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because you're running in a death, do not be afraid; you're with english at first it was created three beings man was created from mud angels were created from light and for the third, made of fire ... called "genie" the third creature is given the freedom to control the world for thousands of years

but when the man was given dominion over the earth a group of jinn, known as siatinii filled with envy, believe that they are the children of adam as a creature that savage for centuries, siatinii sit and wait but there are some who watch the other being sworn to protect and uphold the righteous man is because darkness never there to eliminate this world humans forget - that before now has never been a genie it's time now to remember

india, 1901 o allah, protect me from satan, the accursed. with menyeut name of the merciful and compassionate. accursed devil, you've got something that is not yours. and i'm here to get it back. your body can stop it; your soul is dead. give her back. god, protect me from satan, the accursed.

i buried his body in the name of my enemies. his body was in the ground now give her back and i leave you alone. you know i just want the girl. jehangir...! already you're thinking that i had been trapped? o allah, protect me from satan, the damned ... god who do you, man! listen to my words:

i'll hunt the kids one by one, generation after generation, and i will kill you! bastard ... djinn ann arbor, michigan hi, i am looking for a man named "amen" no, you have the wrong address; walker's family. so, walker; sorry - i had a long and difficult prjlanan.

not required. okay ... thank you! - i think you've got a birthday gift. - it's a birthday to me! someone thought, so beautiful ... - god, who's that wrapped? - no name, no address ... actually you do not have to deal with. - well. - very strange. happy birthday, shan it was really weird. a video ...?

canton kotor? i sell a vcr, how to see it? - i had a vcr in the office. - of course you who make ... no, not anymore ...! dinner! - you can not laugh at all. - okay, i'm sorry. let me take you to dinner let me take you out. how can i do it again ...? i would perbaiki..ehhhh sdh it there for two days; a bit scary. but this might be a problem statues, hewn out of cardboard.

shawn...? do you hear me, baby? hello...? sweet? are you okay? well, you're safe. i saw a fire on the roof. i heard my mother. who's with you?

who is it ...? gabriel... thank you god! - think of something earlier tonight. - message delivered. - thank you, gabriel. - no need to thank you, ali. it is important for all of us. you're right. pray and believe as well. jas, he heard how many orders i received this week george told me that i was able to start designing

and the best is that the salary i grow. like george ... so ... do you remember what we talked about last week. i think i'm ready, i think it's time. they are ... dear ...?

them? - are you okay ,? - yes. i'm fine. what is wrong? i have something i want to tell you but ... do not know how whatever it is, to heal, whatever will always be done. i could not get pregnant, shawn. what did you say ...? i say impossible. could not have children.

how long have you sdh know? for some time. i know that i have to tell you, but ... i'm afraid, if you know ... you dear to me ... and i do not want to lie ... shawn if you see this now means that we are not a very long time bo i'm very sorry for that

because it means you grew up like me: without a father .. but we do not have a long period of time and you have to listen with caution. everything i do and everything i'm doing i have created to protect you and your mother are you - do not ever forget that will begin strange things happen pdmu as has happened to me strange things, i do not know what shawn it is not true and it can be very nasty

if you amenemukan this recording, means that you are my friend find them learn everything you need to learn and become stronger you have the ability, shawn also, as i do myself but if you see me now, meant that i was not strong enough but maybe you could . you are here

hello, friend, how are you? i get toy thank you i love you i gave you at your last birthday i love you, shawn ... and i do not know if you remember my face or if you remember who they are but your father talk to you., shawn and tell you to fight it

to counter the power of the past for all i miss you ... happy birthday, shawn and successful hey dear - i go. see recording and ... to say. sorry. to ... you call me back, okay?

jasmine! jas! dear, can you hear me? reply, dear! jas! where are you, dear? dear ...? jas, are you here? dear! 911, what daruratmu wife i missing? i need the police here immediately. please! in summary: actually lose anything, and you've seen your wife a few days ago? and pendptmu you're not clear, right? i'm angry meriaknya. i'm going.

dia istrimu? god ... shawn! jasmine... i think something happened, i kept calling ... i ... i went for a walk. i go home, you do not, i do not see it, i'm afraid. - i'm sorry, gentlemen ... - no problem. or some drinks cã£ministi, not expensive, right?

all right. - goodnight. - thank you. - are you okay? - yes, i ... - i left the door open? - do not. no, it is locked; i sepertibjejak entry paksa- i do not know. i do not know. - do you need the service tonight? - yes. so i feel. here sat a moment. shawn, you know that i love you more than anything in the world inni.

