Thursday, June 9, 2016

huawei p7

let's do a review for cubot s208! first of all, it costed 120$ about 90€ from pandawill. let's check how it startups, cubot logo shows up, oh it makes noise too :p. this is the phone, it says that i don't have sim card, indeed i don't have. the phone use 2 sim cards, one micro sim and one normal sim card. 3g works in greece (wcdma 850/2100mhz). oops, the video doesn't show the letters on the phone. it says i don't have a sim card. menu is like that, it has notifications and switches, wifi bluetooth, etc.

it has a greek language so don't worry, the menu is custom from cubot i guess as it's a bit changed from a normal android phone. it's 4.2.2 version jelly bean let's see. greek, here they are. about phone, s208 4.2.2 as i said, custom version: cubot. let's see, jelly bean, let's play with the beans :d. this is it. wireless update, it has a new version, which released 1 august 2014 as you can see! very nice indeed, cubot updates and cares for their phones!

nice built in application for wireless update. it didn't come with the latest version as i bought it before august, it took almost a month to arrive. this is the menu, launcher is a bit different like miui, the applications are on the desktop. (edit: latest firmware update has a menu) here are the contacts, calls, sms. browser here, let's see. it loads fast. weather! internet is fast. it doesn't seem to lag anywhere.

it has capative buttons that lights up only when you press them, i guess for battery saving. it has an option to close the applications you previously opened. let's see how the music is playing. sound is good, it has a bit high volume. take a look at the phone. volume is nothing too much or less. let's see the pictures, the screen is very nice , very good colours, the video i am recording loses some of the colors that i currently see! nice resolution. it doesn't seem to lag anywhere, i have more than 150 hd pictures inside the phone, it has nice resolution and colors.

here is the menu of the pictures, you can change it like this. let's see how videos play, this is the trailer of expandables. it has very nice colors! you can easily watch a movie on it's 5 inches screen. i am very satisfied with it's screen, it's very nice, the colors etc. resolution is 960x540 pixels but it's hard to understand that it's that low. 5 inches ips screen. gpu mali-400 and cpu mtk6582 quad-core clocked on 1.3 ghz. phone memory is 16gb very nice! you can use a 32gb max sd card if you want, it has 1gb of ram.

dual cameras, front 5mp and back 8mp with flash. as i said before it has dual sim dual standby, it isn't active. so if someone calls you on the first one the second one will show as busy. nice videos. here on the menu it shows preview of the movies before you play them. nice feature. here's the camera. wtf this is a video xd. it has a lot of features, 8mp as i said.

flash! it has power but nothing too much. let's see what the phone has on default, caldendar nice and simple. gmail, google, local. it has a radio, cause many phones doesn't have. video playing program, e-mail program. outlook - gmail and manual settings to add your own or a different provider. it had google earth on default!let's check it! is that a video? lol. anyway, i haven't used google earth much, that's it. downloads,it has clock for alarm, timers.

it had chrome too and not the default browser only, nice. calculator, let's see, it has a scientific feature too, nice. backup program, but i don't have an sd card inside. sound recording program, not many phones have this. maps, navigation, news and weather, play books, play games, play magazines, play music, play store, it has play store! scan, let's see.i don't know wtf is that :d. oops i don't have a sim card. it has a shortcut for wifi! youtube application!

google settings! that's the default ones, i downloaded 2 games. let's check them, that's fast and the furius 6, it seems like a nice and heavy game, it takes time to load. recording the video loses quality, it is really better on my has colors, but what can we do... :p nice graphics! nice legs! haha :). oh ! it can drift too! nice!:d it wasn't that hard. let's play one more round to check it. it plays fast, a nice phone indeed, i can't say it got hot much.

phone reacted fast quitting from the game. let's close the previous applications. the phone is really fast, it doesn't lag anywhere!! let's play this game, subway surf, oops i meant surfers sorry :p noooo! how could i screw up like this?! it doesn't lag anywhere :d it plays really nice! oops, missed's ok, that was the game. phone is really fast! that's all. for anything else, just ask me.send a message or a comment and i will reply.

here we can delete the notifications. some of the parts here aren't yet translated, they may translate it on a different version update but i am not that's not much of the deal, you can get used to it, even if you don't know english. here you choose what switches you want, really handy! that's all!goodbye ! :)

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