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huawei nexus

>> "talk nerdy to me" is brought to you byits sponsor at&t which provides iu students, faculty and staff with personalcellular services at discounted rates. [ music ] "talk nerdy to me" a conversation about technology's hottest topicat indiana university and beyond. welcome to "talk nerdy to me" a conversationabout technology at iu and beyond. i'm your host janae cummings and withme as always is the willow to my buffy, brendon howell and our now co-host liam bolling. i'll find a way to sidekickyou in the coming weeks.

so what's up guys? what's it been three or four weeks? >> yeah, it's not been that long, not aslong as it has been since the summer, so. >> that's true, that's true. yeah >> i don't know life is pretty good. i'm happy. so. >> yeah.

>> yeah, you okay? >> doing well right over here with theoverpowered electric long board, so. >> that's right. that's right. we play with that a little bit outside. sorry audience you didn't get to see us. we will post to video later but it's justa remote controlled awesome long board and you can zip around everywhere, right? >> oh, yeah.

yep. >> pretty fast too. i know they don't understandskateboarding but they'll think that you put all this effort forth just to go likea few feet and this thing like solves the problem. >> exactly. >> can i tell push you up though? >> oh yeah. you can go like 20 miles uphill. it's 20 miles per hour.

so it's crazy. >> wait, so how fast does it really go, like? >> it's like 21 miles per hour yeah. on the motor like you can godownhill and everything too. it's ridiculous. >> i have to get one of these in my life. now that i've tried it i need one. when you first got it i was likeoh, that awesome but i don't know. now i know.

so september and early october have been prettyhopping in the tech world so we have more topics than we can possibly handle today. that means this is going to be along episode with lots of goodies. so if you want to hear something specific and youthink we're a little long-winded check our website or posting on soundcloud for time codes andthen you can go exactly where you want to go. we're going to kick things off today by talkingabout the upcoming retirement of onestart and from there we'll hit the big news which isgoogle alphabet and all the recent updates coming out of apple and then we'llround out things with a couple of tech absurdities and interestingrumor on campus.

cool? >> yeah, sounds good. >> we're going to start this segmentoff with a little history lesson. way back in 2001 before ipods and iphonesand my being able to enjoy a cocktail out of a keurig machine iu launched onestart. it was a portal to basically every universityresource the classifieds, the bursar payments, paycheck info, benefits, timesheets, and on and on. it was like that closest door you haveto slam shut before everything falls out but now after 14 years of being a dailypart of our lives iu is putting onestart

out to pasture and replacing it with one.iu. here to talk to us about onestart'sretirement and one.iu is likely "back to the future" fan eric westfall. welcome eric. >> thanks, great to be here. >> before we get started canyou tell us a bit about yourself and your team's role with onestart and one.iu? >> so i've worked at the universityfor i guess almost eleven years now and when i started i was actually on theteam that was working on onestart and it was

of course was already out then andpeople were using it at that point. it's grown a lot over the years. eventually i came to be the manager ofthe team that works on onestart and one.iu and so our team is responsible foronestart, at least in the short amount of time it has left and we built one.iu as well. >> you know, as i said before onestart's beengoing for 14 years and retiring a service that has been around thatlong is a pretty big deal and i think some people are thinkingyou know, if it's not broken why fix it? so can you tell us what brought about this change?

>> yeah, i mean onestart hasbeen around for a long time and it's served its purpose well hereat the university over the years. but you know we're always looking for waysto provide better service to our students, staff and faculty and really there was, there wassome feedback that we really have been getting over the years saying that it's justtoo hard to find stuff in onestart. you know, if you go into onestartthere's, you've got links on the left. you've got tabs across the top and when youclick on one of those there's other links so there's a lot of clickingaround to find things. there is a little search feature in onestartthat probably not very many people know about

and maybe they don't use it and itdoesn't really work all that well. so really it was, you kind of had to, you kindof had to know where you were going when you got into onestart to find what you were lookingfor or you had to go to like the knowledge base to read a knowledge base article aboutwhere do i find this in onestart. so you know, it was really all about the factthat people, particularly students were like this, it's too hard to find what i'm looking for. and you know we get obviously with students comingin each year we get a lot of new people every year and all of those people haveto learn how to find things. so we went with one.iu.