- i love you, dear. - and ... your happiness is my happiness. even if it means ... are you happy with someone else ... - jas ... - no, shawn ... you want a family! and rules. you will have ... gk i want to take you right to it.

so we ... i was really ready to let you go. i love you. - i know ... - always ... you. and just you. sorry ... them. - jas! - syg ...?

here. - here. - are you okay? see. i have come to take me orange juice, do not know what happened, syg. do not know what happened. i mendpatkan them all back! shawn... come on. grab your stuff! get out of here! hello? are you okay

who is calling? go to the cathedral road long lake i do not have time. go there soon the ... aku gabriel. do not worry, you're safe here no one could reach you. how? no one could touch us here? how do you know who we are? you can tell me, what happened?

keep up the church, please. sucã£reste is a big thing. tell us, please, what happened? - have you seen the footage? - yes. wait: how do you know that? i kept it for years. - yes, but i do not believe i'm one of them. - then why are you here? - i do not know. - you know. instinct has brought you here. but they can not help you if you do not prcaya. what to believe?

you must know the fight. as you opponent. good; how did you do that? jas, tell me how most people would describe what happened? magic. a basic magic tricks. - ghosts, i know? - ghost ...? ghosts, demons, evil spirits ... area there. something the other hand: the only answer to everything can not be explained. you see ... originally ... made three creatures.

man of mud angel of light for the third one made of fire called "jinn". one's why you came here. seriously? sorry ... but it was crazy. if that were true, how ever heard of them? prnh you read tora shaawn "law" as some call org. the old testament. le mentions the prophet ezekiel. "and in the midst of the fire i saw a human-like animals."

"their appearance such as the burning of coal shining lights." "animals running forward and back in a flash." there's more. jin was here first. and some of them back to the world. 'they jealous because our imagination. our exceptional capacity to create. why do we hunt on nov. 2? there is a prophecy among the jinn. few of us know it. tahu kakekmu.

you're part of the prophecy. and they are afraid of you. it's crazy, shawn. come on out. shawn, we can fight them. you have to listen to us. yeah, well ... not exactly the kind of help i hope expected. here. if you get into trouble, use.

good, thank you. tomatoes can be cut with this. do not forget: you stay away from any wall of the house of god okay, thank you. ask walker about father westhoff. - what would you say? - ask about me walker. ibu, proof! aku shawn, thatch. your father ... he died, shawn. rekman was made 25 years ago.

and say things that make no sense. then we went and we met two people ... we say that we are in great danger and many other impurities sounds. shawn, syng, i do not understand: what are you talking about now? strange things happen, mother, and ... do not know somehow this is not a hoax, whether to believe it or not .. - what are the things that weird? - we have seen it in the house damaged. - what? - we watched it from the other apartments. box appeared out of nowhere and tells us that it's all true and ...

- a hunting us. - what are you after? i do not know ... "jin". what is? - do you know what it is? - do not. but the priest who set you adopt ... we promise to put you that you always wear a necklace and it is something with the verse and jin i do not know ... i always thought that some talisman, or ... - all edge? - westhoff.

padre westhoff. shawn! do not go, please! syg, my dad told me to find people who can help me. if what i say is true, i do not have time to discuss. but i can run! syg, we can hide it! - you know i'm not the type to hide. - shawn! please do not leave me. i will never leave. i know.

we miss you, something important. i tahu.tapi we can not continue to obey his will. should appear when the child is born. sprti not what i expect might want to end the blood line. i pray that is not the line of shawn - 2 november we were wrong all along. - we have not cheated, gabriel. if you do not believe it will die. adam will be on his knees, spirits will rise, and the world will be ours again.

