Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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39.38 meters. you are not concentratingon practice shiva. and prakash practicesfor 12 hours a day. if this goes on thenprakash will definitely win! forget about practice,we will see in the finals. let me participate first. find out where prakash lives.- okay. look there, divya. who is this boy and whatis divya talking to him about?

he has been chasing herfrom the day she joined college. you have said "i loveyou" to her a 100 times.. ..and she has rejected you 200 times! forget about her,can we concentrate on prakash. we will deal with prakash later on. let's deal with him first. -shiva! what were you doing with her? i was exchanging notes.-notes? you were exchanging notes!?

will you do it now? get lost. and why were you speaking to him?what is he to you? whether you like it or not,you're only mine! i will finish anybodywho comes near you. if you marry anybody,it will be me and only me. 18 of may is an auspicious time. gautam and divya should getmarried on this auspicious day. if they get married at 12.13 hrs. then they will have a happy life.

this is no ordinary ring. it is the pride of the family. i am handing this over to you,take care of it. divya, is this an engagement ring?it's very pretty. wow, you got engagedand didn't even tell us. shiva goes mad if ieven talk to any other boy. i don't know what he willdo if he finds out that i am engaged. shiva's coming. -what? divya! looks like you haven'tgot to know me in so many years.

you thought i will getangry if you got engaged? it's not like that, do you think iwill harm anybody if you got engaged? i will kill you. shiva, i have told you so many times,that i don't like you. it's good to know thateven you don't like me. if you loved me with all your heart.. would never think of harming me. you would not be harassingme or threatening to kill me. this is not love, its hooliganism.forget about me.

never, i can never forget you. you are only mine. give me that ring. no. no, shiva! leave it! this is my engagement ring, shiva! no, no. shiva! i looked everywhere,but could not find the ring. it's very late now, go home.

should i drop you?-i cannot go home like this. it was a very expensive ring. my mother-in-law askedme to take good care of it. don't worry, i will work throughthe night and find your ring. listen to me and go home now. it's not good to be here so late. your family must beworrying about you, go. sister. -rahul! what happened? why are you crying?

what happened? how did this happen? -rahul! come on boys, another round. rahul! -come on, come on. where is shiva? -there he is! do you know what he has done!he's lost my sister's ring. he won't leave fromhere until he finds it. if anybody comes in between,i will kill you. where is the ring?you threw it, now find it.

find it! i don't know where it is! you raised your hand on my sister!i won't spare you. i will bury you aliveif you don't find that ring. look for it! find it you dog!why have you stopped? find it! find out the ring. look where is it. find out, in whole ground. how dare you raiseyour hand on my sister.

what happened to him?-please, save him doctor. a lot of blood has been lost. come on, hurry up. hey! come on. what are you doing commissioner? he is being treated, please! you cannot behave like this with him. commissioner! he is my patient. for you he is only a patient!

but he is my son. stupid boy, i brought you up so well! look what you've done to yourself! you have become a hooligan! you have committed somany crimes misusing my name. that's it, not any more.i have no relation with you anymore. i don't have any son. do what youplease. if you want to die, go die! and yes,now i will only meet you, when.. have reformed yourselfcompletely. good bye.

shiva, the auspicious time has gone. divya is married now. all the hostels will be closednow that the exams have finished. i have heard that rahulwill be flying home. if we don't catch him now,we never will. he should not boardthat flight today! he should only beboarding an ambulance! how are you harshad? -hi ravi. hi, how are you? -i'm fine.

good, how did the exams go? -good. ok! where is rahul?-in his room. why do you ask? nothing, he is leaving forhyderabad so i came to see him off. ok, he is upstairs. harshad! - yes. what's his room number?-125. thanks. shit! come on out. ashish you come too.

sachin, come soon. ravi has brought someboys to beat up rahul. to the hostel?-yes, here in the hostel. how many boys? -10 at least. come let's go and see.rahul is going to be beaten up! this occasion has come aftera long time. let's see it first hand. you make a video, ok. 125! rahul, come on out. open the door. will youopen or should i break the door?

come on out. break the door. he has left this world evenbefore we laid our hands on him! this is a little too much,we did not come to kill him. what should we do now?let's call the police. ravi, his feet are moving.that means he is still alive. take him down. take him down.- bring chair fast. keep here. open the ropes. hurry up. - hurry up.

hurry up. take him down. careful! -rahul! rahul, open your eyes. rahul. - give me water. he must have reachedand started beating him up! move out of the way. move out of the way.- hurry. have you called the ambulance?-hurry up. hurry. careful!

hurry. careful! come on. hurry! you said he was going to bebeaten up! look he's taking a ride! riding on four shoulders alive! disturbed my sleep,i had such nice dreams! hurry up,i'm getting late for the party. don't worry, i will take care! hurry up boys, only 5 minutes left. come on. fast! fast! -come on.

he's just acting, throw the bed down! you think you're too smart?-beat him! wait! wait!you can beat up whoever you want to. and save whoever you want to.that's ok? i was killing myself.did you ask me before you saved me? why don't you decideamongst yourselves.. ..whether you wantto beat me or save me! we will beat you! we have decided,we won't spare your life!

you're sure? -yes, sure! if your decision changes now,i won't spare you'll. ok, come on, start beating minute. i have a last wish before dying.-what is that? who broke open thedoor to save me? - why? i just want to give him a tight hug. i want to say thank youto him and then go to heave. it was me rahul. mantish?!you turned out to be my real friend.

you have saved my life.thank you brother! what happened? -i was thefirst one to see that you were alive. i'm the one who saved your life. really? -yes! so it was you? if you hadn'tseen that i would have died. i love you my are god incarnate! my real friend. -i was the onewho took off the rope from your neck. don't be too sentimental.i remember something else. somebody was talkingabout calling the ambulance.

his voice is still echoing in my ears. who is that large hearted man?tell me. who was it? you or you? -it was me! who was it? -it was me rahul. don't joke! -rahul! i was the one who saidwe should call for an ambulance. he is just fibbing! - i swear. why don't you'll tell him itwas me! - he told us brother. raja! - yes.

your heart is as deep as the sea. you worked so hard tosave the life of your enemy! you are great. learn! learn something from him. this is called friendship.why are we here? i should get beaten up and you wouldlook and laugh! whose plan was that? who was? - leave him. we are all one? you can'traise your hands on your own people. come close, give me a hug.

i love you friends! hi shiv. -hi, how are you? fine! -should we go and dance? how can anybody be so late? hi, guys. hi, hi. come on lets go.-stop, stop, stags not allowed. there is board stating that.-really? hi guys! -hi. let's go. - come guys.

i'm ok, sir. - let's go. can you that? -what is it? what a beauty? she looks amazing. look at your sister-in-law. she is looking beautiful. go ask her what her name is. what is your name? she has some good tattoos. go see, my name shouldalso be written somewhere.