we wanted to create a system that wasreally simple for people to be able to find what they were looking for. and that was really the inspirationand that's how one.iu came about. we read and even hear in uits talk aboutone.iu having an app store experience and this is an app store reallyonly in the visual sense, right? >> that's correct, yes. yeah, you know we incorporated a few thing thatyou kind of see in app store like experience and really in your smartphones and your tabletswhere you have kind of these little links or tiles or apps that you click on that takeyou to what you want to launch,

so if you want to launch facebookor twitter or whatever it is on your phone you'll have alittle app on there for it. so we use kind of a similartile-based experience inside of one.iu. so you know you search forwhat you're looking for. maybe you want to check your grades, checkyour class schedule, pay your bursar bill, whatever and you'll see these tilesthat come up that present tasks to you that you can click on to go do that. so that's kind of part ofthe app store experience. the other part of it is we allow people to writereviews on tasks so if you want to review canvas

or you want to write a review about the classregistration system you can go in there. you can give it one to five stars and youcan write a review and the really nice thing about that is that it helpsthe people who are owners of those services get faster feedbackthan they might get otherwise. you know, i know that uits does annualsurvey where we get feedback from people which is really great but being able to getfeedback a lot quicker is really helpful as well because those of us who run theseservices will know what's working well and what's not working well and we can reallymake improvement based on that feedback we get. so that's kind of the other part of it that wecan give kind of as part of the app store part

of it is that ability to writereviews and provide feedback. >> okay, that's great. so it really is as easy as search, click,done in that if i type in bursar or if i type in maybe campus bus, a taskpops up for campus bus. i click on it and i'm there. i'm exactly where i need to be. yeah, our motto is search, click, done. so we really, we want people to be able tosearch for what they're looking for, click on it and be done rather than having to kind oflike in onestart they had to click around

and find what they were looking for. and that works really well especially for newpeople who like students coming in to be able to find things but also it works wellfor people who have been here for a while because they may know the names of things. they can just search for things and find it. for those that don't like that kindof search-based experience it's easy to create favorites inside of one.iu aswell so you can click the little heart on the tile and add it to your favorites. the next time you log-in it will be right there.

so we kind of tried to blend the best of bothworlds and if you talk to staff that had been at the university for a whilethey will probably like onestart because they know where everything is, right? so they know where it's at so they don't reallyhave to search for it but we're trying to kind of blend the best of both worlds by havingfavorites in one.iu for tasks and services that people use a lot and just add them toyour favorites because they're right there. but also allowing you to search forthings that you may be looking for. >> are there any particular tasks that aremaybe the most popular tasks on one.iu? >> yeah, well e-mail is very popular.

a lot of people use e-mail, canvas as well. you know we have actually on someof the regional and iep line, bloomington campus is doing this event calledgame on where we get to talk to students and staff but mostly students and one of the things we hearabout is a lot of them really they get into canvas and they do a lot of their work in canvas. that's where they spend most of their timeassuming their professors are using canvas for the class so a lot of them, you know maystart at one, get into canvas and then spend a lot of time in there but of course you know there areother things they have to do outside of canvas, like they have to pay their bursar bill.

they may want to look at their grades, their classschedule which they can actually do that in canvas as well i believe, so you know thoseare canvas, e-mail is pretty popular. iu classifieds is very popular as well. it's kind of like an internaliu craig's list almost. >> right. >> and on bloomington the bus routes, the doublemap bus tracking is really popular as well, so those are some of our ones that tendto show up at the top pretty consistently. definitely, right after gradesare posted the grades task shows up right there near the top as well.

everybody wants to know whatgrades they got in their class, so. >> make sure mom and dad, keep mom and dad happy. >> if i try to visit onestarton october 22nd what happens? >> if you try to visit onestart onoctober 22nd you're going to see a message that tells to go to one.iu instead. >> so it is gone. >> it will be gone, yep. onestart will be gone and you will haveto go to one.iu to get to everything which will be a better experience hopefully foryou to find the things that you're looking for.

>> are there any services on onestartthat have yet to make it to one.iu? >> no, we've really been working over the pastwell, really over the past couple of years. that's one thing that people may not know isthat we actually brought one.iu online in october of 2013 and we've been runningit alongside of onestart. that was really a very deliberate decision becauseit would give time for people to get familiar with it and time for us to make surethat we moved things over so you know, we really have done everything we can to makesure that the stuff from onestart is in one.iu and we've worked a lot directly withpublishers and people that own that particular, you know those pages and that content in onestartto make sure that we're doing what we can

to make sure they're represented in there. and there's stuff in one.iu that wasn't inonestart either because it's much easier to put things in one.iu than it was to putthem in onestart so we really have more in one.iu than we ever had in one.iu. >> do you have any examples of what'son one.iu that isn't on onestart? >> well, there's you know a task in one.iuthat can take you to the apple store. >> oh, wow. >> that's one example i knowabout off the top of my head. and that wasn't there wasn'tanything really like that.

i don't think there was in onestart, so youknow one of the things that we've been doing too when we've been talking to groups as we have beenmoving them away from, as we have moved them off of onestart and setting up tasks and servicesfor them in one.iu is we've also said, well what else do you have that would make sense? what else would somebody want to look for? what might somebody else search for? do you have another system that we mightwant to create another task for in one.iu? so we've really been trying tomake it so when somebody's looking for something that they can find it in one.iu.