matter what shape i'll be back i'm not going to stop. but you have to die ... you say that ... would fear me. there does not appear thematically. they are afraid of what might terjdi pdamu. what do you mean "what could happen to me"? there is a prophecy in the text called "scrolls spirits". have gone a long time. but the battle between humans and spirits

someone will rise stronger than all of them. and will lead the world in the era of glory. do you think relate to me? i shawn! di us away? out of the house, shawn! whatever you hear, jngn entered the house. i love you. i retrieving out of the house! shawn.

- are you sleeping? - sleeping with the dream alive. i want to sleep, but now we press time. should get other answers. and one person can help. there is a group called jinn siatinii, satan worshipers. siatinii very strong. even another genie fear them. if you're so powerful, how to counter them? people who are strong in the will, heart and mind i can feel. the last person to fight them, and the hottest ...

i can destroy. but last lived a hundred years ago. jehangir amin, grandfather. trying to save a girl who has taken siatin siatin pursue you. - fast car reply. - and as nec. but perhaps surpass jin? - i came to ali amin, room 413. - hand here. it's here, raise your hand. okay, all right. follow me, gentlemen.

ayo, shawn. it is hard to believe that people who can help him find jasmine here. appearances can be deceiving. hey, how are you dealing with the pen? magnet. so, gentlemen here. follow me. remember, it is dangerous. afraid to disturb other patients, should make it isolated.

here, in the end, really. close the door if needed. show exactly like his father. closer. rules. sat. see through my eyes. i will hunt children, one by one, us

indicate exactly like his father if you do not believe, you're dead there kekuatn but i do not have much time listen to me very carefully . what i do ... i have diciptkn to protect you and your mother you there are strange things shawn ... it's in your blood, shawn, as i do myself .

you know that i love you more than anything in the world jasmine battery ... your happiness is my happiness. .. you want a family ... i want to bring you to keep it just that ... why be afraid? ... listen closely ... do you understand now? have you heard the heartbeat?

he came come after you because you have a baby. some of them can be seen, like what i see. and they came, from generation to generation find prophesied. this is not the father, waiting to see if the child was one of him. there are only a few lines of blood world that can fulfill the prophecy. no ... not possible. she said that she could not have children. he does not realize ... but make no mistake.

bring your son. how long are you going to lose? boy must provide proof! must pass the chilla proof? proof of what? see what i see. feel ... what i feel. - where am i? - in a reminder ... ancestor.

- it seems so real ... - because. in your mind. this world has only one dimension. and you have to move through them to pass the chilla . so i hrus try? do not allow fear to include you. if you do, you will end up like me. i have failed i chilla . i thought i was allowed to enter. and then i continued to torment him. because i tried to stop them.

to make you stop? for you to go. karena, shawn ... i am also a son jehangir. uncle you. - why did not anyone tell me? - krna he not want someone to see it so. her father died here since the parents wait ... as jasmine ...? children?

a. you have to come here, to merasakn themselves. dan chilla liver ... passable kau gagal? can not fail. we listened. flee! get out of here! are you going to hell, either! datang! flee... flee... come on!

flee, flee! lihat, shawn! get out of here soon, shawn! do not stop, go! listen: jngn come back, no matter what you see. run now! go to the car! go! sialan, allah! sial! go ...