go ahead a little. oh this auto. look the auto is going ahead. take the car out. what are you doing? take the car out. hello? -mumma? what happened?-i am ready for marriage. look for a boy and get me married now. what are you saying?

there is a huge posterof mds jewellers. the bangles are so beautiful. i will marry whoeverbuys these bangles for me. don't do anything like that.goes mad when she sees bangles! i will buy them for you, ok. sure mom? -yes ok, thanks.the idea of marriage is cancelled. ok, bye. - bye. stupid girl, mad about bangles.

will you marry me ifi buy you those bangles? oh, its fallen! don't worry. oh! baby! oh no. go, go! give it. oh no! come on, hurry, hurry.

oh, its the cap. thank you. passengers travellingto calcutta on flight no.nh303 please proceed towards security check. excuse me maam. -yes. is that yours?- oh! thank you so much. my pleasure. excuse me maam,your money just fell down. oh, thank you.-you're welcome!

thank you.-yes, it's all your money. thank you very much. how may i help you maam?- i want one veg sandwich. and one coffee. - sure madam. 130 rupees maam.- yes. thank you maam. listen, boss. come here.- yes. what is this? -paneer sandwich. oh, paneer sandwich!i love paneer sandwich. pack 5 pieces.

anything else sir? what is this?-chocolate cookie. oh chocolate cookie, so yummy.pack 5 pieces. anything else? what is this? -this is cake. is cake something to eat?-its tasty sir. ok, give me one then.- okay sir. do you have anythingelse fresh inside? my lunchbox sir!

lunchbox? no you eat that! hello, who's speaking?-don't you recognise your mother? oh, it's your mom!sorry, i didn't see your number. i am at the airport.-are you forgetting something? my memory is perfect mom,you tell me what have i forgotten? simran deliveredthis morning in delhi.. ..and i had told you to goand meet her. have you met her? yes, i met her.-you went there? yes, mother, i went there.-is it a boy or a girl?

it's a girl mom, very pretty. oh, is she that pretty.-yes, you can't even imagine! what does she look like?takes after her mother or father? whether she looks like her mom or dad,i don't know.. ..but what a complexion! excuse me, return my change please. and her eyes? so black that you feellike drowning in them. that means, she is very beautiful!

not beautiful mom, she is amazing. i have never seen agirl like her in my life. ok. i hope she is health.what is her weight? i can only tell her exactweight when i carry her in my arms. thank you. -what are you saying? wait here,i will go and bring a newspaper. where did she go? all passengers travelling on indigo.. ..are requested toproceed to gate no.6.

hi! oh my gosh! ladies and gentlemen, passengersflying on flight no.110 to hyderabad.. ..kindly note that the flighthas been delayed by 30 minutes. inconvenience is regretted.thank you. may i see your boarding pass? oh god, i have never askedyou for anything until now. this is my first and last wish, god! this seat is empty and so is my heart.

please have her seated here god. please, please. thank you god! thank you god, for listening to're great. you're the best.thank you. god is great. no, i cannot sit near him. please give me another seat.i will sit anywhere else. there is no other place inthe entire plane! -i'm sorry maam. wish me good luck god. come!

uncle? -yes? please put this bag inside. yes, give it to me. thank you. thank you. you're going to hyderabad? no, i'm going to raipur! idiot! hi! i'm rahul. i know. -how!

in college, all strangethings were called "rahul". really? is it? wow! tell me how? have you become "rahul"? are you a human being or "rahul"? is you computer affected by "rahul"? use anti-"rahul" software. ok, understood. tell me what is your name?

you think i'm rahul? you crab, sleep peacefully! yes, sir? -hi. can you please bringme two lemons? -why? i am allergic to take-offs.the last time there was a take-off.. ..i vomited on the passengersitting next to me. because my stomachwas full so i vomited. nobody should be inconvenienced! so, please. - ok, sir.

yeah, thanks. sir! -oh, thank you. don't worry,i will try my best not to vomit. listen, please massagemy hand a little. no way! please do it otherwise i will vomit. never mind, be ready then. i know i am very handsome. but, touching me likethis in front of everyone!

what will people say?think about my prestige! thanks! -idiot! same to you. today's forecast!how will this week be for you! you will meet a girlat the airport! oh! she will sit besideyou on the flight. oh god! she is the queen of your dreams! these guys are amazing,i wish this turns out to be true. how to woo a girl in 30 minutes.

writer devdas' new novel. i have to buy this bookand try it on some girl. eve teasing is a crime. the person caught teasingwas sent to jail for 6 months. the boy caught saidhe was ready to go.. the colonial jailin andaman & nicobar for her.. what was jail compared to that! i wish this flightcrashes and he falls out. ladies and gentlemen,this is your captain speaking.

there are some difficultiesdue to the bad weather. the hyderabad runway hasbeen closed due to heavy rains. there will be anemergency landing in goa. we regret the inconvenience caused. please bear with. thank you. oh god! what happened? do youwant to take down your luggage? thanks uncle, thank you so much.-one minute. here you go.

thank you. -welcome. due to heavy rains, all flightsgoing to hyderabad are cancelled. flights towards hyderabadare diverted to.. ..other airports across india. inconvenience is regretted. what? the flight has landed? wait for me, i'm coming. yes, come!come straight to the goa airport! what! goa! why goa?

is it raining there? yes, it's raining hard since morning. yes, the runway has beenclosed because of that rain. there has been anemergency landing in goa. don't come to the airport. i will phone you beforei board the flight. if you're in goa, then..-mom, i'll call you back. how can i help you maam? my phone and wallet gotleft behind on the flight.

please let me go inside and get them. maam, i'm sorry, it's not possible. i cannot help you at this time. you can take it whenyou re-board the flight. important announcement. flights going to hyderabad have beenpostponed until further announcements. due to heavy rains, hyderabad airporthas been shut down. -here take this. i heard you speakingto the air hostess. take this and call home.

if you don't call them,they will reach the airport. and then they will be tense,that is not good. ok, i'm sorry. whatever idid was just to tease you. all in fun. i'm sorry if you were take this. please! save your number in this. i will start teasing youas soon as we reach hyderabad. you thought i was well mannered,but its not like that at all.

hey, i was just kidding, only joking. i swear, just and talk to them. see whose phone is it? it's an unknown number. hello, who is it? -guess who. priya! where are you? do you know how longi've been trying to call you? my phone got left behindon the aircraft, it's a long story. the flight had to landin goa due to bad weather.

ok. when will you reach here? i don't know, it will take some time. come soon, i'm waiting to see you. i also want to meet you soon. i will call you beforethe flight takes off. okay, priya. whose phone number is this? there is somebody! -yes, tell me. it's a co-passenger's phone.