>> will more tasks be coming toone.iu as other service providers find that they need things for people to access? >> oh, i'm sure that there willbe more that will be coming. you know we get requests all the time forstuff and so you know there may be new services that come online or somebody realizes hey,it would be great if we have this in one.iu. i think that once we see onestart retired too andeverybody is really using one.iu heavily hopefully that will help spark some ideas and peoplewill be like hey, you know it would be great if we had this in one.iu sothat students can find it. so yeah, i'm sure that our work is not done.

>> it never is, it never is. what's the most important thing youwant our audience to know about one.iu? >> the most important thing i want them to knowis that it's meant to be the place where you go to find the services thatyou need at the university. so the important thing about that is if youdo go there and you're looking for something and you can't find it let us know. there's a way inside of one.iu by the sign-inbutton where you log-in to send us feedback and one of the options is that youcan't find what you are looking for. we really want to know about that becauseif you're going there to find something

and i can't find it we wantto find out who owns that and make sure we can get it published in there. and i would add another thing isin between now and october 21rst if you're still using onestart, stop. go ahead and make the switch over to one.iu. you'll be in a better positionthan if you just wait until the 21rst of october to make that switch. >> all right, fantastic. well everyone, one.iu officially replaces onestart

when the service retires onwednesday, october 21rst. any nerd worth their salt knows thatoctober 21, 2015 is back to the future day. the same day that marty mcfly and doc browntravelled to in "back to the future part 2." this means that one.iu is the future. if you haven't gotten into one.iu frame ofmind yet as eric said take care of it now. it's not enough for us to saythat time isn't on your side here. time is up. learn more at or simplyget started today at thanks eric.

>> thank you. >> either of you still on onestart [inaudible]? >> no, i mean i used to clock-in on onestartbut now i use it on one so i don't know compared to one the onestart looks very outdated but it'sall i knew when i was here as a student, so. >> yeah it's awesome. >> yeah, if you've been here any time in thelast 14 years onestart is all you know so. >> one.iu feels like it's definitelyeasier to find things and like on the start page it shows you things that itthinks that you want to go to like classifieds or the time thing is on there and someother stuff so i think it's very intuitive.

>> also there's a task on one.iu for "talk nerdy"so if you are unable to remember the address which is talknerdy.iu.edujust go through >> so what else does one have onit because since i'm not a student. i don't use it very frequently soi mean like you said there's a task for "talk nerdy," what do you mean? >> i mean that if you type in talk nerdy tome or even just talk nerdy it will find it. if you click on a task itwill take you to our website? >> so can it search like otherpages iu has as well? >> i think you need to have atask in one.iu for that to happen.

>> oh, okay. >> so we happen to have one and othersites do as well but not all of them. >> it does a lot of [inaudible] like grades andlike transcripts and stuff like that as well. >> bursar. >> which was super confusingbefore and now a lot easier. >> yeah. yeah. >> and like before if you're on your phone and you're eight links deeptrying to get to something now -- >> you're trying to picture zoom and it's --

>> yeah, now it's much, much easier. so of friday google as we know it is no more. it's been restructured as alphabet which is now aholding company that includes google, the x lab, the sidewalk labs, calico, nest, fiber,and google ventures and google capital. this is a really, really big deal. it seems to separate the moonshots likeself-driving cars and cancer detecting pills from the money-making operations,things like internet. so they can go after really rad things and stillturn a profit and keep their investors happy. what are your initial thoughts?

>> i guess my question for it is allthose companies that were originally under the google umbrella but now it seems likethey're just side by side with google so does that mean that google has likerelinquished control of all of those or does alphabet have it now? >> oh, i see what you're saying. can google still talk to like the, i mean likewhat is it nest and some of the other companies? >> well, before they were likenest was a subsidiary of google and now it's a subsidiaryof alphabet not of google. so does google have any like power overthose companies that were once controlled?

>> i mean i feel like what is larry and[inaudible] are going allow communication between everything and probably keep it the same. i don't know. i feel like it's more for just keepingthose side projects like isolated if they -- >> yeah, i think it opens up transparency and itallows it because you know you lose a lot of money on these investments and so that's not impactingsearch and youtube and all these other -- well i guess youtube is kind of a behemothbut a lot of these things that bring in money that might, those investmentsmight pull down a little bit. >> they kind of just transferred like the restof those to alphabet instead of from google.

