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huawei ascend mate 2

hello everyone i am going to unbox this huawei mate 8 let's look at the box golden printed text on a black cardboard box logo and detail information printed on the side let's open the box first of all, we can see the phone and a text "huawei design" on the right side let's take out the phone

let's see what's inside the box. label with imei take out the cardboard we have the power adapter this is a uk power adapter support quick charge let's look at the detail it supports to output 5v 2a or 9v 2a here we have the second box

we have the headset and usb cable the headset looks like the one for iphone last box we have the sim tray pin there are also an envelope... and a plastic hard case there are documents and manuals inside. finally, let's look at the phone itself

well... the phone looks traditional... and looks like last years' mate 7 let's look at the screen pay attention to the edge of the screen you found a curved 2.5d design it feel nice on the hand no sharp edges it feels like there is a screen protector

in this angle, you can see how it looks like and the side of the phone is metal let's see all the side of the phone and there is a plastic white line, which is for the antenna we have the power button, and volume button on the right side another cut out for antenna

microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack on the top another antenna cut out on the left sim card and microsd tray here ear piece 8m pixel front facing camera light sensor there are huawei text on the bottom and circular texture found on the bottom under the screen glass

such texture also found in the ascend p7 on the back there is a finger print sensor dual color tone led flash 16 mega pixel rgbw main camera with ois the back cover is all metal at the upper part of the back cover it is a plastic instead of metal as a white line is not enough to produce an excellent signal

so huawei choose to make this piece all plastic and it's the same case at the bottom as a result, we found an exceptional reception and outstanding voice quality on this phone no wonder 3g or 4g, the signal quality is outstanding so... how large is this 6 inch phone? here i give you a reference... here we have a lg v10 their size are simular

they have almost the same height mate 8 is a bit wider then v10 their thickness are also close to each other we are going to turn on the phone but before that, let's insert the sim and sd card use the sim ejection pin and take out the sim and sd tray this is a dual-sim model nano sim supported

in case you are not using that, make sure you get one from your carrier pay attention that sim 2 and microsd are share that's mean you can only use one sim if you want to use microsd card let's put the microsd into the tray and then sim card slide the tray back to the phone carefully then we turn on the phone the phone boots up

the price of this phone is one third cheaper then most of the flagship phone however, something are missing in this phone for example, no ir blaster and the graphics performance is not the best in class however, huawei design its own cpu the hisilicon kirin 950 is a 64 bit, octa core processor huge 4000 mah battery and this is a standard version which has 3gb of ram

32gb of storage deluxe version has 4gb ram and 64gb storage micro sd card expansion slot 6 inchs 1080p ips monitor no 2k or 4k monitor but this save power but it still looks good compare with 2k monitor in my experience, i can't distinguish between 2k 4k or 1080p in this size of monitor as mention earlier, 16 mega pixel with ois 8 mega front facing camera

wifi support upto 802.11ac nfc payment supported bluetooth 4.2 and ble supported let's jump to the huawei emui interface. unlike most of the phone maker, chinese manufacturer use iphone like ui in short, no app drawer you have to launch or manage you app on the desktop the interface is quite smooth and snappy we can see that huawei working very hard to improve

its ui in the past, they are lacking of performance now they reach the flagship standard. this is not a chinese version, but hong kong version it's software is almost identical to international version but hong kong version support most of the carrier in china which international version lacks both international and hong kong version have google services pre-installed but lacking the fun and useful function that google does not allow.

there are a phone manager which can control the power plan, notification and app killer and data usage control and an extra app start up control for chinese version here we have 3 power plans performance, normal, and power save mode you can choose the one suite your need however, you don't need the power saving mode the battery performance is exceptional.

and there is an app protector you can put the app into the white list then it won't be killed when you turn off the screen this function help you save a lot of power it also prevent your phone to getting slow overtime. most of the chinese made phone have this phone manager installed and there is a data manager, which monitor the daily usage of your mobile data or wifi data you can also set a data limit there is also a pop-up blocker

you can control which apps are allowed to use pop up and the notification control can manage which app can send you notification. this also save power let's look at the camera interface it's looks the same as other huawei phone and something like iphone style however, it packed with much more useful and fun stuff there are modes for light tail, light painting, star tails... as you can see in the icon

there are 4 modes to play with you don't need to know about the shutter speed. what you need is a tripod, then you can play with those fun stuff that most of the phone cannot do i have tried to take fun phones with this phones, and loves them for video recording 4k video is not supported