who is? one idiot! idiot!-yes, a big idiot! ok, but what does he look like? he's young, but picks people'sbrain with his talking. hello. ok, i will call later. ok, bye. -ok, bye. take care. -take care.

stupid. - i pick people's brains!i am an idiot! here, cigarette? i am so happy,priya is coming home after 3 years. this rain is not stopping! shiva, your dad is calling. shiva. hello, papa? -shiva, it's me. the landline is not working,so i am using your dad's phone. how are you? has priya reached?

no mom, priya's flightis a little late. don't worry, she will come. ok, son. how is geeta? what can i say mom? i am notsad because i don't have any child.. is sad that dad is not with us. i haven't seen you in three years. is dad still angry with me? you came like guests toyour own daughter's wedding. priya is coming after so many years.why don't both you also come?

i want to see all of us together. it's only a matter of 3 days.please mom. come and see for yourselfwhether i have changed. don't worry, i will cajoleyour father and bring him there. ok! bye son. what is this ?make some coffee at least. make it yourself !-why are you so angry ? i am not angry.. have been angrywith your son since 3 years.

you haven't even seen him ! what is our daughter-in-law's fault ?let's go and see her ! you wanted that shiva should change.. ..that he should become a goodhuman being. then we should go there. we should see for ourselveswhether he has changed. please, let's go to shiva. vijay! sir. book two tickets forhyderabad for saturday.

are you happy now ?can i get some coffee then ? yes, making some. 121 is arriving at gate no.1. passengers are requested to collecttheir baggage from belt no.3. hello, madam, that's my cap. this is my cap. no way ! -in every way that's my cap. really ! it's my favourite cap. look my name "rahul"is written underneath.

see there is a labelwith room no.125. look. look. "rahul, 125" it's my cap. means, it was you there. where ? are you the one ? -who ? tell me ? -nothing. thank you. i lost my capwhile coming to the airport. you are very fond ofpicking up fallen things.

that's exactly what i was me that bag. why my bag ? - i had also lostmy bottle of coke while coming here. maybe you have pickedup that as well. show me. i'm priya.- hello priya, this is rahul. your name sounds very familiar. yes, there is an anti-"rahul"software in the market ! the same rahul ! priya, your coffee. -thanks. so you're going to hyderabadto meet your brother.

do you love him a lot ?-yes, a lot. passengers, please note thatthe hyderabad runway is still closed. there will therefore, be a delay. arrangements for food are being made. you know what.. goa. 3 times.-ok ! you've been here 3 times ! plans were made andcancelled all 3 times. and now the 4th time,i am sitting at the goa airport.. ..and cannot go outside.

aye, priya, cheer up. this time you will see goa,all because of this dashing boy. his name is rahul ! what are you going to do ?-for the time being a call ! i feel like going forthe wedding myself. - hello. what are you doing hero ? you asking me what i'm doing ! i know you are a wicked guy. i'm getting married in two hours time.

i called you, sent you an sms,sent the invitation on the email.. ..and you still forgot ! - oh shit ! shameless !i am ashamed of calling you my friend. what is the date today ? - 14th. which month ? -september !should i tell you the year too ? no, no, no. shit ! what happened ?-now delete my number ! be quiet ! i'm the onewho should be angry with you. are you only going toinvite people for the wedding..

..or are you going to send someoneto the airport to pick them up ? what did you say ?you've come to goa ? of course ! what did you thinkmy hyderabad flight got diverted ? wait for 6 minutes,i'll send a car in 10 minutes. put the phone downand send the car. oh god ! i forgot all about his wedding. if it was jaya aunty,she would have killed me. thank god ! ok, priya, come on, we haveto go to a wedding. - a wedding ? i have to go to the wedding,you will get bored sitting here.

and the goa weddings area celebration, free alcohol ! i don't drink. but you can drink as much as you want,up to you. your plan of seeinggoa for the 4th time.. going to bea big hit because of me. i promise you a wonderful time in goa. and best behaviour, i promise you.come on lets go. trust me, come on. come on.

ok. come. priya, have fun.just enjoy yourself. rahul, my life ! you've come ! thanks friend. - get lost. now what happened ?-wish you a very happy married life. thanks friend. - bye, i'll leave. what is this ? you haven'teven seen the bride's face. and you talk about going ?-don't talk to me.

you thought i forgot your wedding ! saw priya ! we faced so manyproblems just to come to his wedding. can i ever forget his wedding ? how can he say that to me priya ? forgive me now rahul. you don't know, a bomb wentoff in my heart because of this. i beg of you, don't be angry. i am so sorry, rahul. - ok. it's your weddingtoday so i forgive you.

come on, let's go inside.-there is no need. go. go back. how are you jaya aunty ? -leave it. it's been so long. what did you think,i got taken in with your talk ? go, go. go back,what are you waiting for. aunty, you're telling me to go !? i have come here for you, not for him. one should learn theart of polishing from you.

he will never reform.-why should i reform ? who is this girl ? this is my wife priya.-what ! your wife ?! you got married ! take her inside. she is very pretty. how did you get married so suddenly ? god bless you. how pretty. i hope myevil eye will not affect her. i still can't believe it.-yes, even she cannot believe it.

look how shocked she is ! you should have told me at least ! i haven't even told my mom. - what !? aunty, please why don't you tell her. priya, don't worry,aunty will support us fully. ok aunty ? now i understood,why you brought her here. i know you so well. -aunty ! why are you standing in the sun ?let's go.

come, come. look, this is rahul's wife. aunty, one minute,i need to speak to rahul. ok. -there is so much to be done. wait, listen. i want to go to the airport right now. why? what is matter? why did you tell thataunty that i am your wife ? that's it ? you will soon know.

i don't want to find out anything. at the airport yousaid you would behave well. i also said that you would havea wonderful time in goa, didn't i ? what does that haveto do with my problem ? just wait 10 minutes,you will get to know. if you don't find out in 10 minutes youcan go to aunty and tell her everything. just one hour,please priya, just give me one hour. please. - only 10 minutes ok. ok. 9.59, 58, 57,56..

lovely wedding. hi uncle. - what happened ? they are calling you there.- so i'm going. lets go. aunty, what a lovely saree. what is it ? cotton or banarasi silk ?-isn't it nice ? not nice, it's awesome !oh, diamond necklace ? superb, it's so beautiful. i'm sureyou must have designed it yourself. come to the point.- what point aunty ?

i had also bought a lot of jewelleryand clothes for priya for the wedding. but our luggage got misplaced,what to do. so you want your wife tostand out at this wedding, right ? my amazing aunty ! you will never reform ! priya, come get ready. no, no, i'm ok like this.- i don't want to hear anything. you have to get ready. -no, it's ok. don't worry and don't be shy.-you have only 5 minutes left.