>> right, right. >> well, that makes sense then. >> so it could be really cool but i mean it couldalso mean lots and lots of really awesome projects that they couldn't do before theycan do now, they can try now. >> i think the thing that's also nice about it isthat google had their hands into so many different like things but you didn't really know about allof them because there were so many to look at but now that they're all separated ithink that will make it a little bit more as you said transparent and we'll know what'sgoing on up underneath this umbrella now, so. >> uh-huh, well i think the thing that'sinteresting is that the alphabet motto

where google had the motto of "don't be evil"whether they abided by that or not, that's gone and now the alphabet motto is "dothe right thing" which is ambiguous. >> i think it's kind of tough havinglike the motto of "don't be evil" because if you get rid ofthat are you now being evil? >> you know like what's going on? >> yeah, it's like if you're just doing the rightthing now who are you doing the right thing for? >> are you doing the right thing for society or -- >> or yourself. >> -- or yourselves?

>> super vague. >> like doing evil makes money. >> doing the right thing doesn'tnecessarily make money. >> well we'd just like to think that googleis going to keep their integrity intact so. >> well, i'm sure they think they willbut you know power corrupts, right. >> yeah, especially these days. >> it does. does anybody remember that tv show "heroes" whichwas awesome first seen and then absolute worst? and now they have "heroes reborn" and the bigbad company in "heroes reborn" is trying to round

up all the people of power so theycan use their powers for technology? yeah, their motto is "doing good is goodbusiness" which sounds pretty similar to me. >> yeah, yeah. >> i guess time will tell what will happenwith alphabet and the rest of the companies. >> well, i don't know maybe the x labis really what we need to be afraid of. >> yeah, lots of weird stuff going on over there. >> the weird, cool stuff. like i don't think we really need to be afraid of, i don't know google ventures,google capital or search at all.

anyway in other alphabet newsthough google announced that, they announced the upcomingrelease of the nexus 5x smartphone and the 6p phablet along with android marshmallow. >> i saw both of them and theyweren't really what i was expecting. like on the previous nexus the flash was aroundthe camera but now they've kind of moved it off to the side and i thought thatwas one of the beautiful things about the previous one, sothat's one thing i don't like. i felt like it looks like, what's that one companythat used to make phones that look very similar to iphones shuame or something like that?

>> oh, shuame i think. >> shuame. yeah, from china. >> yeah, it looks like one of theirphones that they made previously, so. >> i do like i mean it looks like the[inaudible] quality is incredible on the thing and it's made by huawei i think, right? >> yeah, i think so. either them or lg. >> lg makes the 5x and then huawei makes the sp.

>> okay. >> and i don't know the fingerprint scanneron the back is just i don't know you know, if your phone is on your bedside and then youhave to take it up and then i'm back to -- >> i don't know if that's themost ergonomical thing but. >> is that on the 5x? i was going to say because on the 5x it would makesense for lg to put all that stuff on the back now but since huawei i mean they traditionally havemade very inexpensive like lower budget phones, so there's some things like theway google is trying bring them out to make them more well-known manufacturer.

>> yeah, especially they don't have alot of presence in the united states. >> one thing i wondered like these are, there'snothing really special about these phones. they're priced below the flagship phonesand it seems like for a while google had to make nexus phones to show theworld how good androids should be, like this is how android is supposed to be. this is pure. this is great. this is what you can do with it. do we need that anymore?

>> i think this is more for those hardcore, well not hardcore you know thereal, the people that love android. it's like the platform they want. they like the pure experience. they can't find it anywhere else and i thinkit's honestly just google just saying thank you to them more than anything becausethose people are really outspoken about android too and they tell all their friends. hey, look at this awesome phone and then theygo to verizon and they give them you know, 6 galaxies and stuff, so i don't know, yeah.

>> but i mean previously as you were sayingthat they always had something that was like revolutionary in the software. like i know like with one of the nexusphones you could take that sphere of photo but now there's not been anything that's reallycome out that kind of like changes the game but i think the same thing goes for apple either. i mean they just had their new phones come out and i don't really think there'sanything very special about them, so. >> right, that's right. >> i think we're kind of hitting like anevolutionary kind of point with smartphones

that it just gets like for user interfaceand features it's more incremental. >> right. we're waiting fora massive game changer again. >> yeah. i think everyone is like out of ideas. >> they just keep getting faster and more ram. >> we can craft a nice model around that. get some more passionate commercials. so speaking of kind of maybe we're plateauing abit with smartphones, iphone just released the 6s and the 6s plus, sold 13 million phones on opening weekend breaking their ownrecord but that sale includes china.

you know is this a letdown of sales for them? >> i personally don't think that thephone did as well as you thought it would because like normally the daythat like google or not google, the day that apple releasestheir new phone for preorder it's like back ordered within hours and that's it. but like when i ordered my phone i orderedit like three days after the preorders opened and it was still not back ordered and it's, ithink a lot of them now still aren't back ordered. i think it depends on thecarrier and the size and what not but normally they would be back ordered well intolike november or late october and i don't think

that happened until like a weekor so after the preorder date, so >> yeah, right, right. >> and you guys, do you guys have yours now? >> uh-huh. >> yep, the 6s plus. >> how do you like it? >> i love it. >> i mean, honestly like my iphonebut i personally don't think that i got anything extra out of the phone.