"for we wrestle not against flesh and blood" "but against the rulers of the darkness of this world". "therefore take up the whole armor of god" "so that you can stand in the evil day, and beat them all" ... "berdiri". father, what is it? gabriel, like a genie, one of the few humans before. who do you think you ktika brought to me when the old man you killed?

between the two options you now. you can stay away from the walls of the church, or they can end. - how to end? - you go away. chilla lets you get close enough to siatini to exploit weaknesses. chilla is a window into their world. you can walk where he walked, see what they see, do what they do. do you have a knife? metal blade melted in the fire spirits

some are - as a pendant necklace from you. do not fully in our dimension ?. but it can cut into it. but until you can handle it well, you need to get chilla . chilla try. physical effort, mental and spiritual. fear. a unique fears find you.

because the sun rises within you. from your own memories ... from your own gloomy thoughts. no one, not even me, we can not prepare for what you will encounter. but there are some things that can help. kneel in both knees. are you going to have the water of zamzam. holy water from mecca, which saved the son of abraham.

strength, which is given to man, and diluted to destroy the creatures of fire. for siatini jin, is like poison. reading passages jin can weaken and even freeze. after reading the verse, just as i taught you that will start chilla . then what? and they will come. find a quiet place to think you're not wrong. do not lose focus even for a moment. they will use anything to bring fear to prevent you you will end chilla .

for siatini jin, they are just weak minded bodies. but for those who gain a higher understanding ... they are afraid. if you wake up in the chilla with sane, you'll know what to do next. damn ... i know you do not want to do that. so what would mmbuatmu leave us alone? i know you do not want to do that. so why would you leave us alone?

no. i will never leave you alone. i will hunt judgment day when the world will be ours again! run! o god keep me from the temptation of jinns damned. shawn? hear? do not ... god, please tell me you have not started. shawn darling, i fled.

parents westhoff brta me where you are - do not have to do that. please, shawn - far too strong for you. something will come. look at me, baby! look into my eyes - this is not the test. please, look at me! o god, come ...! please, shawn, they will kill us! help me ... shawn, look at me ...

look at me! you're a coward ... just like your father. look what you did to your son. look ... why is this? but why did you do it? everyone loved ones die ... and, like in the beginning ...

just me. i'm always with you. i always knew what could happen to you. we will be able to offer more things. you could be king ... with a thousand heirs. jasmine thousand. i want only one. mine.

so where is it? approaching the war, shawn. and no man or jinn i could not stop. probably not. but i want to stop you you're out of the circle you. and you come to play. but the ... tonight, no.

chilla ends me now. and tonight ... and you will all fall. you'll never get rid of me. compete and see jin. i show no mercy, i give strength ... now i give you death! come on, catch me. ya allah, then this person, please.

me, i'm going to do the job, are you doing it for yourself. come to life and help me, dear. come on, he may not like us. come on, dad, shows what you know! you want me - did not come. come on, baby ... calm yourself. this battle between the master and the boy. i'm used to fight a lot of you over the years. want to play?

let's put an end to. indah, westhoff... o god keep me from the temptation of jinns damned! now, shawn! cepat, shawn! give them! to see you! come on! or! o god keep me from the temptation of jinns damned !!

dad? wake up ... ! children jehangir ... did you make one enemy demons do not make us enemies mnjd. you have the power ... but you're not an angel ... dimana istria home well who's next?

where? where is my wife? where is ...? them ...? dear? i'm coming. there you ... unfortunately. dear. he has to get it, huh?

his job is to protect you and your daughter you. whatever the price. if you knew that we were hiding, and he knows it. a year later all ready! - thank you, uncle; what should i do? - give it to me. - a new recipe? - in fact, an old one. my brother knows this. - this is the dessert for later. - all delicious!

but not as sweet as you, my little niece! well - thank you. you're an angel, you see. look at you ... so, you have to show how to do it. i do not think little shawn liked the idea of ​​her mother's cooking. what's so funny? i'm learning. you do not get any flavor. angel i ... - i'll take. - i'll take. do not take the father.

the purpose of the final scenes after all rolling translation :. akmal believe you dropped it. it used to ... meeting with death makes you think. you know, you'll meningglkan christian ?. the point is ... that there is something wrong. something that i was left to die. nothing strange about it; i see in my work all the time. i do not.

keeping you him, the boy ... since he was a kid, without him knowing. do not you think you're keeping someone? hard to believe. that's why we call it a "miracle". it is a symbol of good, huh? yes, it is. whether you win, gabriel. alhamdulillah

i've forgotten ... now you'll remember. and learn about the genie ... we will meet you.

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