come. - aunty i need to speak to you. i have brought many sareesand jewellery for my daughter-in-law. please listen to me.- yes, i will, after you get ready. here take this. it will look very nice on you.-aunty please listen to me. come on get ready soon.-this idiot rahul.. i will listen toyour love story later. before that you haveto listen to one thing. you are very lucky priya.rahul is a very good boy.

if i had a daughter,i would have got her married to rahul. he jokes about everything. but his heart is full of love. he is pure gold. i consider him my own son. when i went to buy jewelleryfor my daughter-in-law.. ..i had also boughtsomething for rahul's wife. come on, now wear this.-no aunty, how can i wear this ? wear it ! see you will like them.

how are they ? -oh my god ! aren't they nice ? look at this saree, how is it ? did you like it ? oh,you wanted to say something, right ? no, nothing aunty. only that rahul alwaysspeaks about you. jaya aunty is so beautiful,she's so wonderful ! when we go to goa,we will do this, we will do that. he loves me so much. - yes.

actually,i had some urgent work in delhi. but we came herespecially to meet you. how sweet.this saree will look lovely on you. they look lovely on your hands.- thank you. kalpesh ! -yes, what is it ? look there, what a beautiful girl. if i get such a beautiful girl.. ..i will marry herin this very canopy. what an angel !

what a beautiful face.-why are you looking at her face. look at her waist ! how do i look ? looks like you gotalong well with everybody. yes, everybody is takingsuch good care of me. if i had told themthat you were my friend.. ..then you would have got a plasticchair to sit and a cold drink. i only lied to ensurethat you got special treatment. that is "rahul"

you think all this ishappening because of you ? yes ! there was not much difference intheir care for me because of your lie. the magic is becauseof the lie i told them. what did you say ? you told everyonethat we were married. so i told everyone thati was three months pregnant. you only look innocent,actually you're very smart. look, at this.

nice bangles. jaya aunty herself put themon for me. should i tell you a secret. jaya aunty had bought thesebangles for your wife-to-be. oh, i understand. so comeon take them off and give them to me. your bangles ! aunty gave them to youthinking you're my wife. but i will give them to my wife. give them back. -get lost from here.

will you give them or not ? aunty gave them to mebecause she liked me so much. if you want them, go telljaya aunty to buy you some more. i understand. rahul, did you hear that noise. waves ! come lets go to the beach.-beach ? at night ? its so late. look its 12.30.- come on, i want to go to the beach.

are you coming ?or should i go alone ? listen, i will takeyou there tomorrow. its right here rahul, so close by. dear nephew ! what is the program ?- nothing uncle, just going to the beach. priya, you're going tobe with him all your life. go another time.let him be with us for now. nephew ! goa special fenny. come. i'm coming. priya ! priya, don't go to the beach.

don't go. hey ! - shit ! run ! do you have any brains ? raping at the beach ! you rogues ! god knows where they come from.say sorry and get lost. go from here. come here. soon.

pick her up. don't scream ! keep quiet. catch her. don't leave her. catch her ! nephew ! come here. he must be shy of drinking with us. then turn your face the other side. here, drink the whole thing.-no, uncle.

don't be scared, drink it.-no, something is wrong. one will not be enough. drink as much as you want. sure ? -yes, sure. yes. one minute. when did you get married,where and how ? let me have my drink. then i will tell you. - ok you drink. now ask. - nephew !when did you get married ?

where and how ? uncle, don't tell anyone.-no, i won't tell anybody. top secret. - top secret. sure. -yes, sure ! promise ? -promise ! i got married atthat time over there. ok. i'm going now. don't tell anyone. top secret. sorry. can you not sleep ?

no. - ok. why are you looking at me like that ?-should i say something. yes, go ahead. have i ever toldyou how pretty you are ? do you know whyi'm telling this to you now ? why ? because you are not all that pretty. oh rahul ! rahul !

rahul! rahul! rahul! this boy ! get up. get up rahul! get up rahul ! do you know what time it is ? i know what you're goingto say after this. come on get up. everybody is waitingfor us downstairs. get up and get ready.

let me sleep a little while more. rahul, our flight is at 5. then we have to leave. i will get ready, then we will leave. will we go so early ? -yes, of course. rahul, the airport is close by. lets wait for a while longer. priya, we have to leave nowif we want to catch the flight. rahul, let's stay a littlelonger with uncle and aunty.

they are very nice.- please priya, don't argue. we have to go, and now ! go, get ready, quick. thanks for the bangles,but i cannot take them with me. priya. bye aunty. - i'll miss you too. next time, come for one month. whether he comes or not,you should come. both of us will roamaround goa together. -ok. bye. see you.

hello, hello. you're sneaking off withouttelling me something. both of us are not married. i know. -you know !? can you get married without me ! i knew you were lying. but i liked your lie. this girl is very nice, marry her. you mom and me together would not havebeen able to find such a nice girl.

don,t miss her. give me that box. give her these banglesand proclaim your love. ok aunty. all the best. - love you aunty. i love you. -bye. what happened ? why is your mood off ? are you listening ? oh, we left early, that's why ?

rahul. priya, don't open youreyes until i tell you to. stay quiet. -but why ? its a surprise. where are you taking me ? didn't you tell me your planto come to goa got cancelled 3 times. and the same thing wouldhave happened this time too. our flight leaves in 6 hours time. this time you'renot going to miss goa.

oh, you're my darling. mam, this is your purse and mobile. got you phone ? -yes. kindly remain seated. i am allergic to take-offs. may i have your kind attention please,passengers travelling on. 921 are kindly requestedto move towards the security gate. flight no.111 hasbeen further delayed. as we are waiting for passengerswho are caught up at immigration.

so, goodbye. and thank you so much priya. if you were not there, i wouldhave been so bored at the wedding. thanks for showing me goa. you're welcome. priya! you're forgetting something. your clothes, you forgot them. son, where will i get this baggage ?

on belt no.2 over there. ok, thank you. - yes. passengers are requestedto move towards the aircraft. priya. priya. priya. hey rahul, here ! how is jaya ?how was chandu's wedding ? it was good.-how is the daughter-in-law ? she is also good.-i hope your exams went well ?

yes, they were good mom. rahul ! -hey sister,when did you come ? last night. -what a surprise ! how are you ? -i am very good. rahul, look here. i have come from america to meetyou and you're looking here and there. nothing sister. just one minute. hey ! - brother !

so that's it !does priya also love you ? yes, sister - butshiva will never agree. how did i know that priyawill turn out to be shiva's sister. my feelings will not changebecause she is his sister. just like you're my brotheron the other side is priya's brother. priya must also love her brotherjust as much as i love you. maybe even more than i love you. if someone keeps you away from me,i will be very sad. similarly, priya will also be sad ifsomeone keeps her away from her brother.

