh and by the way no no this was pregrazes believe us we know none of this makesany logical sense and garbled these writers just keepmakin superman the most impossibly op guy ever that's kinda what is allabout exactly superman is it just a sketch onpaper he's in ideal superman and go who aremore than just

characters the inspire the show was thebest what we can be calm this is why people get so passionateabout this debate good they appear to be over self-mademan in spirit and personal goals he inspires people to work hard toachieve dreams too many go who is proof that there isno struggle that cannot be overcome and the world of dragon ball fits thismold every obstacle broken faces in dragon ball has a limit he can overtake even those called god's in his universecan be defeated and surpassed and dad is where superman break thismatchup

his world just doesn't fit the same oldsuperman is an all-powerful being who was only week two alien radiation insupernatural magic he is not meant to be related he is not meant to lose wall go to storyis one of a man trying to be the best warrior he can be superman's is the story about god tryingto live amongst man it's not about if he loses a fight but whether or not he's doing the rightthe that's what he stands for truth justiceand freedom that's why he doesn't wear a

mask thats why he's called the superman got there have some questions so let'snot remember the park right now technically it go good find a way todraw energy across multiverse is his spirit bomb could possibly achievethe kind of limitless power to match superman but not only with that takingway too long to charge providing superman with plenty of time to killingthousands of times over the spirit bomb does not hurt anyonepure of heart like superman ii counted you don't haveany evil in you

will be okay silvers and got super z was about on par with golden brienzawhen asked about golden breezes power level at a panel breezes boy sector 76 freezing weathernice guy it's probably one hundred quintillionwhich is a pun because power levels are nothing morethan a big joke superman has been beaten in battle before when he was still learning sayingsuperman should lose because you lost a doomsday

is the equivalent of saying go youshould lose because he was one shot by raditz we are looking at these characters attheir maximum potential not from some random point theirtimelines go you may have defined he now but it's still gene not magic key maybespiritual in nature but it's still a natural sources livingenergy even superman possesses in fact dragonball emphasizes a cleardifference between key and match have no good destroyed us under the planet hecan't survive in the vacuum of space superman janet going to apply to anotheryellow sun

or even a blue one which puts in hourseven faster ultimately go kupres is superman comes down to adifferent level limits and purpose what happens when you put a man with thepower to break any limits against the being with no limits in the first place well only one has limits to give it all but that's exactly what makes him such amemorable character think about it and we'll have to gothrough that was a powerful and superman when you even want him the winner is superman fucking superman

next time on death battle everybody i'm shouted legalistic i'mbadly with and they you guys so much for watching theepisode you can do it she just like and subscribe worked really hard on thisone especially like i over there in amandatory takeover is we like 24/7 has always been done image anyway worksreally hard are you guys you because you're the episode water plant is paid for it but next timeknuckles is next but

who's it gonna be facing if i know forsticking to our social media at sru attack on twitter & official essay onfacebook that to go like drive reluctance to will see as anexcellent thanks for watching good

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