it's a little bit heavier than before and it'sa little bit thicker too just so they could add that like sensor behind the screen to do the 3-dtouch and i like the 3-d touch feature and i think that will be very beneficial when more apps canuse it but right now it's like all the apple apps like the messages and phone calls and e-mail andsafari can do it and maps as well and then -- >> i think instagram. >> yeah, instagram, yeah and that's it. >> can you talk a bit about 3-d touch. i only know what i've read. so i don't have a --

>> so there's like a sensor behind the screenthat measures how far in you push on the glass on the outside so it's like obviously very, verysmall like space wise and so if like you want for instance to hold down on the message iconif you force touch down 3-d touch down on to that it will show you likepeople you recently talked to. you can click the name andgo directly to their message. >> oh that's nice. >> yeah or instagram you can hold downand go directly to like your activity feed or go to like post a new photoor something like that. on the camera if you 3-d touch down like that youcan choose whether or not you want to go straight

to a selfie or to like a live photo orsomething so it's just kind of adding a shortcut with like the press of your finger to the app, so. >> yeah, and they you also have like the peek andpop kind of words that apple made up but that's like in messaging you can kind ofpush down a little bit on a message and then you can kind of get a preview of it. you don't read it to see if you read,receipt and all, you don't read it but and then you push a little harderand then it pops into display. i don't know how to describe it anybetter but you should try it out. >> so, i mean because you're not, you're a littleunderwhelmed, rather but you really like it.

>> well, i think it's a really coolfeature but i always forget to use it because there's not many otherapps that actually can utilize it. so like most of them like i said, there areapple apps and then like instagram and that's it. if there were more apps that could usethat feature then i think it would be -- it would give me, i guess it would give me abetter experience but like what liam was saying when you can peek into a message withoutactually reading it that is good. so like if i'm busy at work or whatever and i haveall these messages i can quickly glance at one of them without marking it read so i canremember later to go back and read it or like if someone sends you like a link to alike website or sends like an address or whatever

that you could also 3-d touch down on to thatlink as well and you can preview that website or preview that address withoutactually going into another app so i think those are prettycool the features about it >> yeah, and then i mean the 3-d touch is awesomebut also like they doubled the ram too which a lot of people don't know about so that appscan stay open longer in the background. like you have more tabs and safari can stay openso there's a lot better processing in the graphics and the cpu too which theydon't really advertise too much but it's a lot faster thanthe 6 which is really cool. >> and finally a higher megapixel camera.

>> yeah, really. >> finally like three years, four years later. >> but it doesn't really match up. it is at best comparable to the otherbig phones with great cameras, right? it hasn't bested them anyway. >> i don't think it's betterthan samsung's camera. like i was at the zoo the other weekend with mynephews and we were watching the dolphin show and a lady in front of me had like this biglike galaxy note or like galaxy s6 or something but her camera was just likeit pulled in so much light.

the pixels i guess were much larger so likeher pictures looked way better than mine did and i'm sitting right behind her taking thesame exact picture and i'm just like whoa, i have this new camera but idon't really see the difference because hers is still like besting me with it, so. >> well that surprises me because that used tobe where apple won hands down was the camera. they had a fantastic camera phone. >> so i don't know. like with my s6 i take fantastic photos. it's incredible.

i can't take photos. they look amazing. it looks like i have all this processing,that i have some kind of clue, not a bit. >> yeah, i think they need a bigger sensorand like bigger pixels that way it can allow in more light and you can take better qualityphotos especially low light photos well, so. >> okay. so a lot of other things have beenannounced from apple in the last few weeks. probably i think the biggest maybe the ipad pro which is kind of basically a microsoft surfacethree years later. >> has it really been threeyears since the surface came out?

>> we're on the surface 4 coming out soon, right? >> yeah, four is coming out next month. >> wow. >> so, i mean it looks like a bigipad but like the keyboard looks just like the surface's keyboard and then theyhave that pen that you have to buy separately. >> the pencil? >> yeah. the pencil for $100. >> it is outrageous that that comes separately. >> yeah, i know.

>> and the keyboard is it's all separateand then it comes out to like over $1,000 which then you could goodbuy a mac book, you know. >> yeah i know. and the surface you can get for what, $700 andstill get the pencil with it and everything. so i know, when i first heard the price ofit oh yeah, it's going to be like comparable to like the surface's price and then i realizedthat those other accessories come separately so. >> that is absolutely outrageous. i understand the pencil also as an accessory orselling the keyboard as an accessory but they need to come packaged together for one price.