understand this. hey shiva. - hi raj. i have to talk to do some shopping in the meantime. hi. and yes, remember to buy've understood ? hi raj. - why are you so late ? when i've come out shopping withmy wife, then i am going to be late ! ok, what will you have ? -coffee. excuse me, two coffees.

how are you ?-you tell me, is uncle still angry ? yes, i don't know how to pacify him. look who's here right behind you. look, whatever happened,was a long time ago. forget about her, both ofyou are strangers to each other. oh my goodness, he is coming here. maybe he's come to have some coffee. no, he's coming towards you.-hi shiva. i've heard you got married. congrats.

how's work raj ? - hi. have you come shopping ?-no, i've come to meet you. you have a sister called priya.i love her. be cool, don't be agitated. she also loves somebodyand she's crazy about him. but i will not torture her like you,i truly love her. i hope that she too will understandmy love. that's all i came to say. i hope that you have understood. ok, tell priya, i said hi to her.bye, take care.

you've come back so early ?you didn't bring anything for me !? priya, do you love somebody ? please tell me who is it ? what has happened to you today. nothing has happened. you've beenvery lost since the time you came. tell me what the matter is ? i'm your brother, i have never said'no' to anything you've asked for. so tell me what is the matter. who is it ?

i told you i had met someone in goa. oh ! that idiot ! right ? yes, him. have you met him ? there is no need to meet him. when he spoke on the phone,i understood at once.. ..that he belong to a goodfamily and is a decent boy. and you love him. i am very happy priya. i willcall mom and dad right now. - no. what?

i like him, but i don'tknow whether he also likes me. what ? he won't like you ! look, even if he does not like you.. ..i will still get him to agree,i guarantee this. ok, you don't worry. i will touch his feet toget him to agree to marry you. i will call him right now.- what's the hurry ? no hurry priya, just a little worry. i will never forgive myselfif you marry that loafer.

you understand ? which loafer ? oh, i was thinking of something else. don't be tense, just be happy. i will take care of everything.don't worry. he still hasn't phoned. rahul, sit down and relax. no, he should have phoned by now. just see who's calling ?

looks like him ! i have tocongratulate you on your confidence. hey shiva,where the hell were you until now !? i have heard you got married. you never even invitedme to your wedding. you're so busy earning moneythat you even forgot your friend. ok, lets leave it aside. tell me how is your sister ? why aren't you talking ? - i i am priya's elderbrother shiva speaking.

priya's elder brother shiva.that means goa, priya ! so you're not theone who i'm cursing ? no, no, i am not that person. i'm so sorry shiva, really sorry. shiva was my classmate. a ragamuffin ! no, i'm not that shiva. please tell me how is priya ?-she is fine. she told me about you,that's why i'm calling. can i speak to you for 5 minutes.

no, not at all ! -why ? not on the phone. let'sspeak to each other face-to-face. that's exactly what i was thinking. shall we meet in myoffice tomorrow at 11.30 ? ok, i will come. ok. -bye. what is this rahul ? will youreally go to meet shiva tomorrow ? why are you so tenseearly in the morning sir ? priya's fianc√£© is coming,that's why i'm a little nervous.

what are you doing here ?go away from here. sir, today is the last dayto pay the tax. -come on, soon. they had to come in now ! pay taxes on time ! -sorry sir,this will never happen again. brother-in-law has arrived. behave properly,brother-in-law has come. - ok sir. how do i look ? very handsome, sir. were you waiting for me ? who are you ? - rahul.

really ? -don't you believe me ? ok, then i will leave. i am extremely sorry. please come. come can go. this way. - sit here, please. please, come. sit. - please sit. -yes. take your seat. i'm shiva.- oh i hope, you're original. what do you mean?you thought, i'm a lookalike.

so, i thought, i'd ask you too.- what do you mean? how can my duplicate come intomy office? sir, i've come here as rahul. right, you're right.- by the way, that's my pa. i see. - hello, sir. the office is pretty impressive. doesn't this shorty look too fat?- i think, he's too old! sir. -yes? you seem like a robust youngman. how old are you?

i turned 30, two days ago.- what? why are you started? that'smy original hair, not a wig. you're very funny. he'll have you flat on the ground.- how? he's been pulling your leg,since he arrived. -right. oh, brother-in-law. would you like a drink? - let's go. i meant, tea or coffee. whatwould you like? well i'd like a quarter of brandy.- what?

sir, he's pulling your leg,again! - you're so funny. actually, if i stay here much longerit will cause problems. why? actually, i have loads of businessesand i will incur losses. what kind of business?- i have a variety. let's hear about one of them. i have many companies. - name one. can i tell you tomorrow? - right now. reliance.- what? reliance?

ambani owns that. whendid he buy it? reliance, as in, i supplymaterial to them. what material? say anything. rahulwill take care of it, later. material as in, i grow vegetablesand they sell them. - yes. i get the petrol out, andthey sell it. i give them cheap clothesand they sell them all over india. do you understand? orshould i tell you something else? frankly, can i say something?- yes, tell me.

at first sight, i thoughtyou're useless. he's even more rich thanwe are! priya is very lucky, sir. one moment. tell me, whois priya? don't you know the name of theone, for whom you came here? my sister! - his sister!- your sister? is priya your sister?- yes. oh, no!today, for the first time,i know my pandu's real name. he didn't know her name! whata surprise! i like it, brother-in-law.- it's not your phone.

brother-in-law, your phone isringing. if you keep it there, it affectsyour kidney. ok. - keep it here. you take such good care of me. hello? what did you say? shankar forged the signaturesand took the money? take your men there andbreak his bones! hit him so hard, he can't get outof the hospital for six months! who was that?

well sorry. forgive me. actually,the fact is that.. ..i can't bear cheating.- so true. i hope, my secret is safe.- does he have doubts about us? no, give him eleven rupeesand fix the alliance. rahul! - so, you're here? what is it? i'm calling you andyou're looking back! he's pulling your leg,remember? tell me, how you feltafter meeting priya. i can't tell you here.- where will you tell us?

you'll have to say pandu,then he'll tell you. oh, right. priya, as inyour pandu. -my pandu? my sister. what did you say toher at the first meeting? what did she say? - nothing. i won't say anything, then. if she is your sister, sheshould tell you, first. he means to say that.. listen to me. i havea request. when you whisper.. makes me nervous.just say what you want to.

don't increase my bpfor no reason. -yes. that's another joke! rahul.- yes. it's our first meeting, but i feel,we've been acquainted for ages. if you know the truth,my life will end here. i'll leave. - wait.i am talking to you.don't rush off. sit and talk, at leisure.- really?'s possible,he's got a date with priya aka pandu! right?- correct. i have plans.