1080p 60 fps is supported however, most of the so call 4k flagship only take 4k video with a 5 minutes limit 4k still not mature enough in mobile phone mate 8 only support a relatively lower resolution but the thermal control is good. i can't feel extra heat generated when taking video other phone like lg v10 or sony xperia s5 are hot when taking video

iphone 6s is the winner in 4k video nowadays, smart phone from china reach the standard of the leading brand. for example, huawei is a leading brand in china it's sales in other country such as america has grown. further more, huawei design its own cpu which shows a strong foundation in technological area like the market leader samsung and apple in the past two years, its kirin 920 cpu still 1 generation behind the market leader

but now it can compete with other flagship the only part to improve is the gpu which is 20% to 30% slower then its competitor so i really looking forward to the next gen of kirin 955 and for the cpu compatibility, the kirin family are pretty mature after a few generation something you should know huawei is well known of its tel commutation device

and has many of the patent related to 4g or mobile communication a strong foundation on telecom means better call experience and better connection for those company which has many patents, like nokia, have to exchange / share patents with huawei one main selling point is the "signal +" and "wifi+" "wifi+" will choose weather to use wifi or mobile data and turn on / off wifi automatically "signal+" can detect which signal is stronger and better

and switch to a better signal in almost no time if the signal is weak, it try another antenna to optimize the connection huawei also have its patent technology to improve both the signal quality and connection speed in my experience, mate 8 reception is far better than other phone and pick up signal faster then other phone last but not least, many of the mobile cell tower

telecom devices were made by huawei which works way better with huawei phone mate 8 have built-in nfc and support most of the nfc payment paywave and octopus in hong kong next, the finger print sensor first of all, we have to set a password after that, we can add a finger print

just put the finger on the sensor then the phone vibrate once repeat the steps and follow the on screen instructions also try to record with the edge of your finger let's try the finger print sensor you can press the power button then put the finger on the finger print sensor or you can unlock from the finger print sensor

without pressing the power button the speed of the finger print sensor is fast now let's test the loudness of the speaker the sound is not the loudest i have try but it is pretty solid there are holes at the both side of the phone one side is the microphone and the other side is speaker let's try the call function

and turn on the speaker phone there is a useful function you can control which direction of sound is recorded. this greatly improve the call quality if you are using speaker phone i have try many different phone, including common brand like apple, samsung, lg or htc phones and never seen this function before this function use two or more microphones to

cancel out unwanted sound from the surrounding for example, the top microphone used to record the unwanted sound and the microphone at the bottom get the voice from the user both sound channels were analysis and an inverse wave form of the noise where generated and subtracted to the sound source and cancel out most of the noise then let's talk about the keyboard

huawei have its own software keyboard apart from the basic functionality it works as a swipe keyboard which is good for one hand use. it also support other languages like chinese apart from the traditional chinese keyboard, you can enable handwriting right over the keys so you don't need to switch between keyboards and hand writing board. and as always, google voice recognition is supported

for almost all languages there is also a special function you can use your knuckles to capture the screen but you need to be firm it will be fail if you knock it gently you can also use your knuckles to draw an area and capture one part of the screen then you can resize the selected area or choose the default shapes

and you have to be firm and fast to make it works then you can click save to save it as a picture this is the screen capture we just made. it is handy to capture your screen in this way. at the current price point this phone is worth consider. as it performs really well with exceptional battery life and performance

with the price of a mid-range phone you've got flagship features and performance if you would expect chinese made phone should be cheaper, it is not the case the phone is more expensive then most of the chinese made phone however, this phone is worth the price someone may say i can pay a little bit more

for a lg v10 lg v10 is good, but... v10 is good at the camera and mate 8 is good at long battery life and good performance. there are lots of innovative design on the lg v10, for example, the second screen dual front facing camera ir blaster ... etc however, the battery life is not long enough

and the software optimization is not good mate 8 have a huge 4000mah battery good system software good reception and high performance handy knuckles gestures and patent call and connection technologies built-in which phone is good for you? it just depends on what you want and what you do most for the difference between mate 8 and v10,

please refer to the comparison video and as always, thanks for watching

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