>> right, yeah. >> i think the pencil surprises me because as weall know steve jobs famously bashed on styluses or styli i'm not quite sure what the plural ofthat is but he also told tim cook to do it right and not waste time wondering what he would do so. >> i think like kind of the argument one couldmake in defense of like steve you could say that use the pencil for only drawing andwriting which isn't, i think like steve's like argument was you don't want to do a stylusfor like touching, you know like opening apps and stuff like that but then idon't know what his opinion would be on like drawing and like trying to like --

>> well it seems that there's a really greatopportunity to maybe with the design community that i think who uses wacom tablets you know ithink you know we're largely a design office, the it communications office and we're mac heavy. i think there are maybe two pcs in our office sothat might be a market they're trying to tap into. it would be reasonable. >> in effect, i think that's only onereason to create this surface pro. like what are the other reasons? i feel like they just made itbecause they feel like they had to. >> well i'm talking more about the pencil.

>> oh, the pencil, yeah. >> the pencil capability that maybe you cancapture those people who use macs for desktop or at-home use and then they're out sketchingor drawing and they need a tablet with them. >> uh-huh, i think it's cool that it has onethat's battery powered and it has those features like you tell it to do shadingand all that other stuff. if you want like a thicker lineyou just push harder on the screen. so i think that stuff is cool but i still thinkit should have just came with the [inaudible] pen. >> the way you charge it too it's a little -- i know we were talking about this beforethat you kind of just stick it in the side

and the pencil just sticks out like verticallyfrom the ipad and it looks like a tail. >> that's just asking for -- >> it's kind of weird. >> the nice thing about thatthough is you don't have to worry about a separate charger for the pencil. >> that's true. >> so. you just pull off the little capstick on the ipad for 15 minutes or actually like 15 seconds gives youlike 30 minutes of use so. >> is it that fast?

>> yeah. so i think that's pretty good. >> the only thing is the, what is it, the otherthing that will announce is the pixel c. it has like the inductive charging keyboard. i think apple could have donesomething like that with a pencil in it. like it almost charges it wirelessly. >> they'll do it in a couple ofyears and we'll all be wowed by it. >> yeah. when are we going to getwireless charging on the iphone? like that should have been out years ago. >> it should have been out.

>> like years ago. >> well, they'll wait for everyone else toperfect it and then they will do it and -- >> but it's already perfectedwith the true charger like. >> just like put that sensor inthe phone like everyone else did. >> put those in the cars too. >> well what there will be anotherevent like may or something maybe that's when we'll get the wireless charger. >> the f 1-7. >> in a case.

not even a phone. >> so a couple of other things. we've got ios 9 which is out and hear causingsome problems for people as well as watch os2. >> yeah, i mean it's not verydifferent than ios 8. i mean there's a little bitof cosmetic difference. so like the keyboard is a little bit different. the font of the phone is differentin which you'll notice if you really paid attention to stuff like that. but my biggest issue with it is that mycalendar doesn't sync and like i have meetings

and everything that need to be in my calendarand like i got an e-mail from work actually. it goes if you upgraded, if youhaven't upgraded to ios 9 don't do it because they haven't fixed the calendar issueso like i'll add something to my google calendar at work and it won't show up on my phone. it will put like something on mycalendar there saying that i'm busy but it won't actually put the eventthat i had just typed in there and then now my watch doesn'tsync the calendar either, so. >> that's a big problem. >> it's a problem for me because i was soexcited for ios or watch os2 so i could use

like the multicolor like modular displaybecause that's like the coolest one on there and then the calendar is sitting right inthe middle and it says no events today. and i click on it and there's absolutely nothingin my calendar and i'm just scrolling through and there's nothing in my calendarbut my phone has all this stuff. so i don't know what the issue is betweenthat but i've tried looking at every remedy that there is online to fixit and it hasn't happened so. >> what about you? are you having any issues? >> no, no real problems.

i mean my watch's battery is like horriblebut i think do any unpairing kind of trick to fix it is the way to go butyeah, no real, no complaints really. i mean the one thing thatthey kind of left out on it that i was looking forward the mostis called i think like something where your apps only download the necessarycomponents for your phone particularly so it doesn't take up as much storagebut that wasn't included in there, so they pulled it at the last minute. it's like a little developer thing but, yeah. >> one thing that they did add to ios 9 thatonly works on the iphone 6s and 6s plus is

that the hey siri feature and my phone had that. like it has it on the iphone 6 andlike the 5s i think but it only works when your phone is plugged up to power. so if your phone is like charging you can say likehey siri will do this for me and it will do it but only when it's plugged up but now that workseven without being plugged up so it's a lot more for me it's a lot more efficient because i'mconstantly needing reminders to be made and alarms to be set and like calendar things to be createdfor me so now that i can do that without having to have the phone in my handi think that's pretty cool. >> that's nice.