okay, there's another thing.- out with it. dad will discuss the weddingdetails. -that's fine by me. i'll make the arrangements.- okay. tell us, what kind ofwedding gifts do you want? my life!- what are you saying? pandu is my life.give her to me. -oh! it's good for me to hearthat from you. if you hear the truth, you'll treatme like a football. i'll leave.

i really like you.- but, i can't marry you. that's so funny!- i'm lucky to marry your sister. good bye. - good bye. who are you? what do you want? no one is at home. i didn't tell you to takeme to goa. i didn't tell you to tell auntjaya, that we're married. i didn't ask for fine clothes andjewels for the wedding.

did i ask you to save mefrom the goons, that night? did i ask you to take meto goa, rahul? you did all that you wished,without asking me. then, why did you leavewithout telling me.. ..what i've been longing to hear? i'm so sorry. stop it. - love you. hello.- hi, priya. hi, brother.- how did you do in the exams?

it went very well. sorry, priya. i wasn'table to come for you, today. i'm going to the airportto fetch mom and dad. you sound very happy. i told rahul to pickyou up. is he there? he's here, alright.- let me speak to him. my brother wants to speak toyou. hello? - hi, rahul. thanks. you don't have to thank me.okay, bye.

if the rates keep inflating, we'llhave to sell the car for petrol. i think, i better buy a cycle. hey! - what's the matter, sir? don't put the phone there,it affects your kidney. how do you know? - experience. thank you, sir. you had exams. that's why,i didn't want to hassle you. what is the issue? your brother.

so, what should we do? we have to break up.- what? we can never be together.your brother won't agree. that's why, i sent myfriend to meet him. he's a good boy,who will take care of you. your brother likes'll like him, too. then, you, your brotherand i can live happily. forget about me. hey, priya! don't cry.

i was just kidding.i can't live without you. you know, that actwas all for a hug. go on, hug me!go ahead. hug me, or i'm leaving.should i? rahul, let's go. oh, my god! drive faster. drive fast. brother! come on, faster!

you drive faster, too.- are you crazy? rahul, you know what?this is the first chase of my life! your first chase? i never imagined, i'dhave this chance. thank you so much!- don't thank me. thank you for giving me thefirst chase of my life. priya, this is the first and lastchase of our life. okay? this has to be an amazingchase. let's do one thing. - what?

let's lift the car into theair. let's do something else. -what? there's a lake ahead.let's drive into that. oh, no. i can't swim. flying up is better.- i'll slap you, now. priya! stop the car! - we won't stop! stop! come on! -we'll get killed,if we get caught. priya! - rahul, the gap is reducing.

priya, stop! are you crazy? watch, rahul! hey! are you playing with me? get a load of this! - my favorite song!- what are you doing? it's a chase, rahul! it's the background song!feel it.

don't you like it?i'll put on another song. yes, this is even better. what is wrong? - listen to this. what is it? should i turnthe song off? turn off the song and be quiet. be quiet. come on! feel it. it's achase! action packed. there!- i'm doomed, if he catches me. you don't know who you aremessing with.

wait and see what i'lldo to you! rahul, brother's jeep isslowing down. he's slowing down? he's stopped. he stopped? i guess, he's run out of petrol. yes! - we win! yes. our car is slowing down, too. are we out of petrol?- it's going to stop.

what? it'll stop? what is it?- i think, our petrol is over, too. it doesn't seem so.i'm sure, it's over. rahul. my brother gotout of the car. till now, it didn't seemlike, he would catch us. but now, i'm scared. no matter what, don'tstep out of the car. rahul! hurry. get in. get in.

i didn't know, i'd getcaught so soon. that was a great plan.but, it's useless, now. i have to plan somethingnew. no, you don't. my parents will be home,by now. so what? my brother only fears my dad. dad can silence him withjust one look. dad isn't speaking to brothersince 3 years.

since he's here after so manyyears.. if we approach him and tell him.. ..everything,franklyeverything will be sorted. we're not doing that. but, why? if we tell him then,he will never forgive shiva. we can't separate themto be together. what should we do? don't do trust me, right?

from now on, just do what yourdad and brother tell you. i'll handle the rest, okay? okay. don't get out.okay? brother! brother, please. please, brother.- be quiet! sir, your parents are herefrom hyderabad. this was taken when we wentto singapore.

oh! shiva took you? - yes. see? shiva has changed. i can't believe it. dad ignored me for 3 years,because of rahul's sister. 3 years! if dad finds outwhat happened today.. ..then, he will neverlook at me, again. if he hassled, due to bothof you.. ..i will not allow rahul to livein peace. i will kill him.

i won't speak to dad. i will do what you say. you don't have to hurt rahul. he told me to listen to you.that's it. who is it? okay.- i think, they're here. come on, my boy! how are you?- fine. are you happy?- i've never been happier. who is this?do you know him?

dad, i don't know him. he's alive. take himto the hospital. we don't know him.let's forget about this. a man is dying and youwant to forget about it! we can save for an ambulance. dad, it will take time forthe ambulance. the hospital is far away. what are you looking at?pick him up. okay. i'll pick him up.- take care.

carry him, quickly.let's go. come on, quickly. who are you? what's yourname? who hit you? hello, uncle. - yes. i'm rahul. - yes. a man attacked me and leftme to die on the streets. i don't know anything after that.i entered a nearby house. i swear, i didn't know thisis your house.

uncle, this man..- he's my son, shiva. he brought you hereto the hospital. you carried me here? you got me admitted here?thank you, shiva. uncle, who is she?- my daughter, priya. she came here and tookcharge of you. she called the doctor,she got the medicines. she has taken care ofyou like a nurse. thank you so muchfor doing so much for me.

thank you, ms. priya! by the way, who hit you? tell me who it isand then you'll see. i'll drag him to the policestation. that.. shiva, you're sweating, right? turn up the fan. please.- yes. who did this? tell me.i'll plan the rest of it.

uncle, i have a lovely sister,like priya. while in college, a goonused to harass her. shiva, you tell me. if your sister wereteased, what would you do? tell me.- i would.. tell me his son will thrash him. i did the same.i thrashed him, too. very good. excellent.what happened, next? the flashback is too long.

i don't have much can i tell you? shiva, give him some juice. yes, juice please. what are you looking at?give the kid juice. i'll do that.- okay. the poor boy can't hold the glass. you feed him.- okay, dad. shiva, come closer, please. ms. priya, did you preparethe juice, yourself?

yes, i did. you are as sweet as the juice. rahul, so you hit him.what happened, after that? then, i fell in love with a girl,uncle. you know, it's toughto fall in love. i get it. her parents don't like you,so they got you thrashed. right? her brother hates me,not her parents. what is his issue?

i told you, i hit a boy, right?- yes. he's the one, i hit. now, he wants to stop us frombeing together, for revenge. fool! but, you hit him 3 years ago,right? why don't you thrashhim, again? come on! i can't.he's family. family? how come? come on! if i marryhis sister..

