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well i only found one video of disassembling of the huawei ggggg three hundred and it was from a spanish guy well the camera was really a tad it wasworse than mine i know as i broke my screen i ordered a new one on ebay for something like 20รข‚¬ now

ill try to disassemble the huawei g300 and then try to replace it with the new screen no used work school leveled he's here there to give it scream you scream the repeal so let's start well at the diz uh... what's dues for screws these one newsroomnewsroom and is one

will takeoff doings i think would start tha obscuring world war institute let's take care love placed oclc here world is one was the warranty one soldyou know wouldn't want to you it doesn't want

it does one more and the less one itself aloof or screws out and i think thewings made boq about maybe bible here as you can see it doings

their previous to that well thereof you can see wall lots of text you're now the top wing excuse did ki and have some is sure u and

maybe we'd be is yet attempt you have to bully at and then back as you saw socially when his work etc had and well pretty stick to

well north of two point and uh... directional top yes put something that will go out mero one more out to himself we have to take form our screws they are this one

days running these one and is not astonished well lately and i want to you to remember that these and uh... regular screws it kind of special making sure you and camera i think

their interests are pronouncing is a recent thing weird thatwhat we did sold just use the the tool that indiscreet india i don't don't i don't know thename of pistol mainly seizing really really good need to break this wrote

for screws the n_r_a_ finger gamble diese it will get that's right and you have uh... kind who was security here dues sink so you can't take disbarred wealth pulled decides

news site their too well this is an that easy three cards loops almost two his work params something news bulletin no i don't know wat was something will they

like its still being altman it's that's it it is not made it na here unglued back wanted by them of two full you have to do

something to take these of bullet to the bottom and would quit would be true though his party is done what they have to do we already have ouror record over here residency

you're offended its artists and there are no have to see work to do here so collected first that split is assigned will risk wasgrim continuing the i will

well bed into memory card of of course i had to go years basic standards the two sides well nobody had to do they xd sitting on a

the smile saying there simply is which let me see here she you have to book dizon display x based somewhere it's a small words still is beautiful dudes flex

what we're hearing conceived you have to put will come out usually i think well you text you cannot easily and you have to take also there's one to stare at that's to the front

so let's take it up thereof a little press and they come out the these three guys our account i think the front a little bases of plastic well we're here polis u we're you we're here

that's stupid uh... the motherboard well it's to get off it the we want to into that your cable or email damage it isn't coming out

won't really do it nazi isn't that no using part when you have to almost melt the screen sunday's game come off low-life about these we've got two screws over here used to andy's had

that's work was faulty stereos but experience at users to expand started to say we're to use it is world issue cool what what there are no to via three

he reviews all the way well equipped to take these cable period is skimming of you used little u well is coming up

meri isn't up let's see if i have beendisclosed to take though no screws into things retrieved is just struggling well the thump isn't coming out i don't know why noticed it well maybe leave candies will be used for its

sp yest european union spoken it there is one flex left there's one from the flesh i think impugned mild talking about low i don't want to flip beliefs

you once hit is well hands covering flats here it off is also hence too night inc scania

world uh... anything disease because of the polar but uh... yep in his previous took over here well it is where he could have reflects who workhere well began for would have to do these

bullet we'll see displayed this all it doesn't look well simple to do that little trade somehow mediated missing

antoine miller with my form yet old i'll just leave that flex over there uh... tend to scream broken screen attitude use instinct is out you have to heat scream

with their normal that too dr with a normal hairdryer facing we'llmake it sold then you just have to the spring record here and people are probably how motion to scream well that isn't toomuch plans that flex

n still india well so that cultural you if the former words after made all ofthese maybe nods maybe s world-renowned and financial replacing the replacements offer menuscreen hesitancy usable screaming abuse

pieces and everything and i do end but and the anywhoo on it there think the doable who the end of today that it has inside als use didn't use green perfectly because you can see it doesn't fall

well it's perfectly advanced it chen is but it looks like the theoriginal one uh... well the actions it connect all the alters plexus did everything is alright racing well titled coupon mounting it

yarrow al or in the but diz the screws as sole truly simply about we lord we attach the sayings do devoted worst saying here's is handling as a shield on before

well what's coupon at the society somewhere else what of people the what spool these well jokes handed to groups screw there route lifts yet it is

war therefore disloyal obscure state isn't the first world the uh... first once you have to protest does news hardy's warned newsroom disneyland and disney so sort from astick sorry for that incident

i'm torie unit with houston now will place doings txt from the ford well ghost his you just have to right too isn't it served things over here doing

you know let's put this group on thebartering here well again the messed up with this group so is a bit uh... relished now it's a kind of circular screw to sold that's why did it tool jumped now here we have to pollute thesetoppling that's here

let's click it's naked click police warikoo amount feared in the right place where all clicked one more their there everything ok but things are okay everything all right

let's put one more school well tonight that the well away repression and website they say you know too you get them to tanked but do it

because if you don't go forward it will be cracking and indoing that kind of mises that no one when u_n_ you that you are plastics that always then the were will with my bear it and sim card the two tests

if it works everything units phone two cards let's put this into a real good here let's go to memory tired let's put the battery well all done

no stunt with expect calls were all clicked okay let's clinton's he well is you can see much more beautiful than before now western europe it so click it looks like it works

yes that has had a gene i hope everything world likes work here on the three barnum capacitive buttons so looks like until now everything let's lift such works yes it does i'll just put my clothes

it is as you can see michael's was incorrect or yes units everything works until now doing good everything ok required minor fruit miscreant well it's it's if the capacitive well capacity but the msword

every single arrived it looks like and kind of that's the best is interrupted is for u so drives if you are not replaced yourscreen i'd just tell you don't preempted used that's what's like thirteen you're replace it and everything well i'd justreplaced mine now

the until very franz wanted certain heroes to replace it the so without what about pray served in the rose when the screen only cost is twenty well so i didn't buy replaced its allthe tools came with the screen i'll pulled the nestling forges screen ibought right here bill

there and well i know the review wasn't reallygroomed and filming with my webcam on my bookthe acts up the but i think it's uh... that it doesthat have revealed and to previous anew to theory was replacing screen too so my guys since world scene the remember to ratelike or dislike as you wish and come in to help me with the futurevideos

so i'll try to do my best bye guys stereo or wait

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