>> is that only a 6s feature? >> the 6s okay. >> i tried it today on mybrother's phone and it doesn't work on his phone but it works on mine, so. yeah. but it also has like siri, you haveto like say hey siri like five times, in different ways so that it canrecognize your voice from different like ways that you speak and what not. >> so last episode we talked a bit about thekeurigs for cocktails that are coming out and now it seems that keurig has createdthe keurig kold with a k for sodas

and hot beverages, teas, juices,anything you want. >> i think it's a pretty cool idea. like i'm excited about it if it wasn't$370 i would have had it by now but -- >> that's a bit much. that's kind of steep. >> it's stupid. >> i don't know about that. >> it's pretty cool though. i mean you put it like normal temperaturewater in there and you put these little k caps

like they have the syrup and everythinglike you need to make the soda and within like 40 seconds it like will chill your waterand then carbonate it and mix it with the syrup and out pops like a normal cokethat you would get from the can. >> you have a classic coke at home. yeah. >> or you could pay a dollar or less. >> yeah, but then you've got to drive. anything that you can drive that you can do inyour home and i don't personally buy soda at home. i would just drink juice or water and sometimesi want like a pop or sprite or something

and if i could make it onmy keurig then there it is. >> it is very rare that i want a soda athome very, very, rare and if i do instead of mixing something with theaforementioned keurig for cocktails. i cannot imagine that thereis an actual market for this. >> well you know how the soda streamcame and everyone was hyped about that? >> i think this just does it better. >> but it wasn't like $370. >> also you can buy the sodastream at bed, bath and beyond. >> those are like knock-offs too.

>> you can probably find the keurig there too so. >> you probably will but it seems that ifyou're a person, i think the big reason to use a soda stream is that oh, i'm gettingaway from all these excess chemicals that you see in coke or shove it down my throat andnow, you know coke is back for your home. >> yeah, because they partnered with coke so. >> oh well. >> i don't know, i mean the market of like peoplethat pay like for a $400 soda machine i think goes against the kind of people whowould pay that much money -- >> i absolutely agree.

>> i think the price is definitelymore than it should be. because i mean the cocktail one is around thatsame price but that's like, that's cocktails. that's like a legit thing. >> that's a whole other level. >> but for soda though, $400? >> this seems more like a desperate move to mefrom the soda industry to get into your home. people are drinking less soda and drinking water. bottled water at best if they'rebeing from a soda company. >> this is i think this islike a last gasp effort.

>> well apparently keurig has been working onit for a while they just haven't released it. so this is just kind of like oh, here's a projectwe've been working on for a couple of years. i don't know if the timing's rightbut we've perfected it so here it is but i think the price should be a lot lowerand but keurig hasn't really done anything new. i mean they have their machines but theyjust keep updating like the displays on them and the appearance of them but there'snot been anything like revolutionary come out since they released the keurig so. >> well, i think you can say that aboutcoffee machines in general, right? >> yeah. because keurig wasit and now like what else?

so maybe this was just tokind of like i don't know, we don't know what else to do so here's soda. >> i feel that if you needsoda in your home that badly -- >> -- get a 12 pack. >> yeah. and i think there was like a report acouple of days ago in the wall street journal of like soda year to year sales arejust, soda in general like coke, pepsi, all of them they're just decliningso fast, i don't know. >> so maybe it's just a partnership we're seeinglike keurig here's our new thing and then coke like we need to sell more coke so.

>> one thing that does get around as cities passmore ordinances with soda taxes and that kind of thing you could get around it that way by -- >> but those k cups are stillgoing to be expensive. i mean now the k cups are expensiveyou can make your own for much cheaper but you can't with a soda so i don't know. i'm curious to see how well it's going to do. we'll be able to see in due time. >> yeah, we'll find out. count me amongst the skeptical.

>> i think i'm probably not going get one. >> so i think maybe that should havebeen the sad trombone in tech but alas. >> we haven't found out yet so -- >> that's true although -- >> maybe it will be soon. >> also sprint has had anothercolossal run of budget cuts. do you want to about that? >> yeah. so obviously sprint hasn'tbeen doing that well recently. i mean they tried to acquire who was itlike metro pcs or something like that?

>> i think so. they tried, i think they triedto align with t-mobile. they've struck out all over the place. >> yeah and now they have like thebig push like "try our new network. it's so much better." and like honestly i'm kind oflike hmm, it's still sprint. like i don't know how much better it could be buti think they bought like some spectrum recently but so they actually have budget cuts now for like2.5 billion dollars that they're trying to cut from all their expenses and obviously a tonof jobs are going to go with that as well

so hopefully that doesn't meanthat the unemployment rate is going to go back up but we'll see what happens. >> it shouldn't be impacted thatseverely just because of sprint. >> i mean i don't know how many people theyhave that work for them but i don't know. that's a huge budget cut though, 2.5billion dollars so and i don't know. it seems like they can't i guess get ahead. >> i don't think they're ever going to get ahead. >> yeah. i think there's reallyonly room for three. you know t-mobile and then the other two.