..he'll be mybrother-in-law, right? i can't hit my brother-in-law.we are together, anyway. right, shiva? - yes. you're're a good boy. hey, shiva. learn how tolive life from him. - yes. i have to learn from them. i worship them.they saved my life. i love you, shiva.i love you, priya. uncle, i love you also.

the man i was has woken up,because of him. no! i have changed. stop me from being the mani was. are you rejecting the manyour only sister loves? no. i can approve of anyboy in the world for you. but, not rahul. you told me, you wouldlisten to all that i say. go to delhi, with our parents. go away from here.

alright, shiva. i won't disobey you. because, i love youas much as i love rahul. he should not be harmed. shiva, i'll check if the ticketsare confirmed. stay here. we'll be back. stay here.- okay. okay, mom. - come on, priya. come on, priya. -i told youto buy confirmed tickets. hello?- hello.

shiva! thank you so much!- for what? for sending priya to delhiwith the parents. finally, i am relieved.- so what? look to the left! hello i'm going to delhi, by thesame flight. -give it. you're the third wheel, here. but, no one can get inour way, in delhi. your dad will go to work,every day. then, i will romanceyour sister.

you..- shiva! yes, i'm almost on the way. shiva. - okay. you're coming, right? the tickets are confirmed.we are leaving. cancel them. -why?priya has to submit her project. geeta called.- what happened? what?- she is expecting. really? that's great news!say it out, loud.

come on, my boy.congratulations. i've been longingto hear this. -thank you. i'm really happy. so soon! - why? don't you want to congratulateyour daughter-in-law? he wants to meet hiswife too, right? hey, hello!what a surprise! where are you going? we were going to delhi, butnot anymore. - why?

my shiva is going to be a dad.- that's great news. wow, well done, shiva!congratulations. amazing! this is the bestnews. i hope, you have a sonwho is just like you. uncle, congratulations.- thank you. aunt, congratulations!- thank you, son. congratulations, priya. it's such good news.- that's enough. dad, we have to go homeand rahul has to take a flight.

flight?- yes. me?- yes. no! i came to drop a friend. and what is this? this ticket? i got it off the road.i had to write a number down. dad, stay here. i'll bringthe car. -yes. yes, go ahead.- hurry back. shiva, what happened?is there any problem?

what is it?your mom and priya are waiting. just wait. the car willstart in two minutes. okay. hurry it up. let's go in my car.- no way. dad, i think the petrol pipeis blocked. let's check. - i'll do this. let it go. come with me. rahul, i know what to do.this is my car, okay? -shiva.. hurry up. they are waitingthere.

shiva, listen to me.don't do this. what is it? shiva, i told you to let it be. but, you don't listen to me.uncle, convince him. rahul, wait.shiva, get the junk out. go on. hurry.- uncle, you're doing the same.. shiva, don't do this. i begyou. -they're waiting. go on. suck it up! and see.. dad, i think, the petrol ispolluted.

it's stinking. it is bound to. i knew it.they adulterate petrol, now. come on, now.don't insist. let's go, uncle. i have a newcar. -let's go. he's right. let's take his car.- let's go in my car. rahul, what isyour girlfriend like? she's very nice.- girlfriend? i didn't tell you, right?he's in love with a girl. her brother thrashed him,the other day.

really, rahul?- yes, aunt. he thrashed me. oh, dear. bring her to myhouse. i want to meet her. definitely, i'll bring her. what does she look like, rahul? i can't praise her enough.she's exactly like priya. she doesn't look anythinglike her brother. he's a goon and a dirty man. he will never prosper!he will suffer. mom, don't curse someonein vain.

people will hurl stones at him. he will seek for help as a crippleforever and be ignored. i pity his parents. i wonder, which uncivilizedfamily they come from? that's why, they taught theirson such lousy values. mom, stop it, now. aunt. he kicked me, too! when i was in the up police,i gave these goons the 3rd degree. forget it.- don't vent on him, lakshmi.

dad is right.- his parents are at fault. they didn't bring him up,right. they should be straightenedout, first. you're right. rahul, do hisparents like you? -what? i am doing all this to winthem over. priya, get down. i've got something importantto do. geeta! did mom and dad leave?was the flight on time? they are outside.- what happened?

i'm really sorry.- what happened? i lied to them, that you'reexpecting. i know, you'll feel bad. but, don't tell them,it's a lie. please. do you realizewhat you've said? we've been married for 2 years,but, i can't have kids. they will be hurt, if theylearn the facts. -softly! how can i keep this liefrom them? geeta! - i'm so happy, geeta!

i'm so happy. - congratulations! dad! -so happy! geeta, we are thrilledto hear this news. i've never felt so happyin life. thanks, dear. i was just about to tell you. now, you have to rest. - yes. geeta, just rest. don't doanything else. we'll handle it. how are you? why are you so shocked?

don't you know me? you haven't forgotten me. i forgot about you. but, your brother reminded me. first, i used to love you. now, your brotherloves my sister. we're quits. your brother hit me and toldme not to bother you. i didn't bother you.

now, i've hit him and told himto back off from my sister. but, he won't listen. i have to do something. from today, if your brotherchases my sister.. ..i may do what i didto you, before. i bet, you remember it. explain to your brother. your brother will decidewhether we will meet in future. i hope, you understand.

take care.bye. what did you say?how dare he? he threatened your sister?we won't spare him. dad, actually, i.. what rahul said, hasshocked me. rahul, tell him what happened. shiva, he threatened my sister,so, i'm giving up my love. today, her brother threatenedmy sister. he said, i better forget aboutmy love for his sister.

my family matters morethan my love. no, rahul. you can't give into his threats. you will marry that girl.right? no, that's wrong, dad.- what is the matter? actually, rahul told us.. ..and it seems her brothercan go to any extent. he threatened hissister, today. in future, he can kidnaphis mother. later, he will kill rahul.

what? are you saying, rahulshould give up his love? no! rahul is a very goodboy. he is choosing familyover love. tell me. can a decent boylive with a family of goons? rahul can find a much bettergirl. let's find a nice girlfor him. right? rahul! good decision!good. dad, somehow, i'vestarted liking this guy.

uncle, you're like my dad. i thought, i'd unburdenmyself by talking to you. but, i've disturbed, i'm sorry. it's okay, rahul. bye,shiva. _yes. amazing. superb.too good. he was fooling my dad. i've done what was neededwith minimum effort. now, there's nothing to worryabout. make me a large drink.