>> yeah. and they could have been a big player ifthey just made good decisions like back in the day when they tried to be the first company with4g and then they bought all the wimax spectrum like no one got that except for sprint andso and it obviously tanked really quickly. so then they had to spend all this moneyto catch up with everyone who now had lte and they still had wimax and they'relte is like as fast as at&t's 3g and so they just can't seem to get ahead. >> no, they can't and they won't and things likewe'll buy up your iphone contract or whatever that kind of stuff was, it's not going to work. >> they're probably going to have to get rid ofthat now because they're cutting all this money

but that's like their only wayof getting new customers is by offering like these new incentives. like we'll pay you for your old contract. we'll buy your phone and you'll get a newiphone every year like something like that. that's not a cheap venture for the company. like that's going to cost them a lot of moneyso i don't know what they're going to do. >> well good look to you sprint. i'm not a believer in that either. that's two runs that i'm totally skeptical.

>> not a good run there. >> one great thing that we've heardabout happening and this is just a rumor but there have been a lotof iphone thefts on campus. apparently students are ordering iphones. they're get sent to the residencehalls but being stolen in route and iu pd has supposedly gotten involved. i heard that they have a list of all the iui-numbers that have been stolen or siri numbers or whatever you want to call it and they'relooking at all the classified ads whether it's on craig's list or iu classifieds and forany new iphones have shown up on there

and they're basically going under cover andtrying to figure out whether this is one of the stolen iphones and if it is obviouslyi'm sure they're going to take action but if it isn't they just kind oflet you go about your merry way and you may have wasted time meeting them thinkingyou're about to make the sale and it turns out they're under cover andthey wanted to just make sure that you weren't selling a stolen product and ithink it's kind of cool because when i was here as a student i really didn't know whatiu pd was doing for us as students. i knew that they were aroundticketing us and everything but i didn't know they wereactually being proactive on campus

and looking out for our best interest. in a way, i think that more studentswill acknowledge and appreciate so. >> in a more visible way. >> yeah, i really wonder likewhere they're being stolen. i mean like in kind of liketransportation you know. is it like fedex or ups? is it in the residence halls or? >> i don't know because -- >> are they getting to campusand then disappearing?

>> yeah, i don't know but apparently the boxesare, they're sealed back up so like you get to this box thinking there'sgoing to be a new phone in here but there's nothing in there but the receipt. >> i just can't imagine howdevastating that would be. >> i know after you've spent all thatmoney on a phone and then i'm sure like the cellphone company is going togo like look you're going to have to go through police department to get it back. >> we've mailed it. we've done our due diligence.

>> yeah, i mean. fob shipping points. >> i mean technically it's not ourfault or verizon's fault but it sucks. yeah, you know, you've got the mail[inaudible] you go to open it up and then -- >> they know you have to wait for weeksmore just to get another one, too. >> it's probably going to be a longtime before they get them back. >> yeah. you don't get a refund on that. >> no. >> you know.

oh. >> i wonder what are the studentsdoing that had this happened to them. >> i hope not buying another one. >> off contract like 600, 700 bucks. i would be so pissed. >> they may need to just go directly to the at&tstore or wherever and buy the phone out of store. >> that would be like good pr on their partfor like at&t or verizon they would be t like, hey we'll give you a phonewhile yours is being found. >> yeah, especially here i mean like a lot

of the students here all useat&t so it's close to the mall. it's easily accessible and i think that i thinkif that would be something to kind of help them out i think that maybe it would be good prbut it would also be great customer service because the students really appreciate it and thentell more of their friends who don't have at&t about it or verizon or whatever and theywould be like this is what they did for me when my phone disappeared and this iswhy i stay with them and whatever, so. >> yeah. i mean that is cool actually. good idea. >> at&t do it.

they're listening. >> so i think that's all we've got today. do you guys have anything tothrow in before we wrap this up. >> no. that was a lot. >> we may have taxed our listenerswith too many topics so. as a final reminder to everyone out there thestate wide it conference takes place october 19th to the 21rst here in bloomington. that is the largest technologyconference in the state. you are invited to attend the opening keynotetalks on october 19th at the iu auditorium.

florence hudson from internet 2will discuss the internet of things. she'll be followed by the educationadvisory board's chris miller who will talk about decision support for higher education. both of these talks are openand free to the public. no registration is required. and with that i bring this episodeof "talk nerdy to me" to a close. if you have any questions, feedbackor just want to say hi you can reach out to us online at on twitter talknerdyiu andvia e-mail at

and on behalf of brendon andliam this is janae cummings. thank you for listening. we'll see you again in november.

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