for me, too.come on, relax.- come, dad. we're just.. - hey, raj! give me a double largepeg, too. dad, you only drinkwhen you're happy. what's the reason, today?- it's you, my son. me? - i didn't think, you couldchange. but, i believe it today. what happened, today? the way he counseledrahul today.. was great.well done, my son. i didn't do anything of the sort.i was just being practical. i know many people likethe girl's brother. that's why, i told himto watch out. i didn't mean what yousaid to him. i mean, the hintyou gave to me. what was the hint? try to remember whatyou said to rahul. yes, i said, he can get a muchbetter girl than her.

and what else? yes, we would find a girlfor him. that's what i have liked. what? i don't get it. when you said, he can geta better girl.. ..i had an idea. i figured, let's find hima nice girl. don't you get it? priya's thebest girl he can find. what? - what do you think?he has broken up, now.

we can go to his house andask for a proposal. right? no, dad. actually, thinkabout it. priya, come here.- yes, dad. come here.sit. yes, dad?- we came here for 2 reasons. one was, to meet your brother. the other was to find youa good boy. i really like rahul. what do you think?

priya, you want to marryafter post graduation, right? tell dad that. dad, he is right. yes! see, i was right. that was before. my dear, now your brotherwants you to marry, too. if he says that, himself.. what's the big deal?he suggested it to me. hey, come on, tell her to marryrahul.

tell her. - stop it! dad, i think, he doesn'tlike rahul. it's not like that.he really likes rahul. right? very much.- then, say it. tell her to marry him.- sure, i'll say it. priya, marry rahul.okay? marry him. shiva! what are you doing? he always uses youranger, against you. just forget about it, now.

should i forget and let my sistermarry that rascal? are you insane? are you my friendor his accomplice? there's only one way.i have to kill him. what are you saying?- you heard me. rahul has to die, now. you'll go to prison forkilling him. how does that help? i admit, he has to be killed.but, do you have to do it? then, who?

bala. you're shiva? come in. - yes. bhai. the man raj toldus about is here. sit down. he's a pretty boy. wanthim bumped off? -yes. how much? 1 million. here you's all there. count it. - okay, bhai.

give me his details. -his nameand address is behind the photo. pick him up. what happened?what is it? hey, take care.- watch out. are you hurt? how did he fall? tell me.- i don't know, bhai. you don't know!you're fools! can't you take care ofmy brother? tell me, did you find him? how much longer will it take?you can't do anything right.

keep searching.hurry up! search the entire area.he must not get away. if we lose him, thistime, i won't spare you. don't come back empty-handed. what happened?- what happened? what is it?- raju, what happened? call the ambulance,at once! hurry up! bring some water. hurry up.- talk to your brother, raju.

tell me, what happened?raju! what is it, raju?tell me. do you know him?- yes. is he the one?did he hit you? you'll get what you want.get out of here. get out! is the money enough?tell me, if you need more. hey! i will kill him for myself,not you. get out! why don't you just say youwant twice the money? listen, don't doubt me.don't you get it?

come with me.look at his situation. look at my brother!see how he is. after coming back fromgoa, he's a living corpse. he was punished thisway for teasing a girl. tell me, won't a youngboy get into mischief? this rascal beat up mybrother, mercilessly. i have been lookingfor him, like crazy. finally, i've found himthanks to you. - when did this happen?- a month ago.

go on, i'll do what you want. he won't escape from me. he has to be here,within half an hour. go! hello.- priya, what happened in goa? actually.. -what happenedon the beach? tell me. hello? brother. how dare you touch my sister? where are you, brother? brother.

brother what is happening there?- how dare to hit my brother? you will die for touchingmy brother! -hey! brother! - rascle! you've had it!you're dead. hi priya. - rahul, my brother.. what about him? listen to this. i'll kill you! - you hit my brother! it's a big mistake.i'm going to kill you.

i won't let you get away withthis, fool! priya, where did shiva go? i don't know, rahul!- when did he leave the house? an hour ago. - okay, do one thing. don't cut the conferencecall and keep the call on. i will bring your brotherwith me. tell me, why did you kill mybrother? i'll kill you. hit him! break his limbs! thank you for calling reliance.

don't speak, just listen to me.- yes tell me. i need a number traced, at once. write it down at once.- one second, one second. 9391335417.trace that. 9391335417? hey! that's showing thedhulpeth tower. okay, so, he's in the vicinity ofdhulpeth. i'll get him. thanks. stop! i'm going to kill youtoday. "hail sai deva."

"sai are the eternal.. i'm going to kill you for this!- "sai deva." no! wait. don't kill him yet.let the other boy come, first. then, we'll killthem both together. shiva, you wanted toget the boy killed, right? now, i'm going to kill himin front of you. you will die today, too.find out where he is. don't come back without him.

"sai deva." "the eternal rest at yourfeet." hail sai ram.- sir, where are you coming from? from afzalganj. tell me, how to get there.- sure, why not? go straight from hereand turn left. go straight from thereand there's a lane to the left. turn into the alley. go a little further and turnright.

go straight. further, you will see the idolof lord ganesh to the right. turn from there. go straight, till youreach a barber's shop. from there, turn left and headon straight to afzalganj. why didn't they bring himhere, yet? i don't know. you guys are useless.i guess, i've to go. i will bring him, myself.come on, all of you.

you both stay here.he must not leave from here. where is shiva?- this is my lucky day. where is shiva? where is shiva?shiva? i don't get it. he came to get you killed. and you're chanting his nameand keen to save him. but, one thing is clear. you bothkilled my brother for that chick. i'm going to bring her hereand we will have fun with her.

i will have my revenge aftertorturing all of you to death. i'll show you what a mancan do, today. i'll prove to the girlthat i am a man. before you get to priya,you have to deal with me. it's not brave or macho for10 to violate a girl. when a man beats upten animals like you.. ..then, that's what iscalled macho. loser! rascal. why did you do this, shiva?

dad, i did it, because..- i know all about it. what did rahul tell you? he told me, you went to bala. sorry, dad. - why are you sorry, son? you've done an amazing job. without rahul, i wouldn't know. what did shiva do? - don't you know? the brother of the girl,who hit rahul.. ..told bala to kill rahul.

and shiva risked hislife to save rahul. you should have told mebefore doing that, my son. where is rahul? brother-in-law! brother-in-law! me? - yes. yes, come in.let's sit and talk. no, shiva, i'm leaving.- no, come along. please. no, no, no! please. whydid this come out? -watch it. wait, let me do that for you.- thank you, shiva.

thanks. - please, forgive me. marry my sister. please, shiva. i don't want tomarry.. - brother,let him go. let him go. go away. - priya! shiva. let's go in.- i was just kidding. rahul! -no, you can leave. i was kidding. - go. you can go. - wait. -listen to me.

come in, please.- i just said it, casually. i don't want anyone.- you come along, too. hold that properly,or we will get drenched. -come on! forget it, i'm going to delhi. why are you going to delhi?come along. -wait. you're too much. - so are you, shiva.

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